Earth Lovin

by Helene Rose


Earth Lovin

deep heart diving
coming alive again.

red hot earth flames
electrify again.

they hold the truth
of love of warmth
of being safe
in her strong fiery embrace.

the illusion lifts
the confusion dies
and in this moment i’m truly alive
to feel the green grass beneath my feet
to rest in Her womb
and feel Her beat.


she feeds the soul
she feeds the belly.
Her grace and beauty
are so telling.

she tells her stories of pain and sorrow
and knows the renewal
of the sun rising tomorrow.

the gift of Life is in the being.
be with yourself and start believing.

You are not meant for mindless wander.
Your gifts are plenty and must be pondered.

Bring them forth.
The time is now.
Embrace your divinity.
You know how.

Be with yourself everyday.
Trust your unfolding in every way.
Laugh. Cry.
Hello. Goodbye.
Write it down.
Shake it out.
Be a channel for Love to sprout.

This is my way.
This is our way.
This is The way.

Sound & Motion, Volume 2 Issue 5