A Loss

by Nathalie Jackson

I walk with death today
I feel its power
Know its fierceness
Feel its gentleness
My heart at once
breaks with the finality
of the moment
And bursts wide open
With the beauty
Of knowing you are with the ancestors
How can one heart
feel so much
in One Precious Instance?
I feel your presence
Hear your laughter
Feel the gentle way
you poked and teased
and shared your joy
I miss who I remember you to be
I miss the sweet memories of my youth
And how you were a part of healing
and laughter in my life
I will remember
your smiles and sense of humour
How you fed us to show you cared
And sat watching us children play
My love of the garden comes from you
I blissfully remember the sea of geraniums
on your dining room table
And how you taught me to graze in the garden
Your hands will forever remain strong in my memory
Hands that massaged, planted, fed, created
You can relax now
You will be missed

Journal, Volume 3 Issue 1