What is Wild Woman Rising?

We are artists, musicians, actors, poets. Kitchen wizards, medicine women, plant whisperers and earth mamas. We dance, we sing, we listen, we create. We are alive and engaged in life on this planet! We invite you to share in our magic and weave your offerings into the web. Learn more here:

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Alisa Muñiz Blanchard

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA

I am Alisa: poet, photographer, writer, priestess, seer, mother, healer and Wild Dreamer.

My life’s work is to provide creative, heart and spirit-centered business “soul-tions” and administration for growing entrepreneurs who honor sustainable community-minded visions for our world. I am passionate about providing compassionate business owners the tools they need to make their own life’s work sustainable.

While I hold a B.A. in Business Administration and English Communications with concentrations in Management and Ethics, my heart is the source of my life force. My passion for writing was ignited with the first breath of life.

Deep in my bones
it dwells,
with my song
dust and marrow.

In each of us
this vibration
at birth

Access gained
to the activation
of ancient knowing
in the script of breath

It is my work to honor and celebrate the various moments in our human experience through my wild exploration of what it means to be alive.

May you be wild and joyous on your own journey.

Visit my websites Wild Dreamer: Business Doula and In This Room: A Collection of Writing:



ALisa Starkweather

Massachusetts, USA

ALisa Starkweather is the founder of multiple women’s initiatives; the Red Tent Temple Movement, Daughters of the Earth, Women in Power, and her women’s mystery school since 1998, Priestess Path. She has been bringing forward work of the sacred feminine for thirty years.


Amy Lenharth

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

I have always felt a deep connection with nature. From the time that I was a little child, I have always talked to animals and plants. My happiest times have been spent outside among the trees. I love to walk the woods, learning about the green ones, foraging and making medicines from the plants that I find. I celebrate the seasons of the year and the phases of the moon. My spiritual life is based in nature our Mother Earth.

I am an artist. I work with clay, forming vessels and sculptures inspired by nature. Sometimes I paint and occasionally I photograph interesting things. I love to play with fiber and fabric. I returned to school as a non-traditional (older) student almost a decade ago and earned a BFA in Ceramics and Art History and then an MFA in Ceramics. My ceramic work has been in many books and magazines and exhibited internationally. I teach art and art history at local colleges.

I am also a healer. I am a Reiki master in both the Western and Eastern traditions I believe that art and nature are both catalysts for healing. I want to use art to help people tap into their innate creativity and to heal themselves.


Angelwolf Photography

Guyton, Georgia, USA

Mom of 5 daughters, Goddess in training, animal and nature lover. I love photography, drawing, painting and poetry.


Anita Berghoef


I want to capture light, lines and structure as I see them. I have been photographing since 2012. Mainly architecture and macro nature photography are my passion.


Annette Wagner

Mountain View, California, USA

Annette is a visionary artist and intentional creativity teacher who weaves the practice of female shamanism into her work. She blogs and writes articles, mentors other artists and is certified teacher of the intentional creativity Color of Woman method developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. She also studies with American Master painter Sue Hoya Sellars. She has a Masters in Women’s Spirituality with a certificate in Creative Expression from Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). Her background includes over 25 years of hi-tech experience including 21 patents.


Araboushikha Art

Hampshire, UK

I am a self-taught stone sculptor, working in a variety of different stones. I am drawn by the simplicity of this most ancient craft. I use no power tools or toxic chemicals. Just stone, the raw body of Mother Earth, mallet chisels, presence of mind and awareness of body. It is a slow but satisfying meditative process and in a hurried, sometimes chaotic and confusing world, the stone speaks to me always of the value of patience, perseverance and stillness.

My inspiration comes from shamanic dreams and ancient folklore and mythology, but at the core of my work lies a deep respect for the earth, the wild and wonderful creatures that roam it, and the deep mystery that encompasses all.

I like to think there is a lot of love in my work for that is the feeling that I have when I create. Each piece I create is totally unique. Some can be quite a journey and each has its own story to tell.

I find in every stone a secret waiting to be born, a silent beauty, a hidden power or a shard of lost wisdom. Something that perhaps was always there, but lain forgotten under the rock of ages, slowly reveals itself with quiet dignity. Carving is a magical process and a spiritual, meditative practice for me. It is alchemy… it is my prayer.

I am always open to consider personal commissions, or commissions for public places or retreat centers. I will also be running some workshops Summer 2015 in the South of England; if you have an interest in learning this craft or wish to be added to my mailing list for future exhibitions, please contact me.

To see more of my work, visit:


Aradia Lunabella

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

My work embodies the elements of the Sacred Feminine, of women’s strength, power, and wisdom. Painting Goddesses has been an ongoing longtime passion. My work as a water-colorist and collage artist is a testament to the power of the Goddess within. Without her, I feel impoverished. I need to paint her in order to connect with the sacred meaning of my life. For me, when the feminine way of knowing is honored through creativity and intuition, my life becomes more meaningful and joyful. The divine purpose of being alive is to create, it is how I transform myself and my world. By honoring the Divine Feminine through my work, I honor the Divine in myself. I empower myself spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically so that I may reconnect with my inner Goddess.


Areeya Marie

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Raw Vegan Vegetarian Chef of 5 years, Rev. Areeya Marie, has an eclectic variety of restaurant management, festival catering and private chef experience. Utilizing a versatile and creative alchemical approach of transformation to food preparation with a diverse palate in the 5 Senses, from Ayurveda to Cajun… for transformation and nourishment in body integrity. LunaSol Flow is a moving meditation. Areeya, experienced a divine sensory moment during kinetic breath and motion sequences for personal alignment and transformation. Performed under a full moon sky, over looking the ocean, in the hills of Costa Rica… in the middle of deep ceremony (the classes and workshops of LunaSol Flow will be available in the Summer of 2014). Sacred scent incense creation is one of Areeya’s greatest loves of support and guidance on the olfactory journey to the divine… with joyful gratitude she is apprenticed to one our finest incense perfumers in this age.


Arianna Giorgio

Los Angeles, California, USA

Arianna Giorgio is an actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, photographer, makeup artist, writer and instrumentalist based in LA. She is also a proud two-time cancer survivor! She is from Santa Fe, New Mexico and has been performing since the age of nine. Graduating the New Mexico School for the Arts in 2012 with a major in dance, she is currently attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood, California majoring in Musical Theater.


Autumn Sun Durgavan

Western Massachusetts, USA

I am a young elder. I work with women across the state to facilitate ceremonies such as Wisdom Fire, Hearts on Fire and elemental gatherings. I am well known for my big heart and big love that I share with all. I write music, drum, belly dance, firespin, teach farm school and grow beautiful gardens. I am here to bring in the new culture which has a basic principle of reverence for all life. I am here to co-create heaven on earth. Aho, one love, blessed be!


Barbara Heile

Washington, Virginia, USA

“When the soul wants something to be known,
she throws out an image in front of her
and steps into it.”

This quote by Meister Eckhart was gifted to me recently by one of my sons. It has put my life of painting into perspective. In the past 40 years of painting, she has given me three such images in order to know myself. Woodlands, the trees and the spaces between them. The Kitchen, lit in the evening when the day’s work is done, and most recently, The Birch.

I saw these trees daily on the road between Salzburg and Freilassing, Germany. When I stopped to photograph them the image was made known to me.

The tree was held and supported by the landscape to each side. Nothing reflects my present consciousness more clearly than this image.

The tree is my body, the space holds this body, and we are gracefully becoming one and the same.The visual and visceral impact of this image can have a surprising effect on the viewer. The paintings are a mysterious mix of abstraction and representation.

I make this image in oil and watercolor and collage. I write about my experience of being a woman who paints, walks in the woods, and ponders and feels all of this life we are sharing and caring for on planet earth.

I am a mother of three home grown, home born amazing sons. I live in a beautiful part of the world, near the trees and mountains and fresh water.

Born – 1953
MFA in Painting, American University, Washington, DC – 1982
My original work can be seen in Studio 3 at River District Arts, Sperryville, VA




New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

As a human who happens to be a woman I am all too aware that public opinion and disapproval is something that we are still essentially bound by. Our societal teachings about the many aspects of “self” are generally distorted and inaccurate. I am interested in presenting the viewer with a look into those distortions and offering glimpses of the possibilities in transforming that fear of disapproval or censure.

My personal modes of perception towards the meaning and substance of life in all its complexities cause my work to be up close, personal and visceral. My artwork is exploration as a process of defining/redefining an image of the self and body. I am often my own subject, facing myself, my past and my demons. I endeavor to show the transformation process that starts in the soul towards a new definition of the self. This artistic process brings a freedom from the weight of prejudices, traditions, and custom and the healing from that lies not in distancing myself from it, not in attempting to heal it, but in embracing the experience as part of being alive.


Betz King

United States

Betz King is a Pagan (but not a Witch), priestess of the Western Mystery Tradition (without a Temple) and champion of the divine feminine (who does not believe that the divine has a gender). She is also an existential psychologist who firmly believes that the “givens of existence” (death, isolation, freedom and meaninglessness) drive many an angst ridden seeker to lock down a belief system simply to secure an afterlife, companionship, boundaries and a mission statement. Betz teaches at The Michigan School of Professional Psychology in Farmington Hills Michigan, has a private practice specializing in women’s empowerment and founded The American Priestess Training Program as a kick in the shins of organized religion. She shares her heart and home with her husband Kyle, three dogs, and a black cat.


Bhen Rudha

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Bhen Rudha (Ven ROO-ah) has found her voice in sacred poetry. In the last few years, she has discovered a talent and joy in writing ritual and poetry that leads the participant to moments of inspiration or transformation.

When not setting fingers to keys, or pen to paper, she can be found making magickal jewelry out of semi-precious gemstones. Crystallized Intentions are pieces of sympathetic magick, designed to help the wearer help themselves. Each piece is crafted with specific intention.

Bolajoko Collins

United States

I am a young novice in the world trying to navigate her way around the notion of empowerment. Through energy healing, poetry, erotica, short stories and blogging I have found outlets that bring me closer to my quest for self knowledge and vulnerability. Join me along my journey.


Bonnie Gloris

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Bonnie Gloris is a visual artist, illustrator, and independent curator, originally from Albany, NY. Gloris has participated in group and solo art shows across the country. She earned a BFA from Parsons School of Design (NYC) and is now a graduate student in the Master of Arts Management program at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA).

Bonnie is currently the Marketing and Social Media Intern for Hawaii Performing Arts Festival.



Brooke Medicine Eagle

Cuenca, EC

Beauty opens us to spirit, and I am dedicated to the creation of beauty in all aspects of my life, helping to create a flowering of life on Mother Earth through my FlowerSong and Blossoming work.


Cara H. Cadwallader

San Diego, California, USA

Cara H. Cadwallader, Medicine Woman
I am a weaver.
I weave the web of our shared humanity into a living, breathing tapestry.
Descendant of the winged clan,
I am a gatherer.
I gather song and dance, ritual and ceremony, language and love,
people and place, together.
I am an Embodiment Artist who celebrates, reveres and honors the
Living Arts.
I am a Builder actively co-creating & crafting a New World.
Wielding the metaphor of movement as a tool for personal and global transformation, I am also a Wild Woman who weaves her Divine Feminine on dance floors across San Diego County, infusing them with innocence and joy as I ecstatically stir our ancestral pot of community.
Dancing in community is my spiritual practice.
Today, I rejoice that what I was brought into this world, at this time now to share —
Connection, Sensuality, Intimacy,
Innocence, Joy, Expression,
Metaphor, Story and Community – Is Medicine.


Carolyn Abrams

United States

My art reflects my search for life’s meaning through the exploration of the interrelations between the spiritual, physical and emotional realms. In that search, I’ve found a myriad of “vessels” that contain and from which emanate life-giving forces. The paintings in this series utilize vessels to metaphorically contextualize the transference of energies that nourish life both physically and spiritually. Although my paintings include recognizable subjects, I’m predominantly interested in the interplay of color and form, not just representation.

Many of the works begin with the transformation of ordinary containers, such as bottles or vases, into abstracted forms that interrelate to create a symbolic vessel. Because I am a vessel, my canvases are the vessels that carry my thoughts and emotions to the viewer.


