Bone Woman Sings Her Healing Songs

by Feather Redfox

A Bone Woman is one who heals the sick and releases the dead with her songs and ministrations. That is part of who I am as well. This one is as I have met her from ancient times in battle in Ireland. She wears a feathered cape of vulture feathers as a sign of her identity and was allowed to tend the dead and dying by all sides of a battle for it was she who released the souls of those beings, tore away their human remains and allowed them to transition to Source for new life. She is with us today as part of the cycle of death and rebirth on many levels, both spiritual and physical.

The figure is 4 layers of canvas on museum quality foam core and acetate, each painted and drawn on separately but showing thru the different layers to create a whole image which is then attached to the seascape background painting.

Acrylic and colored pencil on canvas . 3′ x 3′

Art Gallery, Volume 2 Issue 5