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We are artists, musicians, actors, poets. Kitchen wizards, medicine women, plant whisperers and earth mamas. We dance, we sing, we listen, we create. We are alive and engaged in life on this planet! We invite you to share in our magic and weave your offerings into the web. Learn more here:

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Douglas Walker

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Douglas Walker was born and grew up in Vancouver, Canada.

His paintings include unique representations of Vedic gods along with depictions of the relationship between the human physiology and the Divine.

Douglas was gifted with the ability to paint late in life following a meditation experience of Divine Mother dancing in his heart lotus. Many who view his work report inner spiritual transformation and energetic healing.

According to Douglas, “Divine Mother is the artist. I just try to be alert to what She is telling me, and not get in the way. The less the ego is involved, the better I can express Her Light and Silence in my paintings. And of course, it helps to keep improving my painting skills.”

He presently lives with his wife Nancy in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Evgenia Art


My name is Evgenia and I am from Melbourne Australia. I started delving into my creative side about 7 years ago when I started studying the different archetypes of the Goddess and working with Goddess energy. I am passionate about self empowerment, self expression in all its forms and enjoy expressing myself through creativity.

Ginger Graziano

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I am a former New Yorker who moved to Asheville, NC thirteen years ago to pursue my creativity in a less stressful environment. I have a business as a graphic designer. I am a member of the Odyssey Co-op Gallery in the River Arts District where I create in clay. I am a writer and a few of my poems and an excerpt of my book, See, There He Is, has been published. I am also a certified energy healer with a degree from the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing. All these passions are sourced from the same place, my connect to the Creative Spirit.


Helene Rose

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Helene Rose, MS, is passionate about supporting women to live brilliant lives and founded Be Brilliant Network to serve as a portal for women to step into their radiance. She believes that when a woman fully acknowledges and embodies her brilliance, she is an authentic and successful contributor to society — no matter where she is and what she chooses to do. Her inner brilliance shines forth in all she does. Helene’s experience provides her with a deeply compassionate perspective and understanding of the modern woman’s struggle for mindful living and feminine empowerment. She is the author of “Blessed Womb,” a healing memoir and “Love Poems.” She facilitates “Women Who Write Rock” virtual writing retreats. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family.


JoAnne Dodgson

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

With 30 years of experience as a healer, teacher and consultant, JoAnne Dodgson offers guidance to awaken authentic ways of being to transform the ways we live and relate with ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Since 2000, she has been living and learning the kala keh nah seh lineage of Ka Ta See, a tradition from the Eastern Andes. A shamanic healer and teacher of these ancient medicine ways, JoAnne offers spiritual counseling, initiation ceremonies, Bone Throws, traditional energy balancing, and spirit journeys which awaken profound healing, deep connectedness, joy and empowerment. Prior to her shamanic initiations, JoAnne completed her doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Holistic Health. She has many years of professional experience as a psychotherapist, community activist, and college instructor.


Karen Noel

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I presently live in Asheville, NC. I first developed a love of watercolor while studying at the Maryland Institute of Art. This passion continued during the many years that I taught at a community college in San Diego. Creative expression has always been a joy and a focus in my life. Often, inspiration comes through a meditative connection with nature, and the paintings become a symbolic journal of my inner and outer experiences.


Katherine Brennan

San Francisco, California, USA

I am a writer by calling — no formal training, no academic credentials.

As a kid I had a favorite aunt, Auntie Alice, a retired school teacher. When we began to correspond I took pains to see that my cursive was tidy, my spelling and punctuation correct, and that I reported interesting events. Several years into our correspondence I received my weekly letter from Auntie and opened it to read two sentences that I will never forget: “Katherine, you write very well. You should think about becoming a writer when you grow up.”

I’ve done my best to make her proud.

Katlyn Breene

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Katlyn Breene has been creating sacred art and Incense for 40 years. Her artwork is a manifestation of her beliefs and can be experienced in homes, on altars and in temples around the world.

