Are you Awake?

by Trishuwa

“Resistance is Futile.”
I love resistance, all the passion,
my blood boiling or at least simmering.
Not too crazy about the fear part,
the underlying belly of my resistance.

Just so you know,
the spirit of Coyote is with me on this one,
I mean about loving resistance.

Resistance gives life shape, a form to start from.
The passion forges something new, a breakthrough,
although Coyote ignores or just doesn’t take on fear.
Oh Goddess wouldn’t that be great.
An open landscape to be explored, unknown territory,
curiosity the fuel for discovery,
no attachment to the destination,
adventure in each moment.
To travel breathlessly with open mind and heart.
An unknown territory ready to be explored, understood.
Something too howl about.
Something to celebrate, to live.

Well I’d rather be afraid than not go for the next thing,
but sometimes it’s a close call.
“Resistance is futile,” and
being awake, fully engaged, has a price.

I’ve paid some toward that debt, yet I still resist,
and heck, I already had visions.
And yes, I have resisted them.
Ah, I tell you the truth,
outing myself as a woman who was given visions.

I could resist or surrender to love.
Live my dreams, my visions.

Let’s start today being as aware and awake as we possibly can.
Then do the same thing tomorrow and the next day and the next…
Ram Das said, “We’re just all walking each other home.”
Are you Awake?
Resistance is futile.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 3