Message from the Star
Thunder Being: All Is One

by Feather Redfox

“Space is thick and thin or open and dense, layers of energy which dance back and forth in different configurations. We are able to move thru this in our shamanic dreaming and connect with that which is there, thru our own energy configurations. As we interact with these energies, we grow our own, yet the closer we move to SOURCE, and the more we open, the more our individuality dissipates and integrates with SOURCE. We learn to function in the ways of energy rather than the physical. All is a huge Connected Circuit that pulses alternately with masculine and feminine energy and the female holds in balance with her opened heart, a symbol of compassion. SOURCE is just that, yet we are the flames within that flame. Thru our work we stabilize and integrate that raw energy, helping to create and recreate SOURCE which is also ourselves. ALL IS ONE.”

Channeled information given to me as I worked on this painting.

Acrylic . 2′ x 4′

Art Gallery, Volume 2 Issue 3