What if you were free to tap into your true creative potential?

by Rachel Sarah Jones, PhD

Imagine being able to access all of the ideas and inspiration swirling around inside of you — all of those thoughts and feelings that are often so fleeting we do not have time to take note of them. So much of our everyday lives are taken up by just trying to keep up with day-to-day tasks that we often do not have time to just sit and listen to our inner creative voice.

This creative voice is speaking to you all the time — all you have to do is listen to it and it will become louder. Taking a few moments to sit quietly each day and tune in to what your creative voice is trying to tell you will enable you to feel more centered and grounded and this will, in turn, start to open up the pipeline for your creative voice to be heard.

One of the main blocks to hearing the creative voice is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not having enough ideas. Fear of disappointment. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change and countless other fears. These fears prevent us from expressing our true selves – they block us from reaching our full creative potential, which can be exasperating.

A quick and easy way of getting past these fears and changing your perception is to use “what if” statements:

  • What if I were free of fear and could create anything I wanted easily and effortlessly?
  • What if I could paint, draw, write, dance, design [fill in the blank here with your creative passion] to my heart’s content?
  • What if I could be financially abundant through my creative expression?
  • What if I could access all of the resources I needed to build a successful creative business?

When you ask yourself “what if” you allow your mind to shift perspective and to open up to the possibility of creating these realities. Asking yourself “what if” enables you to take attention away from your fears and focus on a positive state of being; and when you imagine this new positive reality, a small (or sometimes large) seed of hope is planted into your conscious and unconscious mind. This beacon of hope gives your creative voice something to anchor itself on – a foundation from which it can flourish, soaring past all fear and doubt.

In her book What We Ache For, Oriah Mountain Dreamer writes about the power of the “what if” statement to bypass resistance to change and to our “preconceived notions of reality.” She goes on to say that the “what if” statement “provides an opportunity to shift into an attitude of wondering, into a process of inquiry.” This process of inquiry gives permission to your mind and your body to free itself of its current state of being and enter into a new, creative reality.

What if you could enter into this new, creative reality right now? Well, you already have! Just by reading this article and contemplating these “what if” statements, you’ve already begun to change your perception and are on your way to achieving your dreams. Keep asking yourself “what if” anytime you feel doubt or fear creeping in, and you will start to feel more connected with your creative voice and your true creative potential will shine through more strongly each day.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 3