by Haley Hoover

Chalkboard paint, oil pastel on canvas . 18″ x 24″

Meet Kierstyn, or “Keke.” Keke is a symbol of freedom and beauty.

Her carefree nature reminds us to live and love, openly and freely.

The flow of her locks and ruana invite you to get lost for a moment. The cool pinks represent her feminine side, much like all women, she is sweet and soft and full of compassion. On the other hand, it is the crimson and nectar colors in her hair that show she is passionate, full of life and vigor. Fire burns within her for the important things in life. The yellow wisps of her hair are communicating the joy and radiance she brings to every room — this is simply because she is a woman. A beautiful, compassionate, carefree woman.

Kierstyn’s face is a mystery and a surprise. The mystery is that aside from her delicious, plump lips she is a blank slate. Create who you want her to be, using your own imagination. The surprise is that her face is also chalkboard paint, so the owner of the original can help Keke evolve as a woman, symbol and character as he or she sees fit.

This is a very special painting to me. In my mind Keke accurately displays the heart of every woman: compassionate, beautiful and full of fire.

Art Gallery, Volume 2 Issue 4