She is the creator of Mermade Magickal Arts and handcrafts natural artisan incense and oils since 1984. She is the author and illustrator of many books and articles on spiritual arts, incense and folklore.

Her work includes cover art and illustrations for many Music CDs, books and magazines, here and abroad, Goddess calendars and countless images of the ancient Gods and Goddesses and creatures of myth and magic.

Since 1980 her sculptures, “The Ladies of Magic and Mystery,” have been on display at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Katlyn traveled the world for many years performing her dance and magic act.

She and her husband Michael, known as “Zingaia” create techno-tantra-trance music dedicated to sacred lovers and to the Goddess in all Her many aspects.


Laura Madeline Wiseman

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Laura Madeline Wiseman is the author of more than a dozen books and chapbooks and the editor of Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013). Her recent books are American Galactic (Martian Lit Books, 2014), Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience (Lavender Ink, 2014), Queen of the Platform (Anaphora Literary Press, 2013), Sprung (San Francisco Bay Press, 2012), and the collaborative book Intimates and Fools (Les Femmes Folles Books, 2014) with artist Sally Deskins. She holds a doctorate from the University of Nebraska and has received an Academy of American Poets Award, a Mari Sandoz/Prairie Schooner Award, and the Wurlitzer Foundation Fellowship. Her work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Margie, Mid-American Review and Feminist Studies.


Leticia Banegas


I am a figurative painter. When I paint I transport myself to a magical realm of where women are warriors, maidens, priestesses… I believe we are the bridge between the world that cant be seen and this one. Each one of us lives in that magical realm wether we acknowledge it or not.


Lisa Adams Reed

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I have secretly seen myself as an artist since I was a small child. I always knew my creativity would dominate my life and in this final third I am all in! I was blessed by a stroke that left me blind in one eye a few years ago. Funny how it made me see things differently and have an even greater desire to paint the world from this unique perspective.

I discovered my favorite juicy medium when I first opened a jar of cold wax and mixed it with oil. It was like painting with yummy canned frosting! The many layers that I apply, then intuitively scrape away, always reveals beautiful surprises underneath. So much like life.

The stuff that we may have layered on and covered up make us the unique individuals that we are. If we dare peel some layers away, our colorful gifts are there in all their glory. My paintings are SoulScapes.


Lydia Hesse

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Raised in the tiny artist colony of Taos, New Mexico, I grew up in the midst of creativity. Believing that everyone is an artist of some sort on the inside, regardless of what they show on the outside. I’m still convinced of that.

I taught myself how to paint and everyday is a new lesson. For years I painted whimsical dogs and loved every minute of it, until I didn’t. So I opened a restaurant for a few years and let the creative juices flow as food, until I couldn’t stave off the yearning for a paintbrush, rather than a spatula, in my hand.

I was in Australia when I dreamt of lovely, mighty features with wondrous birds perched atop their heads. Back I went to New Mexico and began to paint them.

They are fixed minutes of simplicity.
It’s as undemanding as that.


Mary Snowden

San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

Inspiration for my weaving is rooted in Nature and primarily the lands of the Pacific Northwest Coast, USA. I was birthed here and I have lived in this region my entire life.

Red cedar bark and indigenous grasses are gathered and prepared seasonally, utilizing ancient techniques taught to me and are considered priceless. Every step requires methodical precision along the way.

My apprenticeship with master weaver Gram Lillian Black Pullen of the Quileute and Muckleshoot tribes in Washingtons Olympic Rainforest lasted for about thirteen years. I spent many years with Southern Puget Sound Coast Salish Lummi Nation weaver, Lillian Rose Jefferson Lawrence, as well as countless hours with other accomplished Northwest weavers.

Robert Eagle Bear of the Lummi Nation is my weaving and storytelling partner. We collaborate on many pieces. For us, our work is ceremonial and sacred. Together and singularly, we preserve the purity of ancient methods, stories and techniques.