Cheryl Angel

Pasadena, California, USA

Cheryl Angel (b. 1987) is an artist from Pasadena, California who paints and draws young women on the cusp of a realized adulthood. Set in a dreamscape of messy flowers and vibrant colors, the young women in her paintings retain the feral energy and melancholy of rosy-cheeked creatures who are leaving childhood behind to take on the previously unwanted and unknown pains of love and heartbreak.


Christy Evers

Landing, New Jersey, USA

I dig in the soil, write from the soul, and paint from my visions. I hope my work can feed others who are also on the quest for sustaining a positive relationship with humanity and the earth. I spend most of my time being a mother, which is not limited to lots of dreaming and creating positive solutions to day to day challenges. I have an art degree and a 200 hour yoga teacher certification, too.

Claudia van Zuiden

Scotland, UK

I and am the founder of the Wo’moon Circle of One and Founder and CEO of Solution Ways, a Solution Focused Therapeutic Practice. My work involves helping others to create space for empowerment. I work as a therapist, coach and trainer and through art I express my own passion and inspirations, which hopefully inspires others. I paint and write and sing songs and am the founder of a band called SAGE.


Courtney Porto

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Courtney Kenny Porto, is known for her charcoal drawings and yarn paintings. Porto’s work focuses largely on satire, authenticity and feminism, three concepts she feels strongly about. Porto Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bethany College (Lindsborg, Kansas) with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. She has exhibited work in numerous juried and solo exhibitions throughout the United States.

Porto has been featured in numerous publications, anthologies, blogs and television interviews. Most recently, she was honored to have been featured on Maxim Feminine Hygiene’s Blog, “Green Feminine Hygiene Queen Blog” as March 2015’s “Fierce Woman.” She has also been featured in Omaha Magazine’s “Her Magazine,” on the “Morning Blend” (KMTV), Channel 6 News, and The Omaha World Herald among many others. She has been an art instructor with WhyArts and the “Artists in Our Community” project through Omaha Creative Institute. She is also an Artist INC fellow. In 2011 She received “Special International Recognition” from Upstream People Gallery, as well as “Best of Painting” at the juried Messiah Art Exhibition. She was recently nominated for “Best Emerging Artist 2015” by The Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards and was selected as 1 of 10 artists to be included in the 2015 FBAlous Project Banner display in Omaha.


Davi Ayla

Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

Exploring the vast ways of artistic expression, I delve into the healing arts, land stewarding arts, as well as visual arts. I love to share myself in kinship to the other wild beauties out there, the women who have stepped up, stepped out of their comfort zones and create, create, create.

DeAnna L’am

California, USA

DeAnna L’am, internationally established expert on Menstrual Wellness, is the author of “Becoming Peers — Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood” and “A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period” and founder of Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™ and of Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Global Network.

Fondly known as “Womb Visionary,” DeAnna has been transforming lives worldwide for over 20 years by teaching women and girls how to love themselves unconditionally! She guides women to dissolve PMS symptoms by drawing spiritual strength from their cycle; she helps mothers welcome their daughters to empowered womanhood and teaches women how to hold Red Tents in their communities.


Deasy Bamford

Bristol, UK

I find it imperative to engage with the mystery of light and dark, to play with ideas and ways to bring people together across all divides. The beat of the drum released me, the shafts of light sustain me, bird flight, tumbling water wild winds and distant starlight inspire me. Let us transcend all perceived differences and rejoice in the life we all share, to create a fair and just society for all.

Debbie Weber

Concho, Arizona, USA

I am a craftwoman/artisan living off the grid in northeastern Arizona. I was born and raised in Southern California, moved to Oregon and taught Ceramics and Glass classes at the OSU Craft Center for several years. I really like teaching others to explore their creativity. Currently I am using rocks (plentiful here!) as a canvas. I enjoy cooking and creating recipes (gluten free), cheesemaking, gardening and creating from my heart.

Dixie Landis Bradley

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

I like to make art.


Donna Sakamoto Crispin

Eugene, Oregon, USA

I have been weaving baskets and other fiber art for 28 years. My college degrees are in Sociology and Education, so I don’t have formal art training. However, I’ve taken all kinds of basketry workshops offered throughout the Northwest and other classes at our local craft center. I have found that my style of basket weaving is enhanced by trying out a variety of crafts, such as weaving, ceramics or jewelry.

Through the years, I have synthesized the information from many workshop experiences, studying books and other basket weavers. Northwest Native American basketry and Japanese culture, especially basketry, have also been extremely important influences. One of my favorite weaving materials is western red cedar bark, which is a highly prized resource of local basket weavers. I have collected my own cedar bark in nearby forests and I make my own strips, which involves hours of tedious preparation. I honor traditional collecting methods, which allow for conservation of our natural materials.

Many of my pieces incorporate aspects of Japanese basketry. Since I am a third generation Japanese-American, I try to find ways to integrate Japanese culture into my work. Although Japanese basketry is mostly woven bamboo, I don’t have access to the proper materials and tools so I find other ways to integrate the techniques and aesthetics into my fiber art.

Landscapes and nature in general have always been an important part of my perception and application to artwork. I have had the luxury of living and working in some of the most beautiful places in the West and their memories can be seen in my weaving.


Douglas Walker

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Douglas Walker was born and grew up in Vancouver, Canada.

His paintings include unique representations of Vedic gods along with depictions of the relationship between the human physiology and the Divine.

Douglas was gifted with the ability to paint late in life following a meditation experience of Divine Mother dancing in his heart lotus. Many who view his work report inner spiritual transformation and energetic healing.

According to Douglas, “Divine Mother is the artist. I just try to be alert to what She is telling me, and not get in the way. The less the ego is involved, the better I can express Her Light and Silence in my paintings. And of course, it helps to keep improving my painting skills.”

He presently lives with his wife Nancy in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Dwora Fried

Los Angeles, California, USA

Powerful and provocative, and at times humorous, Dwora Fried’s mixed media captures people, places and emotions under glass — literally. Composed in wooden boxes with glass fronts, the pieces ask unsettling questions about identity, beliefs and space. They recreate imaginary scenes of displacement, entrapment and isolation. The confines of these small, wooden boxes allow the viewer to share in the intimate world of the artist. Fried has been working with boxes for over a decade.


em jollie

Wendell, Massachusetts, USA
(Traditional Nipmuc Territory)

Poet. Artist. Lover of the Living Earth. em jollie celebrates all genres of creative expression. In addition to writing poetry she is developing several prose pieces. Many of her hours are dedicated to gardening, crafting, making visual art, and playing traditional wood flutes. em was raised in the Woods on the Land currently considered to be the Northeast, United States, in a tiny Western Massachusetts town. Her journey has taken her in many Circles that just recently brought her back to this area. You are welcome to contact her at emjollie@gmail.com. em sees her work as an amalgamation of protest & prayer; in gentle rage and sure-footed love she seeks to address the collective injustices of a world rife with colonial conquests… and full of devastating Beauty… of Beauty… and Beauty.


Emily Rose Michaud

Montreal and Wakefield, Québec, CA

Emily is an artist, performer, teacher and community organizer working at the intersections of art and ecology. In recent years, her environmentally and socially driven approach has resulted in a series of in-situ art projects, paintings, speaking engagements, community activist art projects, performances and publications. Emily is founding member of Les Amis du Champ des Possibles (Friends of the Field of Possibilities), a citizen-run nonprofit in Montreal, Canada that advocates for the cultural, ecological, and social importance of wild urban spaces. She is co-director of an art and nature themed summer camp for youth upon 200 acres of rural farmland. Emily has collaborated with community groups, municipal politicians, city architects, botanists, journalists, and artists on projects that cultivate civic participation and environmental stewardship. She is based between the regions of Outaouais and Montreal, Quebec.


Eva Burke

Amsterdam, NL

Eva Burke is originally from Colorado, USA, but for now is raising her three children in Europe. She plans to return one day and settle in a house in the mountains. She enjoys using her studies in philosophy to support her poetic writing, and above that, she loves to support other writers in their journey towards expression. She is the co-founder of a process writing group in Amsterdam which explores the power of spontaneous writing.


Evgenia Art


My name is Evgenia and I am from Melbourne Australia. I started delving into my creative side about 7 years ago when I started studying the different archetypes of the Goddess and working with Goddess energy. I am passionate about self empowerment, self expression in all its forms and enjoy expressing myself through creativity.

Feather Redfox

United States

I connect to Source, my Guidance. Guidance beyond myself, open to receive Knowing. The images go along with that, tell its stories, offering its lessons and sometimes that is known and sometimes it is unknown to me, a sharing of beyond-my-ken — downloading for star ancestors and others. Sometimes I see pictures, project them onto surface. Other times I see nothing, only hear, “Turn it this way; color it that way; spin a tail of light there,” as my hand moves from beyond my control.


Genevieve Esson

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

My artwork is an extension of my inner thought processes and how I perceive the world around me. I have a very strong desire to convey the beauty and spirituality of the natural world. I paint mainly in acrylics but also do some mixed media work. Using bright colors and energetic line movement I paint with passion and precision. Each piece is unique and speaks for itself. I am developing at least three styles of painting, they are: Gargoyle, Metaphysical and Medieval. Hybrids of these three flourish, producing at times an affect that is surreal and somewhat abstract. The subject matter varies, but it always tells a story. I want to keep exploring and growing with my art. I am a profound believer in making the world a better place with my paintings. Having an environmental conscience when I create, it is motivating, not preachy. My art is inspired by nature, animals, music, illuminated manuscripts, beauty, color, trees, spirituality and art history. Having to feel connected and passionate when creating, I gather ideas for new artworks as I go about my daily life. Sketching it out, recycling ideas from past artworks, it becomes another project, opening the door for new creativity.


Ginger Graziano

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I am a former New Yorker who moved to Asheville, NC thirteen years ago to pursue my creativity in a less stressful environment. I have a business as a graphic designer. I am a member of the Odyssey Co-op Gallery in the River Arts District where I create in clay. I am a writer and a few of my poems and an excerpt of my book, See, There He Is, has been published. I am also a certified energy healer with a degree from the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing. All these passions are sourced from the same place, my connect to the Creative Spirit.


Gwendolyn Pincomb

United States

Gwendolyn is a writer, poet and visual artist.

Haley Hoover

United States

I am a young 20-something full of passion, adventure and energy. While I work a 9-5 job like most of us, I let my creative side sore through my paintings and writings. I enjoy writing about culture, courage and spiritual things. Music inspires me in both my paintings and writings. I love the outdoors and bright colors.


Havi Mandell

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We paint our lives with each breath, each thought, each flow of feeling and each sensation. We can recognize that we are master weavers of stories in each moment of our lives and, with that knowledge, we create the most beautiful tapestries of being. We can choose to which story we will give energy and which we will release. Regardless of the choices we consciously make, we are the storytellers, the magicians and the artists of our lives. Why not, then, create the greatest magic possible? Why not create our lives as masterpieces of joy, beauty and love?

I am an artist of images, of words and of life. I create because I can’t imagine not doing so; it is as essential as breathing and drumming my heart’s song. My art moves me into a place of spiritual connection and receptivity, opening to the deep inner wisdom and symbolic worlds that source all-healing, all transformation, all full-hearted gratitude and the beauty of Spirit’s artistry. I never cease to be amazed at what emerges magically and with such truth from my paintings and writings. A new life comes into form that speaks with a mythic wisdom and passion that feels so much greater than what I could have consciously chosen to express. The chasm between possibility and reality fades away as something essential is made real and tangible. The process of creating is as magical as what is birthed in the process. I love to paint and write because I feel such joy and oneness when swimming in the creative flow, feeling that sense of infinite possibility and embracing the mystery of what will be created. I am transformed with each piece that I create by the being and the story created. This is the process of intentional creativity: reaching intuitively deep within to invite images, healing wisdom and transformation to emerge.

My primary art training has been with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and now I am a certified Color of Woman through her program. I paint in the Contemporary Symbolism style. I grew up admiring Chagall, Kandinsky and Picasso. In my adult years, the works of Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Susan Seddon-Boulet and Shiloh Sophia McCloud have influenced me. My work was part of a slide show for the United Nations and I was just a featured artist in the Art of Women Exhibit in Las Vegas. My other influences are my years of studying Kabbalah and shamanism and bringing these teachings into my healing work and my artwork.

