by Sarah Morgan Haydock

I let the wind take me.
Falling away, I am carried over fields,
Over roads and rivers.
I sing freedom, dancing without effort on this airstream,
Dancing with the dragonflies and the falling leaves.

Falling gently, I find Earth again,
The leaves cover me, one after another.
The blazing sun becomes mottled… a faint shimmer, and then… no more.

I lay Dormant, as life stirs around me.
I am wrapped, cushioned, sheltered.
The moons wax and wane.
The seasons pass in darkness.

Enveloped, I feel the rhythms of Earth –
the pulse –
the great mother drumbeat of life spreads through me
as I rest, quiescent.

Dormant …

I stir.

Water enters my body,
flooding me with cool sensation.
It is time!

A thread, emerging,
reaching out with Newborn fingers,
Pale as the Moon in this Darkness.

I part from my cocoon,
leaving behind the eternal “thump.. thump.. thump..”
and create my own living pulse!

I search,
reaching out for the light,
parting Earth and Stone with quiet force,
I reach for the sun!

A glimmer in the dark,
and a Spark of light!
Burst through into dazzling Sunlight!!

In that sparkling brilliance,
I unfurl.

In that dazzling glow,
I let Light fill my Veins,
I drink Love into my Heart.

Like the first touch of a lover,
I shiver.

I have never felt this before …


I have always known.

It has always been.

Journal, Volume 1 Issue 2