Fire in the Belly

by Araboushikha Art

She is the Goddess of passion unrestrained. A wild dancer with Fire in her Belly! She is Baubo the Dirty Goddess, She is Tierra Mama, Earth Mother, fiery, strong , bold, and free! Unashamed of her divine nakedness and her sexuality… reveling with wild abandon in ecstatic Joy!

Carved entirely by hand by Araboushikha, with immense love. The exquisite coloring of this rare piece of African serpentine stone is quite unique, rich red of earth with gold and greens and purple, as if All the colors of creation run through her body. There is… and will only ever be… one of her!!! When carving the stone, the colors do not show themselves until the end stages, so it was a truly magical surprise when the sacred purple spiral &mdash or is it a crescent moon &mdash slowly revealed itself in the heart of her womb!

African serpentine stone (cobalt stone) . 21″ x 10″ x 6.5″

Art Gallery, Volume 2 Issue 3