I seek to be an instrument to awaken people to look for Beauty within and around them. Art is that transformational vehicle that brings Beauty into being and allows us to see Beauty where we once saw only the mundane. If I can spark that shift in seeing, where one can see with the heart the heart of Beauty in all things, I feel full and grateful. My work is offered as a gateway, a mirror, to take people to the healing, the transformation and the beauty within.

I also believe strongly that we are all artists and my larger vision is to nurture and inspire others to embrace their creativity and beauty in all aspects, claim it, and bring it to life and to love.


Hazel Loveridge

United Kingdom

I am a linguist by trade and a priestess by nature. Language has always been my arena – the whiteboard my jotter, the open road my inspiration. Words well up inside me and spill onto the page. Sometimes they come naked, sometimes with a melody. My poetry demands to live and breathe.

Helene Rose

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Helene Rose, MS, is passionate about supporting women to live brilliant lives and founded Be Brilliant Network to serve as a portal for women to step into their radiance. She believes that when a woman fully acknowledges and embodies her brilliance, she is an authentic and successful contributor to society — no matter where she is and what she chooses to do. Her inner brilliance shines forth in all she does. Helene’s experience provides her with a deeply compassionate perspective and understanding of the modern woman’s struggle for mindful living and feminine empowerment. She is the author of “Blessed Womb,” a healing memoir and “Love Poems.” She facilitates “Women Who Write Rock” virtual writing retreats. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family.


Isabel Bryna

Santa Cruz, California, USA

I was born in Santa Cruz California. At the age of 17 I moved to Central America and began to explore deeper into the America’s. Since then I have spent the past 13 years mostly in Latin America. I’m now 31 and recently moved back to California from Uruguay. Over the years I have maintained focus in my art always feeling a strong knowing that this is what spirit has given me to share. I have been blessed by many strong life lessons and near death experiences which have lead me on a path of awakening. I’m now putting my intentions and focus on my career as painter so I am able to share more of my creations and also receive fair payment for my work.


Janeen Pergrin Rastall

Gordon, Michigan, USA

Janeen Pergrin Rastall lives in Gordon, MI (population 2). She is the author of the chapbook, In The Yellowed House (dancing girl press, 2014). Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in several publications including: Border Crossing, Raleigh Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Up the Staircase and The Fourth River. She has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes.


Jenn Allen

Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, USA

Jenn Allen is a lover of the natural world and encourages others to find the sacred in the everyday. As a busy mother, mental health counselor and herbalist, she finds solace and healing in her sacred work with the honeybees and the green nations. Jenn leads ceremony, teaches sacred movement and empowers others to heal themselves by adopting practices that heal the earth.


Jennifer Miller

Savannah, Georgia, USA

I’m a writer, a singer and a devoted daughter of the Goddess. Whether expressed through poetry, essay or music, my writing explores my connection with the Divine Feminine and how She is intertwined in all aspects of life. My work has appeared recently in Issue #84 of SageWoman magazine and I blog at Quill of the Goddess. Inspiring others through my words is my divine purpose in this life and I am blessed to be surrounded by others who allow and encourage my creativity to shine.


Jeri Studebaker

Sebago, Maine, USA

Jeri Studebaker is the author of Switching to Goddess (2008) and Breaking the Mother Goose Code: How a Fairy Tale Character Fooled the World for 300 Years (2015). Currently she lives with her Akita and calico cat in a cabin in the woods across the road from a very large Maine lake.

Jiling Lin

California, Connecticut and New Mexico, USA
Taipei, Taiwan

Clinical herbalist Jiling Lin sees distance and in-person clients on a sliding scale basis, makes and sells wild-crafted herbal concoctions, and teaches herbal, yoga, and nature-based classes in the USA and Asia, primarily in the northeastern and southwestern USA. She teaches with Two Coyotes Wilderness School in Connecticut, the Traditions in Western Herbalism conference in New Mexico, and various other organizations. Jiling travels frequently; contact her to set up a mini class, tea party, or herbal free clinic in your town!


J.K. Winters

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I have written plays, a novel and poetry as well as articles and a blog on shamanism, writing, play, sacred economics and various other topics.


JoAnne Dodgson

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

With 30 years of experience as a healer, teacher and consultant, JoAnne Dodgson offers guidance to awaken authentic ways of being to transform the ways we live and relate with ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Since 2000, she has been living and learning the kala keh nah seh lineage of Ka Ta See, a tradition from the Eastern Andes. A shamanic healer and teacher of these ancient medicine ways, JoAnne offers spiritual counseling, initiation ceremonies, Bone Throws, traditional energy balancing, and spirit journeys which awaken profound healing, deep connectedness, joy and empowerment. Prior to her shamanic initiations, JoAnne completed her doctorate in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Holistic Health. She has many years of professional experience as a psychotherapist, community activist, and college instructor.


Joanne Elliott

Whittier, California, USA

Joanne’s awakening began about sixteen years ago when she discovered that there was a spiritual path that revered Nature. Since then she has dedicated herself to multiple spiritual paths including Paganism and Goddess Spirituality. Her poetry has a numinous quality and often illuminates a spiritual truth.

Deeply moved by injustice Joanne explores various themes in her poetry, fiction and essays regarding the environment and woman’s rights. She believes the power of words and the voice of one can make a difference in the world.


Joyce Thornburg

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I am a compulsive artist: I paint everyday because “I HAVE TO!”

My work is raw and unpremeditated. It is right brain driven and exuberance often collides with angst.

Working studio/gallery at The Wedge Studios in The RiverArts District in Asheville, North Carolina.

Gallery exhibitions in South Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi.

Gallery/Musuem affiliations: Attic Gallery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Side Show at the American Visionary.

Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland and part of the permanent private collection of Victor Kean/Bethany.

Mission Gallery in Pennsylvania.

Private patrons in US, Mexico and Switzerland.


K. Chavez

Orange County, California, USA

Nature, sex, and the human form are my muses. I surround myself with equines daily. They are known to be one of the most spiritual forms of nature known to man. Horses are incredibly humbling just as other forms of nature are. Watching and learning from these amazing creatures electrifies my imagination. Sex and the human form invigorates my entire being. I am completely consumed with understanding what makes the human being inspired and aroused in all forms.

K Lenore Siner

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

I work with wax because it contributes a wonderful luminosity that I finds aesthetically pleasing. The medium also shows action and no pour can be recreated, it makes process obvious in the final product which is something I believe is valuable in our world of the mass produced image.

Thematically, my paintings are a journey to understand my own identity, particularly the edges of the personal that meet up with the realm of archetype.

I have showed nationally, including the Sylvia White Gallery in Ventura, CA, Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA and AS220 in Providence, RI. I am director of Peregrine Gallery in Providence, RI and currently live and works in the AS220 artist Mercantile Building.


Kalika Fortin

Boulder, Colorado, USA

In 2005, Kalika Fortin moved from the conservative Midwest into an ashram in Colorado. She was immersed in a new and beautiful world of meditation, service and devotional chanting. Captivated by the sweet, calming energy of the morning chants, as well as the lively evening kirtans, it became clear that bhakti yoga was her path. She enjoyed several years in Shoshoni Yoga Retreat’s resident band, Shiva’s Garden, before forming The Pushpams with Mira Gale and Kumara Etzel.

Her debut album, Flowers for Kali, honors traditions lost and found in a gentle offering of uplifting chants and intimate songs.


Karen Noel

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I presently live in Asheville, NC. I first developed a love of watercolor while studying at the Maryland Institute of Art. This passion continued during the many years that I taught at a community college in San Diego. Creative expression has always been a joy and a focus in my life. Often, inspiration comes through a meditative connection with nature, and the paintings become a symbolic journal of my inner and outer experiences.


Kate Langlois

United States

I am a Visionary Artist playing in Contemporary Symbolism and Intentional Creativity. I see Art and writing as tools for re-imagining, for healing and transformation. Compelled to express stories with a social conscience, my work is created as a celebration and prayers of hope. As a Color of Woman Teacher, I offer up these tools using Intentional Creativity through classes and workshops in San Francisco.


Katherine Brennan

San Francisco, California, USA

I am a writer by calling — no formal training, no academic credentials.

As a kid I had a favorite aunt, Auntie Alice, a retired school teacher. When we began to correspond I took pains to see that my cursive was tidy, my spelling and punctuation correct, and that I reported interesting events. Several years into our correspondence I received my weekly letter from Auntie and opened it to read two sentences that I will never forget: “Katherine, you write very well. You should think about becoming a writer when you grow up.”

I’ve done my best to make her proud.

Kathy Crabbe

Temecula, California, USA

Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty. She channels New & Full Moon readings every month on her blog at kathycrabbe.com
Originally from Kingston, Canada Kathy currently lives in the wine country of Temecula, California with her husband and pet muse: Abby the dog.

Kathy facilitates Moon Circles every New and Full Moon and teaches shamanic, Divine Feminine Creative Soul Classes all over Southern California and at Susun Weed’s Wise Woman University.

Since 2008 Kathy has given over 1000 Creative Soul Readings and Past Life Readings. Kathy received intuitive training from English channel, Adam Higgs and spiritual training from meditation teacher Om (devotee of Sri Chinmoy). She studied yoga with Atma Khalsa and Amanollah Ghahraman, herbalism with Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive) and Therapeutic Touch with Joyce Fournier, RN. Kathy received certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy and has studied astrology with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins and Jeffrey Wolf Green. Currently Kathy is in training as a Celtic Faerie Shaman with Francesca De Grandis, author of Be a Goddess.


Katlyn Breene

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Katlyn Breene has been creating sacred art and Incense for 40 years. Her artwork is a manifestation of her beliefs and can be experienced in homes, on altars and in temples around the world.

She is the creator of Mermade Magickal Arts and handcrafts natural artisan incense and oils since 1984. She is the author and illustrator of many books and articles on spiritual arts, incense and folklore.

Her work includes cover art and illustrations for many Music CDs, books and magazines, here and abroad, Goddess calendars and countless images of the ancient Gods and Goddesses and creatures of myth and magic.

Since 1980 her sculptures, “The Ladies of Magic and Mystery,” have been on display at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Katlyn traveled the world for many years performing her dance and magic act.

She and her husband Michael, known as “Zingaia” create techno-tantra-trance music dedicated to sacred lovers and to the Goddess in all Her many aspects.


Kaylia Dunstan

Brisbane, Australia

Kaylia Dunstan is the creator of The Word Room, a place of freedom and fancy, healing and wholeness and desire and dance. She loves expression liberated and beautiful being. Kaylia has been a commercial writer for many years. Meet up with Kaylia in the Word Room.



Kerem Brulé

San Diego, California, USA

Kerem Brulé is an infectious rhythmatist, didgeridoo’er and spontaneous songstress. Her strong desire to form community and communicate through music draws her into a wide variety of collaborations that create interactive, playful and meaningful musical experiences.

Kim Zunner

Massachusetts, USA

steveNkim is an acoustic duo made up of Kim Zunner and Steven Hopkins. The pair met while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. A year after graduation they found themselves keeping in touch from opposite sides of the country, and all at once decided that they wanted to be together, move into a van, and travel the country playing music. So that’s what they did. With a repertoire consisting of Kim’s original tunes, a number of cover songs, and one that they wrote together entitled “The Ballad of steveNkim,” the duo has traveled from coast to coast sharing music and good times along the way. 30,000 miles later, steveNkim are trying to decide where they would like to call home. Once they have a place to reside, some of their goals include writing more tunes, and putting together a full band.


Kristin Bareheart Brockett

Charlemont, Massachusetts, USA

Kristin Bareheart Brockett is the founder of Path of the Wild Heart School and is the main facilitator for the PWH Apprenticeship.

