I Know We Didn’t Break It

by Kim Zunner

I know we didn’t break it.
It was given to us this way,
So we grow up thinking
this is the way it’s supposed to be.
But at some point we realize it doesn’t feel right.

The cogs don’t move as smoothly as they could.
The grinding of this reality against our soul
starts to take its toll,
And the only way to save our self
is to fix this broken machine.
But we don’t know what it looked like
when it worked properly,
It’s been so long.
All we have are bits and pieces of ancient manuals
That correspond to a different model.
Maybe it’s time for a new design…

I know we didn’t break it,
But if we don’t fix it, what are we leaving
for our sons and daughters?
We’re passing on the stone that grinds us down
Until we forget that at one point, we could fly…

And every moment we are reborn with the chance
to remember our wings.
Every moment we are given the opportunity
to recognize our nature,

And trust the wind to carry us through.
That we may realize what it means to be alive…
That we may set our children free…

I know we didn’t break it.
It was given to us this way.
But we do have the chance to fix it.
So what do you say?

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 1