Mother Medicine

by Psalm Isadora

Songs and Chants to the Sacred Feminine

Womens Voices East to West with Powerful Tribal Drums

1. Om Mata
2. Chamundaye
3. Devi Ma
4. Jai Matadi
5. Shylah Ray Sunshine – Existence :: Bonus Track
6. Lullaby
7. Panchadasi

A Powerful album of womens chorus chanting the sacred names of the Mother Goddess. Tribal drums will raise your vibration and make you want to dance as well as chant along.

Bonus track “Existence” features Shylah Ray Sunshine and is the only song in English, with the powerful hook, “We are so powerful, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Buy this CD – Invest in Women’s Empowerment

In February 2012, Psalm Isadora with Courage to Rise 501(c)3, will be traveling to the red light district of Kolkata, India to teach women to become yoga teachers in their own communities.

These women are given little opportunity, and yoga gives them self-confidence, empowerment as well as mental and physical health benefits.

The February 2011 trip was successful in training Pinky, a young woman from Kolkata, to become a yoga teacher, she continues to teach a weekly class to 50 of the sex workers in their own community.

Can You Make a Difference?

YES! By buying this album, every dollar goes to the non-profit project to bring yoga and empowerment to women who are not given much opportunity, you can give them that opportunity NOW. Your gift will be the powerful medicine in the music of these songs and knowing that each of us can help make the world a more beautiful, hopeful place.

Released 29 October 2011

Sound & Motion, Volume 2 Issue 2