What is Wild Woman Rising?

We are artists, musicians, actors, poets. Kitchen wizards, medicine women, plant whisperers and earth mamas. We dance, we sing, we listen, we create. We are alive and engaged in life on this planet! We invite you to share in our magic and weave your offerings into the web. Learn more here:

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Aradia Lunabella

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

My work embodies the elements of the Sacred Feminine, of women’s strength, power, and wisdom. Painting Goddesses has been an ongoing longtime passion. My work as a water-colorist and collage artist is a testament to the power of the Goddess within. Without her, I feel impoverished. I need to paint her in order to connect with the sacred meaning of my life. For me, when the feminine way of knowing is honored through creativity and intuition, my life becomes more meaningful and joyful. The divine purpose of being alive is to create, it is how I transform myself and my world. By honoring the Divine Feminine through my work, I honor the Divine in myself. I empower myself spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically so that I may reconnect with my inner Goddess.


Barbara Heile

Washington, Virginia, USA

“When the soul wants something to be known,
she throws out an image in front of her
and steps into it.”

This quote by Meister Eckhart was gifted to me recently by one of my sons. It has put my life of painting into perspective. In the past 40 years of painting, she has given me three such images in order to know myself. Woodlands, the trees and the spaces between them. The Kitchen, lit in the evening when the day’s work is done, and most recently, The Birch.

I saw these trees daily on the road between Salzburg and Freilassing, Germany. When I stopped to photograph them the image was made known to me.

The tree was held and supported by the landscape to each side. Nothing reflects my present consciousness more clearly than this image.

The tree is my body, the space holds this body, and we are gracefully becoming one and the same.The visual and visceral impact of this image can have a surprising effect on the viewer. The paintings are a mysterious mix of abstraction and representation.

I make this image in oil and watercolor and collage. I write about my experience of being a woman who paints, walks in the woods, and ponders and feels all of this life we are sharing and caring for on planet earth.

I am a mother of three home grown, home born amazing sons. I live in a beautiful part of the world, near the trees and mountains and fresh water.

Born – 1953
MFA in Painting, American University, Washington, DC – 1982
My original work can be seen in Studio 3 at River District Arts, Sperryville, VA



Brooke Medicine Eagle

Cuenca, EC

Beauty opens us to spirit, and I am dedicated to the creation of beauty in all aspects of my life, helping to create a flowering of life on Mother Earth through my FlowerSong and Blossoming work.


Davi Ayla

Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

Exploring the vast ways of artistic expression, I delve into the healing arts, land stewarding arts, as well as visual arts. I love to share myself in kinship to the other wild beauties out there, the women who have stepped up, stepped out of their comfort zones and create, create, create.

DeAnna L’am

California, USA

DeAnna L’am, internationally established expert on Menstrual Wellness, is the author of “Becoming Peers — Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood” and “A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period” and founder of Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™ and of Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Global Network.

Fondly known as “Womb Visionary,” DeAnna has been transforming lives worldwide for over 20 years by teaching women and girls how to love themselves unconditionally! She guides women to dissolve PMS symptoms by drawing spiritual strength from their cycle; she helps mothers welcome their daughters to empowered womanhood and teaches women how to hold Red Tents in their communities.


Dixie Landis Bradley

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

I like to make art.


Dwora Fried

Los Angeles, California, USA

Powerful and provocative, and at times humorous, Dwora Fried’s mixed media captures people, places and emotions under glass — literally. Composed in wooden boxes with glass fronts, the pieces ask unsettling questions about identity, beliefs and space. They recreate imaginary scenes of displacement, entrapment and isolation. The confines of these small, wooden boxes allow the viewer to share in the intimate world of the artist. Fried has been working with boxes for over a decade.


Isabel Bryna

Santa Cruz, California, USA

I was born in Santa Cruz California. At the age of 17 I moved to Central America and began to explore deeper into the America’s. Since then I have spent the past 13 years mostly in Latin America. I’m now 31 and recently moved back to California from Uruguay. Over the years I have maintained focus in my art always feeling a strong knowing that this is what spirit has given me to share. I have been blessed by many strong life lessons and near death experiences which have lead me on a path of awakening. I’m now putting my intentions and focus on my career as painter so I am able to share more of my creations and also receive fair payment for my work.


JoAnne Dodgson

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

With 30 years of experience as a healer, teacher and consultant, JoAnne Dodgson offers guidance to awaken authentic ways of being to transform the ways we live and relate with ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Since 2000, she has been living and learning the kala keh nah seh lineage of Ka Ta See, a tradition from the Eastern Andes. A shamanic healer and teacher of these ancient medicine ways, JoAnne offers spiritual counseling, initiation ceremonies, Bone Throws, traditional energy balancing, and spirit journeys which awaken profound healing, deep connectedness, joy and empowerment. Prior to her shamanic initiations, JoAnne completed her doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Holistic Health. She has many years of professional experience as a psychotherapist, community activist, and college instructor.


Joyce Thornburg

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I am a compulsive artist: I paint everyday because “I HAVE TO!”

My work is raw and unpremeditated. It is right brain driven and exuberance often collides with angst.