She has been involved with healing and people for over 16 years. She attended Gaia School of Healing and Earth Studies studying Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine and Herbalism, and has worked with plants for many years spiritually. She has taken the Survival Wild edible and Medicinal Plant course at Wilderness Learning Center in N.Y., and Herbal First Aid with 7 Song. She has completed a 6 month Shamanic Apprenticeship with an initiated elder of the Dagara Tribe which is the tribe of African elder and shaman Malidoma Some, and a 2 year Apprenticeship in Priestess Path, a Women’s Leadership Course on Healing, Empowerment, and Spirituality. She was certified in Sound Healing through the Healing Sounds Intensive with Jonathan Goldman. She has taken a 6 month course of Conscious Communication with Sandra Boston’s CC Institute and studied for 9 months to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher at Baba Siri Chand Ashram.

Kristin is an empath/intuitive, teacher, ritual ceremonialist, lover and student of Nature, her main loves and studies have included Heart Intelligence, Rituals and ceremonies of Transformation, and Empowerment/Rites of Passage, community Building and Sustainability, Deep/Spiritual Ecology, Sacred Sexuality, Metaphysics, Healing modalities, Spiritual Development and Human Consciousness. Kristin has passion for life, love, learning and sharing with people, that they are empowered to transform anything they want to, or manifest anything in this life in conscious relationship to themselves, their passions, the earth, their community and purpose. Most importantly of all she is a Mother of two deep and beautiful children, a son and daughter.


Kytha Gernatt

San Francisco, California, USA
Chama, New Mexico, USA

I am from a very large, very close, very Christian family in Marietta, Georgia. I left home early and often and found acceptance with the dredges and outcasts of society. I skipped school to hang out with a biker gang, I traveled with the carnival, became a punk rock micro-star, and lived with a soon-to-be Drag-Pop Mega Diva.

After spending several months squatting in a vacant flat on the corner of Haight and Ashbury, I spent the next four years living on the streets of San Francisco where I painted and drank everyday. Did I mention I’m gay?

I got clean and sober, worked at, ran and started non-profit art programs. I even served on the Board of Directors of Unity Church of San Francisco (I have the “God gene” too). Then I burnt out and stayed out for the better part of a decade (the Bush 2.0 years). Most recently, I have emerged from a long dark night bringing with me the strongest work of my life. I am a painter and a poet.


Lakshmi Raman

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lakshmi Raman is a Speaker, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Energy Healer who transforms people’s ability to heal themselves with the help of their angel and universal energy. Learn how to find your angels and live your non-negotiables. Contact Lakshmi via her wenbsite. Lakshmi is the co-author of the book Women Rising Volume 2: Embrace Your Story, Find Your Power.



Laura Madeline Wiseman

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Laura Madeline Wiseman is the author of more than a dozen books and chapbooks and the editor of Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013). Her recent books are American Galactic (Martian Lit Books, 2014), Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience (Lavender Ink, 2014), Queen of the Platform (Anaphora Literary Press, 2013), Sprung (San Francisco Bay Press, 2012), and the collaborative book Intimates and Fools (Les Femmes Folles Books, 2014) with artist Sally Deskins. She holds a doctorate from the University of Nebraska and has received an Academy of American Poets Award, a Mari Sandoz/Prairie Schooner Award, and the Wurlitzer Foundation Fellowship. Her work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Margie, Mid-American Review and Feminist Studies.


Laurie Gardner

Concho, Arizona, USA

I believe in the oneness of all life and the sacredness of our mother earth and the abundant natural world she shares with us. I believe that nature is key to healing both ourselves and the earth. As my teacher Karen Furr was always saying “we are the ones we have been waiting on.” I believe this with my whole heart and believe that it is up to us to make the difference in the world we are looking for.


Laurie Lahti

United States

Laurie Lahti has always possessed a love for the written word. Spending much of her childhood engrossed in books, she’s always yearned to be a writer. Her passion for reading and writing guided her to become an English teacher and earn a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching; she’s taught for nearly two decades. With a harsh inner critic, it’s only been recently that Laurie has allowed herself to write (beyond journaling) and realize her stories are important.

Along with a love for language, Laurie has been drawn toward spirituality since childhood. Viewing her life as a spiritual journey, she completed a Yoga Teachers’ Training Course in 2011, and she has worked as an RYT 200 since then. She’s passionate about the myriad benefits that yoga offers, particularly its ability to relieve suffering. Relatedly, Laurie is a Reiki practitioner and uses healing energy where she feels called. Laurie is committed to creating a meaningful life and becoming her most authentic self, instead of hiding her voice like she’s done for far too long.

Laurie enjoys sharing her life with a loving husband, daughter, and dog.

Leticia Banegas


I am a figurative painter. When I paint I transport myself to a magical realm of where women are warriors, maidens, priestesses… I believe we are the bridge between the world that cant be seen and this one. Each one of us lives in that magical realm wether we acknowledge it or not.



South Africa

I love the vibrancy of world music instruments and have extensively studied and taught Middle Eastern dance and music. I produce healing world music that moves with spirit and touches the soul. I am presently recording a third Goddess chant album entitled Ancestors.


Lisa Adams Reed

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I have secretly seen myself as an artist since I was a small child. I always knew my creativity would dominate my life and in this final third I am all in! I was blessed by a stroke that left me blind in one eye a few years ago. Funny how it made me see things differently and have an even greater desire to paint the world from this unique perspective.

I discovered my favorite juicy medium when I first opened a jar of cold wax and mixed it with oil. It was like painting with yummy canned frosting! The many layers that I apply, then intuitively scrape away, always reveals beautiful surprises underneath. So much like life.

The stuff that we may have layered on and covered up make us the unique individuals that we are. If we dare peel some layers away, our colorful gifts are there in all their glory. My paintings are SoulScapes.


Lisa Burroughs

Ohio, USA
New Mexico, USA

Artist, fine art photographer, filmmaker — 2015. Formerly I was the Creative Photography Director of Newsweek Magazine, NYC. Photography Director of Lear’s Magazine, NYC; the Photography Director of EnRoute & Privilege Magazine, Toronto and a Picture Editor, Maclean’s Magazine, Toronto. I was also an Adjunct Professor at John Carroll University, Kent State University, Ohio and an Adjunct Professor at The School of Visual Arts, NYC. For editorial photographs commissioned and directed by Burroughs there were numerous awards. In New York there was the National Magazine Award Nomination for Best Issue in the Service category, Newsweek, NYC. In Toronto there were awards from Communication Arts, Applied Arts, CAPIC, Art Directors Club of Toronto, Studio Magazine.

For screenwriting, Teresa Delmundo finished in the top 3% of semi-finalist in record year of submissions, Chesterfield writers Film Project, L.A. Studied film Direction under Adrienne Weiss, and Writers Boot camp Think Tank, NYC.

Educated at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Instituto de Allende, Mexico and Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto. Video and film exhibitions in NYC and Mexico City early in career.


Lisa Kallman

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Painting, collage and writing are my central forms of expression, undertaken in the seeking of self understanding and freedom. My commitment in life and art is to Balance, Healing, Beauty and the restoration of the Sacred Feminine. I believe that the healing and integration of feminine power is the key to balancing our human sphere. The Feminine energy is life affirming and valuing, with understanding of unity — the sacred value of One, Each and All.

Lulu Sliker

Valley Head, Alabama, USA

Lulu is a Grandmother, an herbalist, a seamstress, a tattooist and a ceremonial singer. She has been providing loving support to indigenous Elders and people for 25 plus years throughout the country and at Hawkwind Earth Renewal Cooperative. Lulu has a warm heart. A creative spirit and a love for the land that is deep and rich. She provides monthly ceremonies, herbal workshops, women’s events and seasonal honoring. Lulu has been privileged to travel and support many Native Grandmothers and been blessed by being given the responsibility of sharing their words and wisdom with others. She is dedicated to remembering encouraging others to remember that all that we do in this life time is for the children coming up behind us. She loves to have dirt on her hands and bare feet on the earth.


Lydia Hesse

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Raised in the tiny artist colony of Taos, New Mexico, I grew up in the midst of creativity. Believing that everyone is an artist of some sort on the inside, regardless of what they show on the outside. I’m still convinced of that.

I taught myself how to paint and everyday is a new lesson. For years I painted whimsical dogs and loved every minute of it, until I didn’t. So I opened a restaurant for a few years and let the creative juices flow as food, until I couldn’t stave off the yearning for a paintbrush, rather than a spatula, in my hand.

I was in Australia when I dreamt of lovely, mighty features with wondrous birds perched atop their heads. Back I went to New Mexico and began to paint them.

They are fixed minutes of simplicity.
It’s as undemanding as that.


Lyric Benson

United States

Daughter of Actor/Director Robby Benson and singer songwriter Karla DeVito, eco-psychedelic pop songstress Lyric Benson emerged from almost a decade of the study of consciousness and awakening to create her debut album Lyric’s Love Light Revolution — a celebration of her wildly eccentric journey into the throws of divine L-O-V-E! All of her lyrics were inspired and taken directly from the experiences she had over these very unconventional years.

Lyric is an enthusiastic screenwriter (NYU Film), poet, actress, photographer, spiritual teacher and activist. An avid practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Maharishi University of Management with a degree in Vedic Science.

Lyric is now working full time as Teacher and Director of Programs and Outreach for The Wholeness, a growing worldwide organization based on the teachings of Divine Love. All of Lyric’s poetry and lyrics have been deeply inspired by her experiences working with this amazing organization — as they offered breakthrough technologies of awakening to bring the awareness back to the love and truth that is resonating within the heart of us all!

Lyric is also honored and excited to help kick-start GATE’s NextGen: inspiring young artists to change the world. GATE, The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2009 by John Raatz, Jim Carrey, Ekhart Tolle and David Langer for artists and interested individuals who realize the vital and expanding role media and entertainment play in creating our lives, and aspire to consciously transform those domains for the benefit of all.


Mariana Trapera


Sacred activist, feminine embodiment practitioner and therapist, writer and blogger of women’s lives and the Divine Feminine.


Marianne Lyon

Yountville, California, USA

Marianne has been a music teacher for 39 years. She is a member of the California Writers Club. Healdsburg Literary Guild. Published in the CWC Literary Review Summer 2014, Storyteller Magazine (December 2014). Received the California Senior Poet Honor Scroll Award 2013. Published in Golden Words — Volume 20. Published in The Muse-An International Journal of Poetry June 2014, Literature Today September 2014, Trajectory 2014, Sufi Journal 2014, Literary Illuminations 2014, Storyteller Magazine January 2015, Literature Today 2015.

Marie-Ève Bonneau


Marie-Ève Bonneau’s calling is to remind others of the truth of who they are and to help them reconnect to ‘center’ — the powerful seat of wisdom and essence that lies within. She guides others in transforming their life challenges and experiences of loss and trauma into the powerful rerouting and growth opportunities that these initiations really are.

A gentle and playful soul, Marie-Ève’s presence is often described, much to her delight, as ‘magical’. Her work is an offering of love. You can find her work on her website and on Facebook.


Marike Wienbelt


Fifty-six year old Dutch artist working in a never ending pursuit to connect the divine to being human, the feminine to the masculine, the inner child to the adult and the inner to the outer world.


Marilyn Whitehorse

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

In the topside world I am an educator, teaching academic writing at the university level. In another world, I am a writer who also works in the mediums of photography, collage and masks. Lately, my blog has to do with my adventures as I research in the islands for a trilogy I’m writing: a historical fiction of the sacred queens of Hawaii.


Marion Ilona Maenner

San Ramon, California, USA

It must be my creative nature and the urge to explore and experience new aspects of life, leading me on a journey from being born in Germany to living in the San Francisco Bay Area today.

I have walked in many different shoes from fashion design, to traveling, to becoming a certified naturopath, to creating my art, to becoming a mother. Life is my inspiration and my teacher. The urge to understand its lessons has led me to explore different philosophies and the teachings of our ancestors.

I adore the abundance and beauty that surrounds us. Beauty gives us joy and it lights up our existence — it fills us with passion and brings us back to our center when we get lost in life.

Creating my Artwork is my meditation, my time to observe, reflect and process. Every time I start to work…it is the beginning of a new journey. Intuitive work from a place of timelessness and freedom, always going through the dynamic influences of the present moment, balancing through creating.

“I am devoting many hours of my life to create through diversity an art of unity. I wish to put little seeds into this world, seeds that grow into peaceful thoughts that will be carried on like prayers in the wind.”


