God’s Got Curves

by Cara H. Cadwallader

Yeah, I got curves,
I got weight and mass too.
‘Cuz I’m bending time and space around me,
rippling Love, like waves, bobbing and ebbing
to distant shores.
Yeah I got curves.

And I’m sending out these electric pulsations,
short and sweet, bitter and profane,
and  S  P  A  C  I  O  U  S,
Yeah,      I        Got          Curves.

And I’m bowling you over,
knocking you down,
your erect sterility my victory to claim,
‘cuz I. Got. Curves.

And I’m a-rocking and a-rolling,
moving and a-grooving,
this ancestral pot
the womb of our collective consciousness,
‘cuz I got curves.

And I’m sitting on your symbols,
swallowing them whole,
snuffing out the flames of our past destruction,
yeah, I got curves.

And I’m giving breath to new life,
bringing light to the dark,
giving birth to new worlds,
because God’s Got Curves.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 5