Areeya Marie

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Raw Vegan Vegetarian Chef of 5 years, Rev. Areeya Marie, has an eclectic variety of restaurant management, festival catering and private chef experience. Utilizing a versatile and creative alchemical approach of transformation to food preparation with a diverse palate in the 5 Senses, from Ayurveda to Cajun… for transformation and nourishment in body integrity. LunaSol Flow is a moving meditation. Areeya, experienced a divine sensory moment during kinetic breath and motion sequences for personal alignment and transformation. Performed under a full moon sky, over looking the ocean, in the hills of Costa Rica… in the middle of deep ceremony (the classes and workshops of LunaSol Flow will be available in the Summer of 2014). Sacred scent incense creation is one of Areeya’s greatest loves of support and guidance on the olfactory journey to the divine… with joyful gratitude she is apprenticed to one our finest incense perfumers in this age.

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