Mary Snowden

San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

Inspiration for my weaving is rooted in Nature and primarily the lands of the Pacific Northwest Coast, USA. I was birthed here and I have lived in this region my entire life.

Red cedar bark and indigenous grasses are gathered and prepared seasonally, utilizing ancient techniques taught to me and are considered priceless. Every step requires methodical precision along the way.

My apprenticeship with master weaver Gram Lillian Black Pullen of the Quileute and Muckleshoot tribes in Washingtons Olympic Rainforest lasted for about thirteen years. I spent many years with Southern Puget Sound Coast Salish Lummi Nation weaver, Lillian Rose Jefferson Lawrence, as well as countless hours with other accomplished Northwest weavers.

Robert Eagle Bear of the Lummi Nation is my weaving and storytelling partner. We collaborate on many pieces. For us, our work is ceremonial and sacred. Together and singularly, we preserve the purity of ancient methods, stories and techniques.

While many classical and traditional pieces are composed of only natural barks and grasses, my contemporary works may call upon me to choose a variety of synthetic or unusual materials. I often unify ancient and traditional weaving methods with new perspectives, materials and, at times, unfamiliar experimental sculptural ideas.

I continue working to experience and explore melding limitless classical, traditional and contemporary weaving possibilities.

Mary Snowden . Similk Bay Studio . Fidalgo Island, USA

Please visit my Facebook Page:


Maya Telford

North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

My fascination with the creative process started long ago and from the early age of four, I have been dabbling in just about every medium. Clay and fiber, along with paint, have been pretty much constant companions over the years.

In the 70’s I had showings at Rembrandt Studios in North Vancouver and was also on the Board of Presentation House. In the 80’s, while living on Maui, Hawaii, I became involved with the artist co-op there and also with the Wailea Art Centre. And in the 90’s I was an exhibiting artist at Galleria Gordana in Fort Langley for eight years.

During the past 15 years, I have been very involved with textile art, both the dyeing and distressing of fabric and also the creation of art quilts with an extensive teaching and online presence. However, over the last few years, my big passion, that of painting on canvas, has resurfaced. I have been creating a large and comprehensive body of work exchanging oils and palette knives for acrylics and brushes. I have also exchanged abstract landscapes for painting the divine feminine in all the myriad forms She shows to me.

I was born and grew up in Montreal until my early 20’s where I attended Ecole des beaux-arts, then relocated to Vancouver with a few years spent in Hawaii. In 1990, I moved from my home in West Vancouver to the Fraser Valley raising my family there. 2008 saw me moving back to the North Shore where I presently live in the Lynn Valley area.

At the moment, as well as my spiritual work and painting, I am embarking on teaching my form of art, contemporary symbolism, with a heavy emphasis on the sacred feminine.


Megan Hollingsworth

United States

Megan Hollingsworth, MS, is a mother, poet, healer, and compassion activist. She is founder and creative director at ex*tinc*tion wit*ness, a project that stems from Megan’s spiritual practice and existential journey, which she explored academically during her graduate study of the human emotional and spiritual response to genocide and mass species extinction. ex*tinc*tion wit*ness is a poetic request to pause in the light of this great dying and allow this heartbreak to bring us back to life.


Meganne Forbes

Carpinteria, California, USA

I love to honor all the earthly inhabitants by painting them.


Mel Shapcott

Mel Shapcott Wild Woman Rising

Founding Editor, Wild Woman Rising

Mel Shapcott, brings talents from both art and industry. Her work explores the intersecting edge of these two divergent worlds. Her technical skills honed as Owner and Project Manager at website design and development company Cyberian Frontier and as Vice President of web hosting and publishing company Solar Flare, LLC, are intertwined with her work as a visionary artist and intuitive. She is driven by a genuine passion to collaborate, create, and innovate through an artistic process, yet she has the critically necessary ability to synthesize the needs and goals of her team in order to tailor efficient solutions that culminate in project completion. Shapcott guides ideas from germination to manifest reality.

Shapcott founded Wild Woman Rising, an online magazine for artists and activists, and created the Akashic Oracle, a visionary art deck for intuitive inspiration. She is an agent of understanding in a rapidly evolving universe, and her individual and collaborative projects often explore and celebrate the melding of art with social issues, women’s empowerment, and community building. Shapcott is a graduate of the Priestess Path women’s leadership program, and in 2012 she won the Larger Visions Positive Change Award from Peregrine Gallery, Providence, RI. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art at Temple University.






Melissa Kelly


Raven Dawn Photography has created the Be.YOU.ty Revolution supports the Empowerment and Healing of Women and Girls through Art and Self-Love Workshops.


Melissa (Mei An) Reed

Portland, Oregon, USA

Melissa (Mei An) Reed studies interfaces between Classical Chinese Medical Arts and English Literature. Her research has been published in international journals such as The Journal of Poetry Therapy, Arts in Psychotherapy and Roeper Review. Her poetry has been published by Guild Press, Psychological Perspectives, Los Angeles, The Empty Vessel, and The Red Door Literary Journal of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon. She is also an International Baccalaureate Professor of English Literature and Composition, Text and Performance, Theater Arts and Theory of Knowledge. Not only her Eastern-European students, but students throughout the globe mend their souls through literature. Literature makes her come alive and be a catalyst for others to discover what makes them come alive. Literature also takes her to the edge of the world, where perspective allows us to challenge the certainty of completed knowledge and revise our lives.

Michelle Price

United States

Swimmer, siren, sea serpent that I am, I call upon my favorite elemental muse (the water) for inspiration. I press my pen to the paper and wait for the ink to flow; I will not rest until I see waves. When a hurricane of emotions hits, I am the one standing on the shoreline, taking inventory of all the things that were suddenly swept away. I am the one recording what is wrecked, what is gone, and what remains. I am the barefooted explorer who dances between pieces of broken glass, trying to retrieve any traces of treasure.

As a writer, I believe in the power of art to bring to the surface that which has been buried deep below. When we gain the courage to free ourselves from forces that hinder our true creative expression, we begin the healing process. Be it pen or paint brush, I honor all the many different tools of healing we women chose to be reminded of our true wild spirit.

Mikki Baloy

Pleasantville, New York, USA

Mikki Baloy has studied with shamans from around the world including Q’ero elders in Peru. Her approach to healing fuses indigenous traditions with yoga, Buddhism and almost three decades of creative training as a performer, writer and musician. She was the Director of a 9/11 foundation in New York City and helped create and maintain programs to assist many thousands of people — while undertaking her own healing journey. She has been featured in two books about post-disaster resiliency: Life Is Too Short and On the Ground After September 11. Mikki now helps soulful people evolve and thrive through ceremony, yoga and energy medicine and leads a holistic retreat for women called Passage.


Mother Turtle

Western Massachusetts, USA

Marsia Shuron Harris aka Mother Turtle, is a musician, photographer and founder of “Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves.” Mother Turtle is a powerful singer and songwriter who has been performing her original compositions for nearly 25 years. Her voice is distinctive, and her music is rooted in personal growth, love, social consciousness and a greater vision for the world as a whole. Her photography is just as distinctive and displays her own personal style. A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, Marsia enjoys the “up close and personal” side of photography that portraiture allows. Her images are evocative and convey the spirit of her subject. In 2009 she designed and began offering, “Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves,” a unique interactive, personal enrichment experience designed to help uncover and transform the heavy “stories” we carry that are not serving our lives. As a facilitator, Marsia is gifted with the ability to get us out of our heads and into our hearts. Using her voice as a tool for healing, she can lift us to great heights through her song, as well as move us to those deep places within that are seeking illumination. Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle inspires us to see ourselves and the world in new magnificent ways.


Mz. imani

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Mz. imani works with people to invite them to reflect the heart of the divine and be a force of nature that brings more light to the world. Her purpose is to help people be more deeply connected with their hearts and the rhythm of life. She stands beside her sisters and brothers and calls forth the wisdom that resides in each and every one of us.

For nearly 25 years, Mz. imani has been following the path of the drum. This was long before the days it became accepted and common for women to play the drums. Since her early childhood she has been singing with the spirits of the forest and nature, and she “knew” that she was destined to play an instrument. In her mid 20’s she found her instrument, the drum and has been honing her skills to listen to, and support, the rhythm of life.

Mz. imani has a strong and independent streak of exploring the ineffable, and is passionate about experiencing the innate sense of the wild. She has direct experience and a deep desire to validate and support people who are on a spiritual path, as she has always seen and felt things that many do not. For most of her life, she struggled with finding her place in the world and her peers. These beautiful and deep challenges have served her well to define and develop her commitment to help others find validation in listening to their spiritual and heART centered truths, in the company of chosen or biological family. Her work and play is to gather with the creator and the people in circle, to sing and pray for the planet, the people and share the knowledge and wisdom teachings that carry her forward.



Nadine Waltman Harmon

Bend, Oregon, USA

Nadine is a retired teacher (42 years) who grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma. She taught in Oregon, Arkansas, Oklahoma and East Africa. She has taught in one-room schools, been a principal, head teacher and head of a Humanities Department in a Middle School. As a member of the United States Agency of International Development and the National Education Association (USAID-NEA) TEACH CORPS, Nadine assisted in upgrading African teachers at Mpwapwa Teachers College and Marangu Teachers College (Tanzania). After receiving a grant from The Delta Kappa Gamma International Society, Nadine researched Wahehe folk tales in Iringa Region, Tanzania. Her work has been published in educational journals and in the U.K. (poetry), the Phillipines (poetry), in The Delta Kappa Gamma International Bulletin (articles, poetry). One of Nadine’s tanka was selected for The Best Tanka of 2010. An article on Phillda Njauu, an artist from the U.S., living in Nairobi Kenya was published in SAGE, a journal for Black Women (Spelman College) Nadine’s poetry has recently been published in Pyrokinection and Napalm and Novocain, both online publications. Nadine is presently writing a novel of East Africa (c.1969). She lives in the Pacific Northwest in a log house with her cat, Mama Chai.

Nara K

Blue Mountains

I use Art as a spiritual practice. A meditation. I use it to discover hidden parts of me that want to communicate and show me what i need to know. I delve intuitively, not having much structure but instead allow the chosen medium to guide me on paper or canvas. For me creativity is all about healing myself and sharing it with others so they may feel healed and inspired. My paintings are always bright and vivid in color. I love creating mandalas and using them as tools in meditation. At the moment i am working on a mandala Oracle. A set of beautifully created cards to help open and heal the reader.

Nathalie Jackson

Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Nathalie is a graduate from the women’s mystery school apprenticeship Priestess Path with ALisa Starkweather and on the path of becoming a certified Shadow Work Facilitator. Her thirst for living life fully has expanded as she steps forward with her dreams of leading and inspiring women through a journey into women’s mysteries. It is her prayer that in the sacredness of these precious moments together, you too will find your way home.


Nicole Adele

Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA

Nicole Adele Rosaria Manieri lives deeply rooted in her community of Yellow Springs, Ohio. She is a mother, wife, and community member dedicated to cultivating local food, medicine, ritual and community culture with a strong sense of place. She cultivates wild edible gardens and wild children with her husband, and cultivates local tribe to work and celebrate with in peak seasons. She creates healing ritual space with her soul sisters on a weekly basis all year round. Nicole IS ALSO a wild gypsy expressive artist that has tremendous SOULFORCE to express in the world at-large. She has a need to cross-pollinate with tribe all over the US and even world. Her expressive artform is rooted in her personal path of healing and transformation, dreams and imagination as a prayer for our liberation and celebration of life.


Nicole Taylor

United States

Nicole Taylor lives in Eugene, Oregon and currently has no MFA’s but many hopeful projects, a varieties of styles and a wide variety of subjects. She is an artist, a hiker, a poetry note taker, a sketcher, a volunteer and a dancer, formerly in Salem’s DanceAbility. Her poems have been accepted in BareBack Journal — an online Canadian journal, Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac, Camel Saloon; Cirque Journal; Clackamas Literary Review; Denali Journal of Lane Community College, recently Eugene’s 150th Birthday Poetry Collection Anthology, Four and Twenty Journal; Full of Crow; Gloom Cupboard; Haggard and Halloo; Just Another Art Movement Journal — New Zealand, KenAgain; Kerouac’s Dog; Miller’s Pond, Outlaw Poetry Network; Pemmican; Sketchbook, Snow Monkey; Symmetry Pebbles; Tiger’s Eye, Watercourse Journal, West Wind Review, Yes (an anthology of the Silverton Poetry Association), Zygote in my Coffee and others. She has won bookstore gift certificates, workshop scholarships, a small online Beatnik contest and respect from many Oregon poets. She blogs at Facebook, Bogspot and at Oregon Poetic Voices, a collection of Oregon poets with written and audio poetry available online through Lewis & Clark College in Portland.



