by Laurie Gardner

Usha returns
Darkness fades
Birthed from the sky
Glowing announcing Surya’s return.

Always after the darkness
The first light
Gently awakening all life
Letting death sleep.

Announcing the coming light
Awareness after the night
Brighter times ahead
Darkness left behind.
Jai Usha!

Cycles continue to flow, dawn follows darkness and is followed by light both in celestial cycle and in the human soul. It is a natural flow. We are ignorant, then we start to get it, then we see things in their full light. So the cycle goes. The celestial flow is to bring dawn with each day, providing us room to grow – to grow the seed or potential of that day manifesting it in our own unique way. It also reminds us that if we do not have a light within it is hard to see the light without. Darkness leaves us searching for light. Light illuminates the dark, even darkness cannot hide the light.

Dawn doesn’t stay as dawn but continues on the journey to carry forward her illumination followed by the sun which fully illuminates all. She is in fact chased by this illumination through the sky. It is the natural flowing of cycles, it keeps the gears of time moving.

It makes sense from this to deduce a bigger cycle of life and it’s dawning, growing out of the microcosmo searching for the bigger all inclusive consciousness of life, that is the Great Mystery, the Universe, God, Odinn, Shiva, Alluh… that all-pervading awareness. We are stuck in between not truly knowing either or how derived from each we are, yet we are neither, we are something in between. That something is a place of limited minds and divided egos this is only possible through a single being that is timeless and spaceless yet allows the entire cosmos to be possible. Whether you see it as however you term “God(s)/Goddess(es)” or simply as a structure called the universe, without this being none of the cosmos would exist. Both science and spirituality seek to bring us to an understanding of the nature of this being of which we are a very tiny part unified in this whole.

Life’s struggles is a search for harmony. Nature seeks harmony. It is clear that the disharmonious nature of our world is in a deep struggle for harmony, light is trying to drive out darkness, Usha is rising when Surya (the sun) arrives we will see more clearly. Illumination is occurring; we are now seeing our roles in the manifestation of the world. We are struggling in all ways to resolve opposites in ourselves, families, communities, nations and world. We are seeking balance born out of the chaos of imbalance. If we do not find it nature will find a way to tip the scales. For the pendulum must swing… unless it reaches that perfect point of balance and harmony.

Life is already involved in mind and matter for there is no reason for material elements to arise out of a mind and no reason for a mind to rise out of material elements, it just is and so mind and matter simply are engaged. Matter is a veiled form of life, life is so much more than just light condensed into form, life itself is a veiled form of consciousness, life is so much more than what we are able to conceive of from our normal human consciousness.

Dawn is part of the cosmic forces of the universe, a cycle of nature that is. It fights the chaotic forces that seeks to distort so we cannot see in the light. Not all dawns are clear, not all dawns bring clarification and illumination sometimes they are veiled and hidden behind the silver lining of a cloud.

Om Ma Ushas! Help me utilize your illuminating presence in my life.

You are the first light complexion thing sprung out of the dark, first dark then light. First ignorance, then illumination. Full of joy of perpetual youth, oh daughter of the night, wife of the sun and leader of the gods, destroying darkness. Stirring up creatures and bringing them into motion; moving social, moral and cosmic order impelling life and chasing away demons. Oh ma of cows and whose breasts illuminate humans. Goddess of the earth and eyes of the gods, a force of power, Shakti propelling life, you yourself propelled forward always awakening.

Usha, mother of cows, cows are to be revered for their gifts according to the Vedas. Western culture has encouraged the exploitation of cows. Cows are holy as they offer gifts that help us create balance both within ourselves and our ecosystems. Through their milk and excrements they enrich the earth and our bodies when used appropriately as directed in the vedas in recipes such as panchagavaya. But instead we have made the cow itself a staple and through our devouring this sacred animal we are devouring the earth. How much deforestation has happened as a result of our need to have a big fat juicy hamburger? Do we likewise take Usha herself, the great dawn for granted. I think we do another demonstration of how out of sync we are with nature. Usha an organizing cosmic force fighting chaos, what would we do if she did not return? Surely, we would die as there would be no light. There would be no shakti on potential.

Photo credits: Thomas van den Berg and Zorbey Handels.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 3