Working studio/gallery at The Wedge Studios in The RiverArts District in Asheville, North Carolina.

Gallery exhibitions in South Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi.

Gallery/Musuem affiliations: Attic Gallery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Side Show at the American Visionary.

Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland and part of the permanent private collection of Victor Kean/Bethany.

Mission Gallery in Pennsylvania.

Private patrons in US, Mexico and Switzerland.


K. Chavez

Orange County, California, USA

Nature, sex, and the human form are my muses. I surround myself with equines daily. They are known to be one of the most spiritual forms of nature known to man. Horses are incredibly humbling just as other forms of nature are. Watching and learning from these amazing creatures electrifies my imagination. Sex and the human form invigorates my entire being. I am completely consumed with understanding what makes the human being inspired and aroused in all forms.

Kalika Fortin

Boulder, Colorado, USA

In 2005, Kalika Fortin moved from the conservative Midwest into an ashram in Colorado. She was immersed in a new and beautiful world of meditation, service and devotional chanting. Captivated by the sweet, calming energy of the morning chants, as well as the lively evening kirtans, it became clear that bhakti yoga was her path. She enjoyed several years in Shoshoni Yoga Retreat’s resident band, Shiva’s Garden, before forming The Pushpams with Mira Gale and Kumara Etzel.

Her debut album, Flowers for Kali, honors traditions lost and found in a gentle offering of uplifting chants and intimate songs.


Marie-Ève Bonneau


Marie-Ève Bonneau’s calling is to remind others of the truth of who they are and to help them reconnect to ‘center’ — the powerful seat of wisdom and essence that lies within. She guides others in transforming their life challenges and experiences of loss and trauma into the powerful rerouting and growth opportunities that these initiations really are.

A gentle and playful soul, Marie-Ève’s presence is often described, much to her delight, as ‘magical’. Her work is an offering of love. You can find her work on her website and on Facebook.


Marike Wienbelt


Fifty-six year old Dutch artist working in a never ending pursuit to connect the divine to being human, the feminine to the masculine, the inner child to the adult and the inner to the outer world.


Marilyn Whitehorse

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

In the topside world I am an educator, teaching academic writing at the university level. In another world, I am a writer who also works in the mediums of photography, collage and masks. Lately, my blog has to do with my adventures as I research in the islands for a trilogy I’m writing: a historical fiction of the sacred queens of Hawaii.


Raven Redfox

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Contemporary imagery, brash colors and spiritual iconography make up the essence of my art through the use of strong colors and vibrant, energetic, thematic iconographic projections in the form of windows, sections, a collection of individual perspectives morphed into a larger, venerated, cultural historical collective.


Susan Korsnick

York, Pennsylvania, USA

Susan Korsnick is an artist, educator, writer, Red Tent Facilitator and Shamanic Reiki Master. Through her acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces, Susan elevates the divine in nature and the divine in ourselves. Her work with women through Red Tent Events and workshops has taken her art in an exciting new direction and she recently started a business called Pure You: Awaken Your Authentic Self to encourage women to reconnect with their highest self using creative expression and awareness techniques.


Tanya Sheikh

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am Magical Fairy Child invited into the Fullness of Herself through a journey of Awakening that commenced with the passing of my father, furthered by a kundalini awakening through sexual ecstasy which in turn led to the dark depths of anguish and back again. Along the way I morphed into a Woman who can stand in the light and in the shadow, who knows herself as Infinity and the Void therein. I hold space for others through my presence and my energy work to Remember Who They Are, allowing that which is not of essence and of truth to transform, dissolve, transmute. I hold space for the bliss of the Being to shine forth.

I write as an invitation into that which lies beyond the mundane, the bliss that can be touched upon if we slow down, listen and taste the truth of the moment.

Thank you for meeting me here.



Silver City, New Mexico, USA

Trishuwa works with the ceremonial forms of communicating with the invisibles of the world-Sweat Lodge, Sacred Pipe, Vision Quest and the Medicine Wheel. She is Ceremonial Director of the Church of Gaia and founding member of Foundation for Gaian Studies, www.gaianstudies.org. She is a poet and Earth Wisdom storyteller, combining myth and personal stories of spiritual relationship with human, non-human, visible and invisible.


Victoria Jones

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Victoria is a mind, body, spirit consultant and integral coach. She has been in practice for 31 years assisting individuals in connecting to what has heart and meaning for them.


Wendy Mitchell, Judy Zehr & Scott Lockhart

Portland, Oregon, USA

Wendy Mitchell and Judy Zehr have been studying vibrancy and well being together for over ten years and realize the importance of having intention in our lives. They are Road Scholar/Elderhostel speakers and do workshops for women around neuroscience and well-being. From their professional work they created Walk Breathe Dance, a Facebook Page bringing art, insights and reflections together for small inspirations. Scott Lockhart added his stunning and magical photography to Walk Breathe Dance.

Wendy Mitchell, MA, CPC, is a women’s health coach:

Judy Zehr, MA, MHRM, is a therapist and coach:

Scott Lockhart is a photographer, writer, and poet: