Morning Ceremony

by Autumn Sun Durgavan

I send love in all directions
To the East I send love

And receive a fresh and sacred breath
Of the recycled air from our ancestors
That carries on to the next seven generations
And I infuse all air molecules
With the greatest love of my heart
That may be received again and again
A cycle of love spinning
Like the cosmic dance
Of the earth around the sun
Eastern morning sun
Thank you for awakening me
To this lucid dream of life
I am dreaming
I allow the light to displace
Negative, tired and sick energy within me
So I may glow effortlessly
Thank you for rising positive sun
Hail and Welcome East, Element of Air!
Blessed be.

I send love in all directions
To the South I send love

And receive an eternal candle
Flickering flame honoring
The Spirit in my heart
May this candle light my way to joy
As I arise and meet the day
Weaving my passions
Under a full and forgiving sun
May my heart shine

With the magnitude of the summer sun
As I dance the truth
Of the alchemical fire alive in my heart
Here to transmute all fear to love
Hail and Welcome South, Element of Fire!
Blessed be.

I send love in all directions
To the West I send love

And receive healing
Healing of my heart, my home, my heritage
And here’s to a healed future here now
I watch as the water washes away
All anger on Earth
And I invite the calm of the Great Lake
Inner peace
And pray I may act from this oasis
Of sweet serenity
When I chose to enter the flow
Of the river into the ocean of one
As the sun sets I shall sit in peace
Hail and Welcome West, Element of Water!
Blessed be.

I send love in all directions
To the North I send love

And receive strength and courage
To act impeccably in my body
So I may treat this body as though it belongs
To my ancestors and predecessors
For the highest health of all
I am a kind caretaker
Of my body and Mother Earth
As one
I sleep deep in the darkness of night
Traveling as a body of light
Until the cycle circles once more
New and like never before
Hail and welcome North, Element of Earth!
Blessed be.

I send love in all directions
To all my relations I send love

Aho metakiase! I say
And I receive love magnified by every individual life force
In one force
My circle is cast in perfect love and perfect trust
I honor and revere all as sacred
And go forth knowing this much

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 4