An Invitation

by Eva Burke

I tell myself
that I am going to put my head down
and when I look up
there will be before me
all that I need.
And so I do it
in my mind’s eye:
I put my head down
and look up
and simply see
what needs to be seen.
Of all the possible things I think I need,
it’s nothing but
rolling hills
in a thick green pine
as far and wide
as the eye can see.
It spreads out before me
like an emerald carpet
as I stand on the edge
And then
there arises
an invitation
not in words
but spelled out somehow
in the lines and curves
of the landscape,
an invitation
to me
to join in the song,
a song that is also
a prayer,
that is also the hills
that is also me.
it says
you’ve been gone too long.
The invitation
is also a dare
it says
a dare
to let go of the grip
and slip
back down into the wild hills
into a time
before the run up
into the head.
Come back down from those heights
it says
and get lost again
in the song.

Journal, Volume 3 Issue 3