Are You Ready to be Seen?

by Mel Shapcott

For the better part of the last decade I clung to the shadows and operated behind the scenes. After graduating from college I fled the city and moved away, far out into one of the most remote regions of the US. This made it easy to hide.

Of course I didn’t notice I was hiding at first.

I had plenty to keep me busy: lengthy conversations with plants, spirited dialogue with the stones and duets with the wind.

Because I had no other place to store it, I put my artwork under the bed. Years went by. I sunk deeper and deeper into myself, entrained in an internal discourse.

Finally, I realized by not being seen I was beginning to lose track of who I was. You may be familiar with the concept that the people in your life are your mirror. What I discovered is that if you are not showing up to look in that mirror — then you can’t see yourself. I gained the profound perspective that I could not be myself in a vacuum.

It has been difficult for me to digest this information. It not only means that people are essential to my well-being, but for my own health I am called to step beyond the comfort of the shadowy sidelines and dive full-on into the fray of human interaction. Scary stuff.

With baby steps I have trained myself to raise my voice above a customary whisper. I have summoned the courage to speak out while people are actually listening.

And now I am learning how to be visible in my work.

I am proud to be bringing you Wild Woman Rising online magazine. In an act of fearlessness, I have stepped up to show you who I am and what I do. All of the contributors that have joined me here are also sharing with you the most sacred expressions of who they are. It is our visibility that makes it possible for us to affect the world around us and make change.

What you might not know about me — because I am such a master of invisibility — is that I am a partner in a small business. My company, Cyberian Frontier, is what has made it possible for me to manifest Wild Woman Rising and thus, become visible.

My company stands behind women who are lifting their voices, businesses that operate with integrity, projects that are born of compassion and people that are bringing a new way. I would like to offer you the same tools that I have used so that we can collectively rock the paradigm and bring a ripple of positive change to our planet.

If this is who you are, if this is what you need, if it is your time to be visible, Cyberian Frontier stands behind you. I invite you to click on the ad in this issue for a special offer only for Wild Woman Rising subscribers. Now is the time bring the gift of who you are into the forefront and be fully seen.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 2