Paige Sullivan

United States

I have been painting and drawing all of my life. I love art and think everyone is an artist; in fact, your own life is the masterpiece that you give to the world and the universe. I’ve always had this in mind as I paint. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University in 1987 and since then, I have exhibited in several alternative art galleries and most recently my art was displayed on the ceiling of the planetarium at the Arizona Science Center. I have also been published in the We’Moon 30 Year Anthology and the 2007 datebook and wall calendar. I paint in acrylics and write stories about my artwork. I consider myself to be a part of the Sacred Art Movement which means that ritual and ceremony are involved in the process of creating the art. My goal as an artist is to help the viewer remember that they have beautiful magic and power inside them and so I want my art to lift the soul and be inspiring.


Patricia Ricci


Dr. Patricia Ricci is a therapist, adventurer, artist and scientist by trade. She is the founder of Villa Natura in Austria, where she organizes and gives seminars, talks and workshops on the topics of Creativity, Nature and Yourself, such as creativity training, transformational therapy, charisma coaching, yoga, wild herbs, edutainment, outdoor adventures, burnout prevention, work/life flow, authenticity and female power.


Paula Jones

Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

The study I did with an incredibly intuitive, talented artist was when I finally figured out WHY I painted. First question she asked me was, “Why? Why do you paint?” I was stumped, and then started making up bogus answers that sounded good. Or so I thought. She saw right through the fog and indecision. “Paula, why do you paint?” It was then I settled into listening to my internal voice about the actual why. “I paint, because I never allowed myself the time to PLAY!” It was a total surprise to me. Was that true? Had I never allowed myself to actually PLAY? I thought that when I was painting I was playing….turns out the reason I was painting was so that I could eventually support myself. I DEMANDED that of myself. I never allowed myself to just play and make mistakes.

AHA! Total V-8 moment. When I played, when I allowed myself the luxury of losing time, getting lost in the process rather than the result, the actual “play” of my gift, I created Mona Lisa’s.

And so began the unfolding of me, my internal knowing, that I am here to play – to teach others to play and to LOVE what they are doing.

My paintings unfold and develop intuitively. I converse with the canvas, sometimes starting with an intention, or sometimes just allowing and knowing that this process works best for me. I paint a layer, and then glaze – layer after layer – allowing the layers to build upon themselves creating the depth and richness in the paintings that I love. I find that even the “mistakes” frequently become an intrinsic part of the painting, and I instinctively know that this is much as our lives are. Our “mistakes” or learning experiences as I prefer to call them, are layered with time and other experiences, creating the fine masterpieces that we are today. And so…I say…Let the PLAY and the JOY of the creation begin!!


Pegi Jodry

Washington, D.C., USA

Pegi is a Research Associate at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Pegi Smith

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Within, perhaps, a summary of my own life’s perspectives and observations (yet with no conscious agenda), I’m captivated by the creative process, swept up in the work, the medium and the opportunity.

My hope is that the final works will cause the viewer to immerse and then to emerge with the initial design in tow…moving in and out…with an intentional choice to be there again and again. Energized by life’s experiences and dreams of how it should, or could be if only…

While immersed in a project, there are times when I see it as primitive and at other times refined. Regardless, I am pressed to move forward, aware of pending modifications, yet enjoying the expression of the moment. I work from the canvas with no pre-sketching, but a more innate exploration of my own inner space, while being aware of the necessity to remain open to the spontaneous, hidden dimensions appearing and reappearing on the canvases — with an endless appreciation that color is such an obvious and important part of my life.

Am I discovering aspects of my own identity in the process. Wondering ‘is this about me?’ Maybe so. Regardless, I am there and somehow absent, while the actual painting occurs. Appeared to and appealed to by the urgent necessity to cooperate with what is developing and yet making my own voice heard as a distant director of what must be the reluctant conclusion of that one work…if another is to begin.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing my work with you.


Polyphony Marimba

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Polyphony Marimba is a nationally touring marimba ensemble based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Formed in 2010, their music vibrantly conveys a deeply personal contemporary sensibility, while drawing from the ancient rhythms and melodies of southern Africa. Touched by the compelling beauty of Zimbabwean music, songs of this region are always part of the set. Their goal is to be true to the music, while giving it their own voice and extending the tradition with other musical influences.

In their short history, they have logged more than 200 gigs throughout the eastern U.S. Reaching thousands of new fans who invariably respond with a surprised and joyous appreciation of their music, they have sold over 2,000 copies of their debut CD “Polyphony Marimba”. Performance highlights include: headliner at Zimfest 2012 in Moscow, Idaho, performances in Washington Square and Harlem, New York, return gigs at Joe’s Cafe in St. Louis and attracting huge crowds busking in Asheville, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and even the Chicago Zoo!

Polyphony Marimba’s founder and leader, Peter Swing, first experienced marimba music in 1987 attending a marimba concert in Portland, Oregon. Soon afterward he attended his first workshop with the Zimbabwean teacher Dr. Dumisani Maraire. Maraire was not primarily interested in teaching the traditional songs of his people: he challenged people of non-African heritage to understand the music from the inside out and play as Africans do. He said, “In order to play our music properly, you must live it.” Swing immediately responded to this profound approach; within five years he was teaching the music himself, and directing Boka Marimba, the band in which he learned the music. In 1996 Swing moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to begin the life of a full time musician. As a marimba teacher and instrument builder he and his family began attracting many people to the joyous and fun music of Zimbabwe. This led to the formation of several bands and classes, out of which the members of Polyphony Marimba emerged. His son Raven Swing, having grown up in the music, now plays a leading role musically and contributes original compositions to the band’s repertoire.

For the last 15 years, Karyna Boyce, the band’s booking agent and singer, has been immersed in marimba, drum and dance of Africa. Harlin Pierce spent his twelfth birthday performing with Bobby McFerrin; on his fifteenth he was in the recording studio with Polyphony Marimba. Currently studying seven different instruments — and playing them well — his favorite is the marimba. His father Anton Pierce, a recent addition to the band, has a deep history in music. Beginning as a lead singer in a rock band in college, he moved through many musical idioms, including directing several choirs. Eric Bauer, a long-time player of the mbira music of Zimbabwe, brings a deep understanding of this tradition to the band, having spent time in Zimbabwe studying with masters such as Tute Chigamba. Keenan McDonald has been playing marimba since he was 7 years old, being first drawn to it when he was a toddler hearing marimba classes at a nearby church. Jaden Rivers and Dylan Moon both got their start with classes Peter was teaching at their school: their innate musical ability combined with a strong desire to play marimbas at a professional level, landed them a position in Polyphony Marimba.

Polyphony Marimba emerges from a village environment, and this is reflected in its unique multi-generational membership. In the village too, musical instruments are built by master craftsmen; so in this band Swing has crafted a new set of marimbas, the first in North America in the key of E flat. Maraire considered his students to be pioneers, both carrying forward the traditional music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe as well as writing their own songs. Polyphony Marimba is the embodiment of this. In spite of — or maybe because of — persistent challenges, their music is stronger than ever and they are excited to share it around the world with anyone ready to hear, dance and join in with the uplifting experience they create.


Prem Danielle Tonossi

Crawford Bay, British Columbia, CA

Originally from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, I immigrated to British Columbia, Canada some 17 years ago and now reside in the beautiful Kootenays. My journey in life has always been a colorful expression of Spirit embodied in matter.

My artist’s name is PREM and I am a visionary artist.

I celebrate Mother Earth and the multiple aspects of the Divine Feminine. I see each blank canvas as a portal to the depth of the inner sacred being. Painting is for me a creative spiritual practice, a powerful tool for healing on a personal and collective level.

My new inspirational deck “Multiple Womyn, Who Am I?” is dedicated to the Sacred Feminine Nature, so that we may enjoy the precious aspects of our essential feminine power.

My deep heart’s desire is to embrace life with creativity, passion and gratitude and share this with you!


Psalm Isadora

Culver City, California, USA

Psalm Isadora is a yoga teacher, author and woman’s empowerment leader from Los Angeles, California. Before Psalm found yoga, she was thirty pounds overweight and suffering from depression and anxiety. After ending up in an emergency room she realized that if she didn’t change her life she would die. She has since taught thousands of people around the world the ancient holistic techniques she learned while studying in India. Her non-profit organization, Courage to Rise, provides yoga and empowerment training to sex workers in the red light district of Calcutta. Psalm lives with her son Gabe in Venice Beach.


Rachel Sarah Jones, PhD

London, UK

Rachel Sarah Jones was born in Washington, DC and began creating art at an early age, inspired by a long line of artists in her family. She continued painting and drawing until the age of 17 when she decided to put her artwork aside and focus on her interest in Sociology. Rachel studied Sociology at Columbia University and while there she focused solely on an academic curriculum, refusing to paint or draw for several years. In her last year of University, she decided to take up art once again by enrolling in a drawing class. Although she did not know it at the time, that drawing class changed her life forever. Rachel’s dream of becoming an artist was reignited and from there she realized that she had to pursue a career in the arts formally, going on to obtain a Masters degree and a PhD. The creative process has been a subject of Rachel’s research over the years and she believes it to be an underrated yet extremely powerful source of knowledge about the self and the world around us. Rachel believes strongly that the creative process is an act of connecting with the life-force energy that runs throughout the universe. After years of using meditation, visualization and other energy-based exercises within her own artistic practice to overcome creative blocks, Rachel felt inspired to share these techniques with others. In 2013 she developed the Tapping Into Your Creative Flow series, which provides materials for releasing blocks to creativity and manifesting creative goals. Rachel has exhibited her artwork in New York, London, Glasgow and Washington, DC. and she regularly presents her work at international conferences and festivals. She currently lives in London with her husband and their dog.


Rachel Shapiro

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Rachel Shapiro is a Wholeness Expert – she combines her professional cooking experience, her leadership and communication training, her knowledge of nutrition, and her compassion and love to act as a bridge from where her clients are currently to the life of their dreams. Rachel is a Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner. She decided to become a health counselor to fulfill her passion of working with successful, conscious people in taking their lives and their health to the next level.

Rachel received her health and nutrition training at Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She has nearly ten years of experience as a chef in the luxury yachting industry to draw on when imparting knowledge and skills to her clients. Rachel leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual and group health and nutrition coaching to people ready to live with grace and ease in their bodies and their lives.


Rand Hall

Mentone, Alabama, USA

My favorite places are the back woods and back country roads, little country restaurants and mountain tops. I always go as close to edge as possible, the edge of the mountain, the edge of the ocean, the edge of an experience.

Raven Hawk

Bonners Ferry, Idaho, USA

Raven Hawk’s magnificent artwork is a reflection and expression of the natural beauty of the mountains and forests of the northern Idaho wilderness and of the shamanic tradition that inspires, nurtures and enlightens her. She draws from a profound personal integration with the myriad flora and fauna that surround the 100 year-old homestead on which she lives. Always acutely attuned to the magic and mystery of the spirit world, Raven Hawk conveys her reverence for nature and her shamanic insights in her brilliant creations. Her love of color allows her to use the full pallet of nature’s splendor in the vibrant pieces she creates, imbuing much of the artist’s spiritual persona in every unique piece.



Raven Redfox

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Contemporary imagery, brash colors and spiritual iconography make up the essence of my art through the use of strong colors and vibrant, energetic, thematic iconographic projections in the form of windows, sections, a collection of individual perspectives morphed into a larger, venerated, cultural historical collective.


