Intuition: What’s Power Got to Do With It?

by Vanessa Codorniu

For many spiritual seekers the subject of power has usually been a subject that is tread upon lightly, if at all. We may approve of our inner power but we are often afraid of what power might mean in the everyday world. This approach invites a split off approach instead of a holistic flow between mind, body and spirit.

When it comes to trusting our inner compass, power is actually at the heart of being able to access our intuitive abilities.

What is it? How do we get it? What does it even mean?

Power: a) ability to act or produce an effect b) legal or official authority, capacity or right c) possession of control, authority or influence over others d) one having such power; specifically a sovereign state.

Power means having influence, having authority and the ability to have that authority or the ability to act.

No wonder people sell their Souls for it!

As we have witnessed in history, for some having the power to influence the masses and their riches is worth going to war for…

Human Being 101 seems to be: the minute we are born…we are taught to give our power away.

Most of us can agree that we are made of energy. That energy cannot be destroyed or created.

So it follows that a definition of power can be the innate energy that we are born with to live our lives, enjoy our lives and live out our soul purpose.

We give our power (energy) away in many ways everyday:

  • “Well, she’s making more money in her business that I am…something’s wrong with me.”
  • “My relationship is ending…everyone I know is married. I must truly SUCK.”
  • “My parents are right. I can never close the deal.”
  • “My partner/boss/job/parents/upbringing/society don’t let me be who I really AM!”
  • “I’m fat/ugly/old/too skinny/dumb/stupid.”

In every statement above, we have handed our ability to act or our energy to break through to what we want to an outside force. We have handed our power to the dreaded, “opinion of others” that we have internalized and accepted as a truth.

In essence our beliefs, our words and our actions start reflecting a structure, a process where we automatically start to give our power away.

We are born with this amazing ability to be sovereign unto ourselves, to decide, to create…yes, to MANIFEST.

This beautiful creative energy is then layered upon with stories/beliefs/patterns passed down by family, culture, society, religion and government. You name it and you’ve encountered it. Yes, programming.

It’s not done maliciously. It’s done so you will survive.

Keep your head down so they won’t shoot it off. Dress and speak the same so you won’t be singled out. Be part of the pack to survive. Laws that the reptilian part of the brain we still carry wants us to uphold so we will survive.

The thing is…we don’t need that anymore! Thank the Universe for that! Mostly in this world (sadly not all parts) we have more freedom than ever before yet we continue to drag all those layers around us AS IF they are real, unbreakable, carved in the stone of our being. Our being is not stone.

The beliefs/stories/laws of the tribe can shape the lens from where we look from, but not the true essence of what we are.

When we give our power away we often suffer:

  • bad health
  • depression, anxiety
  • stress
  • lack of self-confidence
  • lack of accountability
  • unhappiness and discontent
  • lack of gratitude and an overall YUCK and UGH energy
  • inability to commit
  • not-so-hot relationships
  • lack of direction at work

It’s all about getting back to that essence. That energy. Yes, that power.

My story revolved around being afraid to even define the word POWER.

It was a very frightening and negative word for me. The very word carried stories of enslavement, imperialism, patriarchy, racism, oppression and victimhood.

I found myself experiencing “power over” and feeling like a victim. In my mind though, I was a “good person.” There was some belief that as “a good, spiritual being” I did not sully my hands with “power.”

Those were my stories, the layers I carried and the internal conflict I felt.

I knew I was capable of so much, so strong yet I could not claim my own energy to be the authority for myself.

I still left home when my intuition told me it was time.

I still followed much of my intuition but in the most crucial moments of my life, I betrayed my inner self for the voice of the outside world. I gave myself over to fears, the status quo (how things are) and the belief that the reality around me was truth with a capital “T”. I knew that I knew better but I had no words for it, no frame of reference.

I stayed away from even acknowledging my power lest my ego get carried away with my spirit! The truth was that I was frightened of it…so I gave it away.

This giving away of my sovereignty made me not acknowledge my strong healing and intuitive abilities. The denial of my own abilities made me suffer. My stance as a “good spiritual being” made me a bit of a martyr.

Do you recognize tales about defining a good spiritual person by their martyrdom? Yes, this is another story we are possibly born into through our religion or spiritual beliefs.

When we give away our energy, we start to have less energy (power) to manifest what we want. In fact, we give power to fears so we tend to manifest what we actually don’t want.

It’s in the breaking free from these limiting beliefs and fears that we reclaim what is ours.

We get comfortable because it’s easier to blame others or society than to change our beliefs and clear our lens.

Honoring our intuitive and healing abilities is about accepting our inner power. It’s about knowing that the authority lives inside YOU.

It’s about aligning ourselves with what spiritual activist and witch, Starhawk, teaches is “Power from within instead of power over.”

“Power from within instead of power over.”

Most of us need to be pressed to the wall and smacked around a bit in everyday life to ask,” What the hell is going on? I can’t go on like this!”

I know that I was brought to my knees when I didn’t listen about not taking a job and instead gave away my power to the fear that “there are no jobs out there. I need to take this one!” though my internal system was saying, “Hell no! This is not for you!”

By standing and finally (!) accepting my powerful internal guidance system, I claimed my power back. I make decisions and stand by them not just from facts, from my own guidance system. It’s my calling and I have claimed it.

So I ask you…”Do you have the courage to live a life that others may not validate? To exist in a manner that does not support the status quo? Are you ready to connect with and live from your own internal guidance system, your true north?”

What happens when we start to accept our power from within?

  • Clarity around our purpose and our work.
  • Not settling! Better relationships of all kinds.
  • Better health. Using our energy to heal rather than be drained from giving it away.
  • Self-confidence and increased self-worth.
  • Committing to the things and people that evolve and inspire you.
  • More fun. More love. More joy.
  • Deep sense of gratitude.

Almost forgot. There is another definition for power.

Power: (plural) an order of angels; celestial hierarchy.

I like that one the best. Let’s claim our celestial hierarchy and remember we have a divine spark inside of us!

If that wasn’t enough…we also have POWER, yes an ORDER of Angels willing to help!

Work your power people and use that innate gift you were born with! All you desire to bring forth into the world is brought through you. As an embodied Soul you are the vehicle, the vessel and the channel. Awakening to our innate connection to the Divine can support the great changes we all wish to see in the world.

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Journal, Volume 2 Issue 4