Blessing In the Myst of Brokenness From Your
Earth Mother

by Gwendolyn Pincomb

You are whole in the heart of the Universe.

All of your parts are sacred to me.

They all have a place
Where they are needed
Even in their brokenness.

So. Now.

Bring to me — all of your brokenness.
Bring to me your tears.
Bring to me what
  you fear or dread.
Bring to me every piece of yourself
  that you have ever rejected.

Together, we will weave you whole.

Not perfect — which I never intended.
I dreamed you so much more than that.
For I dreamed you — WHOLE.

And again!

Digital image using ProCreate . 2014

Blessing In the Myst of Brokenness is inspired by personal experience and the greater struggle that our oceans, rivers and aquifers are now facing, with special awareness of the broken reactors and containment vessels in Fukushima, Japan. These expressions are in recognition that the greatest miracle is not made manifest by staying pristine; but instead by healing and mending what is broken as best we can. When neither is possible, then the higher order or miraculous is made visible while seeking the sacred in the very midst of woundedness; while thriving on as much light and goodness as can be generated by conscious intention — despite the encroaching darkness in those suffering waters all around us.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 3