Rebecca Hyland

United States

Rebecca (Karen Harmon) Hyland graduated from the University of Oregon, B.A., Drawing and Painting. She worked as a Graphic Artist in Portland, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas. In San Antonio Rebecca opened her first gallery. In 1971 she taught herself to batik and refined the art. She opened a batik studio and fine art gallery “Rebecca and Friends” in Denver, Colorado (1971-72). In 1972-74 she had a batik studio in San Francisco, California. In 1974 she and her husband moved to Anacortes, Washington where she opened a graphic art and batik studio (1978-1985). When Rebecca’s husband Ansel, an anesthesiologist, took a two-year ssignment (1985-87) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Rebecca and their two sons joined him. She resumed her studio work in 1988 in Anacortes. In 1994 Rebecca began School Arts Visits. Rebecca and her family traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa. She kept journals, each of them filled with notations and sketches which were later rendered in various media. Rebecca was a visiting artist to two schools in Skagit county, Washington state. As a teen-ager Rebecca had glomerulonephritis. As an adult she received a kidney transplant which was successful. Although diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease she continued to sketch and paint. Always industrious and determined to live life to the fullest, Rebecca used her creative talents and shared with others. Rebecca enjoyed most to paint in watercolor, but she excelled at batiking and oil painting. She batiked fabulous kimonos and jackets that she made of silk. Rebecca participated in many solo and major shows, group exhibitions, plus publications and community projects. Rebecca, along with Chara Curtis, received the prestigious literary award, the 1997 Governor’s Writers Award for their children’s book, No One Walks On My Father’s Moon, which Rebecca illustrated. She also illustrated Anita Mayers’ book Clothing From The Hands That Weave. Bright and beautiful, Rebecca embraced her environment with open arms. She had a heightened sensory awareness and a keen perception of beauty that she saw everywhere. Rebecca had the ability to help others see beauty too. Rebecca edited three novel manuscripts for her mother, Nadine Waltman Harmon, and illustrated several of her articles. Rebecca’s many graphic designs will be used in a cookbook she and her mother collaborated on. Rebecca’s home on Guemes Island is filled with her paintings, books and treasures from her travels. Rebecca has many friends scattered throughout the United States. Rebecca, with her sweet smile, courageous and enduring spirit will be forever missed by her loved ones and friends.

Rebecca Karen was born May 20, 1944 and died on June 7, 2014.

Rivera Sun

Taos, New Mexico, USA

Author/Actress Rivera Sun sings the anthem of our times and rallies us to meet adversity with gusto. She is the author of The Dandelion Insurrection, a novel of love and revolution, as well as nine play, a book of poetry, and her debut novel, Steam Drills, Treadmills, and Shooting Stars, which celebrates everyday heroes who meeting the challenges of climate change. In 2010, Rivera Sun founded nationally touring Rising Sun Dance & Theater company and she currently performs a trilogy of solo theater shows she wrote, The Freedom Stories of Lala, that have received coast-to-coast standing ovations. Rivera lives in an earthship house in Taos, New Mexico. For current essays, writings, and her books, please visit:


Sage Woman

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

“Within every weakness lies strength.” — Sage Woman

I am a Shamanic Priestess, Intuitive, Writer and Spiritual Counselor. Through my life’s experiences I have gathered much medicine. This medicine is what has taught me to live from love, not fear. I share my gifts so that others may awaken to theirs. I am a facilitator of The Shamanic Priestess Process™ ~ Dancing With the Medicine and will be devoting much of my time to facilitating circles where I am called.


Sally Deskins

Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

Sally Deskins is an artist and writer, focusing on women and feminist writers and artists, heavily inspired by artist Wanda Ewing. Her art has been exhibited in galleries in Omaha, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago and has been published in publications such as Certain Circuits, Weave Magazine, Her Kind: A blog by VIDA Women in Literary Arts, Vagina, CLAP and Whitefish Review. She has curated various solo and group exhibitions, readings and performances centered on women’s perspective and the body. Her writing has been published internationally in BITCH, Bookslut, Weave and Prick of the Spindle, among others. She edits the online journal Les Femmes Folles, and has published three anthologies of art and writing.



Samantha Archer


Samantha Archer is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist. With an upbringing in classical piano and clarinet, playing in jazz bands and acting, singing and dancing, her music is expressive and crosses over into many genres, from classically inspired to world and experimental.

Since she began playing the handpan in late 2012, her musical vocabulary is being ever challenged and stretched to encompass her creativity through its limitations. She is never short of new ideas, new collaborations and new music.


Samantha Bryan

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Samantha Bryan is a performance artist, priestess-in-training, and student of Ayurvedic medicine, living in Boston MA. You can catch her onstage as Belle Gunz performing burlesque and devotional dance as both a solo artist and proud member of both The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts and Vadalna Tribal Dance Company. She holds a degree in Culinary Arts, loves travel and wants to learn every language so the occupational option of international spy could be available if so desired, likes cats and dragons to the point of concern, and yes, is a Sagittarius.


Samantha Fernandez


Born on Wurrundjerri land in Melbourne, Australia. My Mountain is Mt. Dandenong (which means lofty mountain) and my River is the Yarra (which actually means river). My ancestry is Celtic. I am a daughter of the Scottish/Irish MacGillivray clan. I grew up by the sea and have always played with magic, danced with spirit and surrendered to music. I became a Liturgical music schollar and studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree in performance studies and a post grad in community engagement and cultural development. I practiced massage and shamanistic healing, wellness, meditation and yoga. I travelled within and around the world many times. I’ve camped in places of natural wonder, sang at peace festivals and sacred ceremonies in temples, churches, hospitals and forrest glades. I have managed to release 12 albums so far and been part of the soundtrack for several films. I continue to live and learn, share and shine, in wonder of it all…Blessings…


Samantha Moore

Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA

Samantha Moore is a writer/healer/artist, and a quirky Queer Femme, mother, lover, friend, PTSD survivor, with a serious case of Woo.


Sara Basmajian

Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

I am a wild woman. My journey, thus far, has been of stripping away the old, and silly stories that are not in my service and that murky up the veil. The more I strip away these stories the more I remember. My bones remember. In the ocean, in the earth, around the fire, I remember. In your eyes, and in your smile I remember. I remember that my blood is the same blood as the first wild woman. I remember that I was born in the stars. I remember that each song, and each dance creates movement in the very fabric of the cosmos and that this movement is what creates life.

Sara Gately

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

I am a 2D Visual Artist and k-8 Art Teacher. I received my BA at Hampshire College in Comparative Religion and Visual Art. I earned my M. ED at Lesley University in Teaching Visual Art. I have lived in Boston for over eight years and I have never lived anywhere besides Massachusetts. I am an artist who uses line and color to express my emotions about a variety of issues, both personally and globally. I am heavily influenced by the symbolism inherent in graffiti, as well as religious iconography of every culture. Using these references for my art, I strive to create my own systems of symbols to visually communicate with the world. A world for which I am inspired by and extremely disappointed with.

Much of my art is informed by the fact that I am a sexual and physical abuse survivor, as well as live with a chronic degenerative health condition. These elements of my life contribute to my subject matter, as well as the aesthetic of my pieces.

Although I admire, respect and envy realist artists, I do not prefer to create art that represents every day reality. I am an artist who desires to bring the world of my imagination to light and share it with others to decipher, decode and contextualize. In the same vein, I do not identify as an abstract or abstract expressionistic artist. It is my belief that viewers of my art can always find something recognizable from reality. That recognizable “thing” is different for each person. It is my goal for my viewers to see things that I did not consciously place in my art, this is how I know my art has fulfilled its purpose. I am available for commission upon request.


Sarah Morgan Haydock

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I’m an artist, a mother, an herb-gatherer & a medicine maker. I’m a wild spirit, an open heart, & a lover of all things flowing & growing. Earth is my teacher. Communion & relationship with Earth is the essence of my being. I’m inspired & animated by my infinite relationships with plants, soil, sun & water. I am awed by the beauty and power of childbirth, growth, change, and the cyclical nature of life. I hope to inspire creativity & passion in anyone who happens upon me!


Savannah Schroll Guz

Weirton, West Virginia, USA

Born in 1974 in York, Pennsylvania, Savannah Schroll Guz studied under painter Alexander McBride at Juniata College in the mid-1990s. After earning a Bachelor of Arts from Juniata in 1997, she became a Fulbright Scholar in Munich, Germany and worked for Dr. Konrad Renger, then curator of 17th-century Flemish painting at the Alte Pinakothek. In 2000, she received her Master of Arts in art history from the University of Pittsburgh and moved to Washington, D.C., where she became the public information officer for the Smithsonian Institution Libraries. While in D.C., Guz became active in the arts community and was closely involved with the D.C. Arts Center in Adams-Morgan. She returned to Pittsburgh in 2005 and currently divides her time between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Weirton, West Virginia. She is Membership Chair for the Pittsburgh Print Group.


Scott Lockhart

Austin, Texas, USA

I was born and raised on the great high plains of the Texas panhandle.

The big sky above me and flat plain before me deeply shaped my vision and connection to the soul’s expression as poetry and to the visual arts.

As a boy, I was a voracious reader. I also spent a lot of time outdoors. I was either roaming the cotton fields, watching the thunderheads billowing overhead or in the library caught up in some wild adventure on Treasure Island or solving a great mystery with The Hardy Boys.

In the 7th grade I wrote my first book of poetry. It was titled The Infinite Corridors of Time.

That raised a few eyebrows in my family, especially my dad’s.

It wasn’t long after my first book of poetry that I picked up a camera. It was a Polaroid. I fell in love with photography. The first time I peeled the paper off the Polaroid film and watched the black and white image magically pop into view, I was hooked.

My first “official” post was as the high school photographer, reporter and year book staffer.

After high school, I worked my way through college as a studio portrait photographer and dark room technician. I also worked at the local TV station as a cameraman shooting live TV in the studio and on location. I later became a production assistant for a production company and crewed on many art films and commercial film productions. On some of these shoots, I spent time in front of the camera as an actor.

More eyebrows raised.

After college I continued to write poetry, and I was a finalist in two national poetry contests. I was invited to read my poetry in Washington, DC. My poems were published in an anthology of the collected works of the contestants.

For most of my life I have carried a camera and my love for photography, writing, the arts and the great outdoors has never ceased.

My greatest influence as a child came from my grandfather who was a graduate of The Art Institute of Chicago. He was a working artist his entire life. He was a kind and gentle man and my mentor in many ways.

I believe my real education actually came from my life lived as a boy roaming the vast open prairies of West Texas, but I was formally educated at The University of Texas in Austin and at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where I studied Sustainable Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering and the Arts.

Needing a day gig, I opened a small landscaping business in 1983. Over time my company grew into an engineering services and landscaping design build firm specializing in storm water management and landscape construction and design.

I was the CEO for 30 years and sold the business in 2012 to devote all of my time to the arts.

During the last 30 years I have lived in Austin, Texas. I’ve raised 4 children along with numerous cats and dogs.

The cats and dogs were a lot easier.

I am currently working on a book titled Love Takes Over as well as a screenplay titled The Last Rodeo. This book showcases my photography, poetry and prose demonstrating the connection of the voice of the soul as it expresses through images of the natural world.

It is my hope that you will be inspired by these words and images to explore the gift that is our lives and the world we all share.


Selu Kateri

Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

My name is Selu Kateri Vargas and I was born April of 1986 in Wichita, Kansas. I come from the Ramapough Munsee Lenape, Tuscarora, Mohawk and Shinnecock Nations.

My family came to Kansas from New York and having left our culture behind, we had to adapt to Southern Plains tribal culture. As a child, I was not actively involved in the Native community outside of attending powwows but as I reached high school age, my mother allowed me to attend the Mid America All Indian Center for community night every Monday and Wednesday – that is where I began learning to sing southern style powwow music. As I became more familiar with the songs I would approach the drum and sing behind the men with whom I had formed friendships. When I turned sixteen I was honored to be asked to sing as a lead chorus girl for Medicine Park, a local southern style drum group. Those singers taught me the art and spirituality behind powwow music as well as the importance of language. We sang in Pawnee, Kiowa, Apache, Ponca and various other languages of the Southern Plains peoples. I started writing my own songs a year or so later but of course never had the courage to share them with others until recently.

