A Passion for the Deep

by Barbara Heile

newspapers bleaching on the doorstep,
the women retreat so deep within themselves
that their gaze itself becomes the path you wish to follow,
back to your true self as man.

through woman,
you’ll arrive again in the world, anew.

a woman’s gaze from within her center
is a golden pathway
to what is real and true
beyond the news of the world’s play and warfare and latest sale.

take this path, woman,
let the papers bleach on the doorstep,
find your way home so they can find theirs.

oh, who could have guessed what your gaze promised?
who could have guessed?

This poem is an example of “learning to not doubt the raw,” prompted by Julie Daley’s writing group.
“Newspapers on the doorstep” inspiration from Sally Croft.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 11