A Mother Is

by Helene Rose

A mother is:
a rock taking in all the sweet whispers of
her child for eternity,
a tree standing tall and with great strength,
grounding her family,
a squirrel busily gathering supplies in
preparation for the day,
a summer’s breeze light and refreshing when
caressing your skin,
a drop of rain bringing renewal and
cleansing when needed,
a field of sunflowers reaching
toward the sun in harmony,
a hummingbird full of sweet nectar,
swift and precise,
a pond, full of life and sparkle,
feeding all those who enter,
a morning dew, awakening with
calm and clear presence,
a vegetable garden, needing care and tending to
in order to give of herself, and
a robin, whose song radiates sweet joy.
A mother is everything.
A mother is everywhere.
A mother’s love is unconditional.
A mother takes into her womb and into her hands
the future, a child.
Through her, the earth is blessed
and the earth blesses her
with life.
For mother is the earth and earth is the mother.
Together as one, they bless each day.
Thank you dear mother. Thank you dear earth.
For giving us a beautiful today and tomorrow.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 10