Prayer to the Golden Goddesses

by Jenn Allen

The hive is often likened to the womb of the Mother Goddess, a place of rebirth and revisioning.

Offer this prayer before eating to pay homage to the work of the honeybees who pollinate our plants and who, from their plant alchemy, create healing elixirs like honey, pollen and propolis.

Dear Golden Ones

I offer thanks to you for this meal as

You, are the flying herbalists who bring flower to fruit

And the alchemists who transform plant nectar into sun kissed elixir

Your hive is a botanical apothecary that heals and nourishes with sweet medicine

As you feed my belly,

My heart too is filled with the buzzing vibration of your sweet song

I am humbled by this sacred path,

As I walk in selfless service to the Golden Goddesses of rebirth


Journal, Volume 2 Issue 4