by Lindie-Lila

Unbounded, flowing and free, Aphrodite rises from the ocean to liberate feminine sexuality.


Born of the ocean just like a pearl
She’s a real mermaid girl
Adorned with flowers and long golden hair
She’a a real mermaid girl
She’s rising She’s rising She’s bringing love
Aphrodite, goddess of love
Aphrodite, goddess grace
Venus Venus Venus rise
Mistress of the ocean, Evening Star
Queen of beauty
Sea nymph bathing in erotic love
On a night sea journey
She’s rising She’s rising She’s bringing love
Aphrodite goddess of love
Aphrodite goddess grace

From Sisters Of The Moon, released 10 May 2013

Lead vocals by Lindie-Lila, penny whistle by Chris Tokolon, percussion by Ronan Skillen, violin by Farieda Bacharova, cello by Kristian Chernev.

Sound & Motion, Volume 2 Issue 3