While many classical and traditional pieces are composed of only natural barks and grasses, my contemporary works may call upon me to choose a variety of synthetic or unusual materials. I often unify ancient and traditional weaving methods with new perspectives, materials and, at times, unfamiliar experimental sculptural ideas.

I continue working to experience and explore melding limitless classical, traditional and contemporary weaving possibilities.

Mary Snowden . Similk Bay Studio . Fidalgo Island, USA

Please visit my Facebook Page:


Megan Hollingsworth

United States

Megan Hollingsworth, MS, is a mother, poet, healer, and compassion activist. She is founder and creative director at ex*tinc*tion wit*ness, a project that stems from Megan’s spiritual practice and existential journey, which she explored academically during her graduate study of the human emotional and spiritual response to genocide and mass species extinction. ex*tinc*tion wit*ness is a poetic request to pause in the light of this great dying and allow this heartbreak to bring us back to life.


Pegi Smith

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Within, perhaps, a summary of my own life’s perspectives and observations (yet with no conscious agenda), I’m captivated by the creative process, swept up in the work, the medium and the opportunity.

My hope is that the final works will cause the viewer to immerse and then to emerge with the initial design in tow…moving in and out…with an intentional choice to be there again and again. Energized by life’s experiences and dreams of how it should, or could be if only…

While immersed in a project, there are times when I see it as primitive and at other times refined. Regardless, I am pressed to move forward, aware of pending modifications, yet enjoying the expression of the moment. I work from the canvas with no pre-sketching, but a more innate exploration of my own inner space, while being aware of the necessity to remain open to the spontaneous, hidden dimensions appearing and reappearing on the canvases — with an endless appreciation that color is such an obvious and important part of my life.

Am I discovering aspects of my own identity in the process. Wondering ‘is this about me?’ Maybe so. Regardless, I am there and somehow absent, while the actual painting occurs. Appeared to and appealed to by the urgent necessity to cooperate with what is developing and yet making my own voice heard as a distant director of what must be the reluctant conclusion of that one work…if another is to begin.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing my work with you.


Rebecca Hyland

United States

Rebecca (Karen Harmon) Hyland graduated from the University of Oregon, B.A., Drawing and Painting. She worked as a Graphic Artist in Portland, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas. In San Antonio Rebecca opened her first gallery. In 1971 she taught herself to batik and refined the art. She opened a batik studio and fine art gallery “Rebecca and Friends” in Denver, Colorado (1971-72). In 1972-74 she had a batik studio in San Francisco, California. In 1974 she and her husband moved to Anacortes, Washington where she opened a graphic art and batik studio (1978-1985). When Rebecca’s husband Ansel, an anesthesiologist, took a two-year ssignment (1985-87) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Rebecca and their two sons joined him. She resumed her studio work in 1988 in Anacortes. In 1994 Rebecca began School Arts Visits. Rebecca and her family traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa. She kept journals, each of them filled with notations and sketches which were later rendered in various media. Rebecca was a visiting artist to two schools in Skagit county, Washington state. As a teen-ager Rebecca had glomerulonephritis. As an adult she received a kidney transplant which was successful. Although diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease she continued to sketch and paint. Always industrious and determined to live life to the fullest, Rebecca used her creative talents and shared with others. Rebecca enjoyed most to paint in watercolor, but she excelled at batiking and oil painting. She batiked fabulous kimonos and jackets that she made of silk. Rebecca participated in many solo and major shows, group exhibitions, plus publications and community projects. Rebecca, along with Chara Curtis, received the prestigious literary award, the 1997 Governor’s Writers Award for their children’s book, No One Walks On My Father’s Moon, which Rebecca illustrated. She also illustrated Anita Mayers’ book Clothing From The Hands That Weave. Bright and beautiful, Rebecca embraced her environment with open arms. She had a heightened sensory awareness and a keen perception of beauty that she saw everywhere. Rebecca had the ability to help others see beauty too. Rebecca edited three novel manuscripts for her mother, Nadine Waltman Harmon, and illustrated several of her articles. Rebecca’s many graphic designs will be used in a cookbook she and her mother collaborated on. Rebecca’s home on Guemes Island is filled with her paintings, books and treasures from her travels. Rebecca has many friends scattered throughout the United States. Rebecca, with her sweet smile, courageous and enduring spirit will be forever missed by her loved ones and friends.

