Soul Vision

by Jennifer R. Miller

You can’t go back to sleep —
not when your third eye
has been forced wide open
from the light of all your searching
and praying and wailing and healing —
not when the path before you
shines clear and radiant
as the first star on the horizon,
and your divine purpose
pulses inside of you
even louder than the sacred blood in your veins.
Deny this creative fire,
and it will burn you alive,
take you down to cinders,
and set you on the journey
of the phoenix once again.
No choice but to rise —
no choice but to erupt from the flames,
stronger and faster,
as you remember
how the breath of life tastes,
how the currents lift you up,
how your newly awakened eye
stares boldly at the sun
without tears,
without shame,
without anything
but the vision of your soul.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 4