Ancient Inhalation Invocation

by Christy Evers

Thrive ancient DNA,
Depths of consciousness
Signal an uncovering of truth.
Rhythm of humanity at the whole,
Rhythms internal echo rhythms external.
Cells signal a beat:
Electric intrinsic
In the womb lay the mystical,
Replicating possibilities,
Best of our ancestry,
Honor it sacredly.

With all our breaths send a blessing of unity.
Inhale air inhaled by honored women of past, present, and those yet to come.
Inhale the air of dear brothers, lovers, and fathers.
Inhale air of the wounded.
Inhale breath of the healed.
Inhale for your heartbeat and the ones yet to be.
Inhale the cycle.
Inhale recognized truth.

Signal new rhythms,
Inhale the shed of steel modernity.
Inhale unity with ancient truths.
Inhale deep cross-cultural wealth.

Inhale your self,
Mirrored in billions of others,
Rhythms reflected in deep oxygenated waves of memory,
Cells in harmony,
Order restored to thrive.


Journal, Volume 1 Issue 1