Rebecca Karen was born May 20, 1944 and died on June 7, 2014.

Sally Deskins

Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

Sally Deskins is an artist and writer, focusing on women and feminist writers and artists, heavily inspired by artist Wanda Ewing. Her art has been exhibited in galleries in Omaha, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago and has been published in publications such as Certain Circuits, Weave Magazine, Her Kind: A blog by VIDA Women in Literary Arts, Vagina, CLAP and Whitefish Review. She has curated various solo and group exhibitions, readings and performances centered on women’s perspective and the body. Her writing has been published internationally in BITCH, Bookslut, Weave and Prick of the Spindle, among others. She edits the online journal Les Femmes Folles, and has published three anthologies of art and writing.



Sherry Knight


Sherry designs her Luisacchi collections from her studio home on Chandos Lake in Southern Ontario. Working primarily with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystal, Sherry creates exquisite hand crafted limited edition jewelry. Her signature lies in combining the glamour of crystal with natures minerals. This has made her work desirable for its uniqueness and elegance. Sherry has enjoyed success in marketing her limited edition and one-of-a-kind designs to galleries and boutiques throughout North America, Japan and Australia. Worn casually or formally Luisacchi Fine Fashion Jewellery makes an impressive statement.


Susan Korsnick

York, Pennsylvania, USA

Susan Korsnick is an artist, educator, writer, Red Tent Facilitator and Shamanic Reiki Master. Through her acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces, Susan elevates the divine in nature and the divine in ourselves. Her work with women through Red Tent Events and workshops has taken her art in an exciting new direction and she recently started a business called Pure You: Awaken Your Authentic Self to encourage women to reconnect with their highest self using creative expression and awareness techniques.


Terra Rafael

Lafayette, Colorado, USA

Terra Rafael, retired midwife, is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner since 2001 and Certified Maya Abdominal Therapist. Terra continues her WiseWomanhood practice, focusing on health for women in all phases of their lives.

Writing is both a work and a love. She’s written and published books and be featured in several magazines; her latest book is Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years. She worked on Big Mama Rag feminist news journal in the 70’s and created Natural Transitions Magazine, on holistic approaches to end of life in the 10’s.

Photography helps focus on the beauty of this world. She uses her photos in teaching and for pleasure.



The Goddess Project

Sara Landas & Holli Rae

Los Angeles, California, USA

We are Sara Landas & Holli Rae, a collaborative duo from Los Angeles, California. After meeting in the summer of 2008 our worlds changed forever. Having each others full support and encouragement, we began to see the deep importance of sisterhood and immediately started creating films that reflected this new found reality. We recognize the need for media that promotes stories of hope and empowers the viewer rather than giving power to their problems. We are currently in the process of editing The Goddess Project, a documentary film that shares the stories of over 100 brave women across America who are living their dreams and changing the world!


Winter Ross

Taos, New Mexico, USA
Salida, Colorado, USA

Winter Ross is an environmental activist, street medic and shamanic practitioner. These interests inform both her art and her writing. She studied painting at Hartford Art School and received a BFA in Communications Design and Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. She was an MFA candidate in itaglio printmaking at Washington University when her fabric art, a medium embraced by many feminist artists, began to receive recognition. Winter had a long career as a graphic designer which included Rocky Mountain PBS. She has also held artist-in-residence positions in Oregon, Nebraska and West Virginia. A student of Jungian psychology and mythology, her illustrative style is reminiscent of her grandmother’s turn of the century fairy tale books with which she grew up.