Growing up in the Southern Plains put me at a disadvantage when it came to acquiring knowledge of my own cultural practices because there were very few Eastern Woodlands gatherings in Kansas. Consequently, I had to learn learn those traditions much later as I made my way back out to the East Coast. Over the past several years I have focused intensely on Eastern Woodlands culture in hopes to not only revitalize my family’s heritage, but also to pass down everything I learn to our younger generations.

I am now a member of the Woman’s Sacred River Drum Society which is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the woman’s importance in Eastern Woodlands and Coastal Tribal traditions. Being involved with these women has given me the strength and knowledge to become more actively involved in our community. I can only hope that one day my music, beadwork and crafts will be true reflections of the gifts that these women have given me.


Sha Shama

Huntsville, Alabama, USA

In the 49th year of my life I became…I became the woman I dreamed I could be, I became a goddess. I became fearless and passionate though sometimes still I lose my way, the old skin still clinging in places here and there. Born in the South, and that being said I survived and I became more than what was/is allowed and as I move forward into my fifties I hope that my words will inspire others to become as well…because becoming is the best journey of all.

Shawna Stewart

Santee, California, USA

I’m a myriad of things…a mom, a wife, a vegan, a bringer of love, a conjurer of happy, a little bit gypsy, a little bit hippy, a blast of bohemian, a whole lot of goddess and a heavy sprinkling of magic. My art is a reflection of that.

I began painting in 2013. I felt called to do so, as illogical as it seemed. Though I have always been creative, at the time, I didn’t consider myself artistic. On a whim, I stripped down some existing chairs and repainted them…happy style. The more I painted, the more I felt called to do so, and not just on repurposed furniture (though I do love me some reduce-reuse-recycling fun). I can’t fully describe what transpires when I paint. I often don’t even know the direction in which a painting is headed, but the desire (need) to get it out is all encompassing. I feel truly guided and am abundantly grateful to be able to take part in this magical journey and create a tangible kind of HAPPY that can transcend the canvas and the strokes and fill the hearts of many!

I’m passionate about discovering and magnifying the divine feminine, in all things. I hope that my art is enlightening, inspiring, nurturing and divine, but most of all a tangible happy that resonates long after it’s left my studio. The energy that is intentionally poured into each piece is as important, I believe, as the image being created.


Sherry Knight


Sherry designs her Luisacchi collections from her studio home on Chandos Lake in Southern Ontario. Working primarily with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystal, Sherry creates exquisite hand crafted limited edition jewelry. Her signature lies in combining the glamour of crystal with natures minerals. This has made her work desirable for its uniqueness and elegance. Sherry has enjoyed success in marketing her limited edition and one-of-a-kind designs to galleries and boutiques throughout North America, Japan and Australia. Worn casually or formally Luisacchi Fine Fashion Jewellery makes an impressive statement.


Simran Singh

United States

Simran Singh is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and Leading Voice for the Journey of the Soul. Publisher of the Nautilus Award Winning 11:11 Magazine, the only publication to have ever been granted this designation and #1 rated syndicated radio show host, Simran brings to the forefront a unique interpretation blending co-creative power with metaphysics and personal responsibility. Impacting thousands upon thousands with her message, her passionate style takes individuals on a journey into personal power, authenticity and presence. Simran is known to assist individuals in understanding the conversation the Universe is begging to have with each and every one of us along with the energetic necessities to assist in manifesting powerfully. Heralded by leading change agents, best selling authors, world renowned healers and personal development speakers as a unique source of powerful truth, wisdom and content rich dialogue, Simran’s creative resources result in immense growth for individuals awakening to their greatness.



Susan Korsnick

York, Pennsylvania, USA

Susan Korsnick is an artist, educator, writer, Red Tent Facilitator and Shamanic Reiki Master. Through her acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces, Susan elevates the divine in nature and the divine in ourselves. Her work with women through Red Tent Events and workshops has taken her art in an exciting new direction and she recently started a business called Pure You: Awaken Your Authentic Self to encourage women to reconnect with their highest self using creative expression and awareness techniques.


Tahya Love

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

I am a woman walking thru this world with lotsa love in my heart and a sassy spring to my step, celebrating the divine spark of creativity in us all! Oh, it is GOOD to be alive and, I might add, to be a woman of a “certain age” whose youth has faded, yet the fine lines of a life well lived are only growing bolder!

The river of my life has presented a few occasions of turbulent waters and tears flowing. However, many, many more are the blessed days of smooth sailing and I believe my dance, frame drum and systrum practices deeply steeped in ancient traditions honoring the Feminine Divine are what keeps this vessel afloat. Blessed be.


Tanya Sheikh

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am Magical Fairy Child invited into the Fullness of Herself through a journey of Awakening that commenced with the passing of my father, furthered by a kundalini awakening through sexual ecstasy which in turn led to the dark depths of anguish and back again. Along the way I morphed into a Woman who can stand in the light and in the shadow, who knows herself as Infinity and the Void therein. I hold space for others through my presence and my energy work to Remember Who They Are, allowing that which is not of essence and of truth to transform, dissolve, transmute. I hold space for the bliss of the Being to shine forth.

I write as an invitation into that which lies beyond the mundane, the bliss that can be touched upon if we slow down, listen and taste the truth of the moment.

Thank you for meeting me here.


Terra Rafael

Lafayette, Colorado, USA

Terra Rafael, retired midwife, is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner since 2001 and Certified Maya Abdominal Therapist. Terra continues her WiseWomanhood practice, focusing on health for women in all phases of their lives.

Writing is both a work and a love. She’s written and published books and be featured in several magazines; her latest book is Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years. She worked on Big Mama Rag feminist news journal in the 70’s and created Natural Transitions Magazine, on holistic approaches to end of life in the 10’s.

Photography helps focus on the beauty of this world. She uses her photos in teaching and for pleasure.



The Goddess Project

Sara Landas & Holli Rae

Los Angeles, California, USA

We are Sara Landas & Holli Rae, a collaborative duo from Los Angeles, California. After meeting in the summer of 2008 our worlds changed forever. Having each others full support and encouragement, we began to see the deep importance of sisterhood and immediately started creating films that reflected this new found reality. We recognize the need for media that promotes stories of hope and empowers the viewer rather than giving power to their problems. We are currently in the process of editing The Goddess Project, a documentary film that shares the stories of over 100 brave women across America who are living their dreams and changing the world!


Tracey A. Leigh

London, UK

I discovered a love for words and exorcising my demons through pen, paper, computer and even on my phone. My writing, be it in poetic form or just creative writing, was borne out of a way to therapize myself through my depressive episodes. Sometimes, I can express my joy in words too but for me, true joy comes in color.

In the last 10 years I have let go of the prison of trying to draw and paint precisely by the ‘rules of art’ and meet others expectations of my creativity. I discovered the freedom of loving color and letting the color and texture of paint guide me. Occasionally I will use a brush, but mostly I use my hands to connect directly with the visceral experience of painting.

I believe through this process I am at one with my inner child and together we paint straight from my soul and the Great Spirit.



Silver City, New Mexico, USA

Trishuwa works with the ceremonial forms of communicating with the invisibles of the world-Sweat Lodge, Sacred Pipe, Vision Quest and the Medicine Wheel. She is Ceremonial Director of the Church of Gaia and founding member of Foundation for Gaian Studies, www.gaianstudies.org. She is a poet and Earth Wisdom storyteller, combining myth and personal stories of spiritual relationship with human, non-human, visible and invisible.


Vanessa Codorniu

New York, New York, USA

Vanessa Codorniu, CHt, RMT. This Urban Priestess, guides change-makers to the deep wisdom of their intuition so they can tap into their internal power and create the lives they were born to live. Called a “full service healer,” she connects to the underlying soul causes for challenges through her strategic intuitive sessions and then supports change through transformative hypnotherapy.

She has created visionary programming for the Bella Abzug Young Women’s Leadership Institute in NYC and is there in-house Empowerment facilitator for the last three years. A board Member of the REVEAL Conference and a writer for The Examiner as the Alternative Spirituality Examiner. Vanessa has taught workshops/classes at the Union Theological Seminary, Hunter College and BMCC. Vanessa has performed thousands of readings and past life regressions. Teaching hundreds of US and international clients to awaken and develop their intuitive skills she can be reached at:



Victoria Christian

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Victoria Christian is a self taught oil painter whose mission is to create images that deeply move her audience on emotional and spiritual levels. Through her paintings she is attempting to tap into the mystical sensation of “awe” aroused in her while in nature. She presently resides in Ashland, Oregon and is pursuing a diverse career as an artist, writer, counselor and educator. She recently released a book titled Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine, which documents the work of over 65 contemporary Visionary and Goddess Artists. You can learn more about the book or view more of her art on her websites:



Victoria Jones

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Victoria is a mind, body, spirit consultant and integral coach. She has been in practice for 31 years assisting individuals in connecting to what has heart and meaning for them.


Wendy Bennett

Melbourne, AU

As a menstrual artist and holder of sacred space, I am in the service of the goddess to empower women. My purpose is to reawaken women to the long suppressed power and sacredness of our bodies, our cycles and our life giving blood. I work with taboos; with my menstrual blood and 3D vulva imagery I invite women to look deeply into their sometimes strong responses and peel back layers of thousands of years of patriarchal shaming of the feminine to reach an innocence which allows self-honoring and self-empowerment in the experience of being woman.

Wendy Fairie Robinson

Crete, Greece

All the artwork I make evolves intuitively. I rarely plan any piece and I never have an intended outcome. A face just emerges and sometimes that process is easy and at other times it’s really hard; erasing, redrawing, erasing… and on, and on… until the magic happens.

I am inspired by beauty (inner and outer), emotion and softness in a face. This is my starting point. Mostly this is a face from my imagination and it is a mystery to me where she comes from. Currently I am inspired by the sea and blue lagoons and sands made up of thousands of tiny pink seashells as this is where I am living geographically.

I used to paint giant abstract oil paintings, influenced by architecture. I love buildings and arches and windows. But when I really connected with myself artistically, after giving up teaching a few years ago and claiming back my soul… I find myself painting fairies and mermaids. I don’t know why. But, that’s OK with me.

I have been working in a mixed media way for the past few years and am constantly fascinated by how the addition of each new layer relates to the last one applied. I allow mistakes to happen during the middle stages of the process when I can loosen up enough and then (hopefully!) pull it all together in the end. Sometimes it’s like being in a deep meditative state when I truly let go. And I always get my best result when this happens.

I sometimes feel vulnerable showing my work. Like I am naked, on the page… Quite simply, because it is truly from my heart. This is my gift and if I don’t make art, then I wouldn’t feel alive.


Wendy Mitchell, Judy Zehr & Scott Lockhart

Portland, Oregon, USA

Wendy Mitchell and Judy Zehr have been studying vibrancy and well being together for over ten years and realize the importance of having intention in our lives. They are Road Scholar/Elderhostel speakers and do workshops for women around neuroscience and well-being. From their professional work they created Walk Breathe Dance, a Facebook Page bringing art, insights and reflections together for small inspirations. Scott Lockhart added his stunning and magical photography to Walk Breathe Dance.

Wendy Mitchell, MA, CPC, is a women’s health coach:

Judy Zehr, MA, MHRM, is a therapist and coach:

Scott Lockhart is a photographer, writer, and poet:


White Woman Drums

Orange, California, USA

Embrace Mother Earth’s Heartbeat with a personally designed Shamanic or Hand Frame Drum. I work with you through internet correspondence to create a drum and beater (Shaman style) or hand frame drum from the things that touch you personally – Gods/Goddesses, Spiritual Reflections, totems, colors, stones anything that touch your heart and soul. The more information from you the more open I become to the Divine Spirit and your personal path, whatever touches you heart also then touches mine and through both of us your drum is a truly inspired gift from the universe.


Wilma Stoltz

Somerset West, West Cape, SA

Inspiring healing is my passion, life is my teacher.

Winter Ross

Taos, New Mexico, USA
Salida, Colorado, USA

Winter Ross is an environmental activist, street medic and shamanic practitioner. These interests inform both her art and her writing. She studied painting at Hartford Art School and received a BFA in Communications Design and Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. She was an MFA candidate in itaglio printmaking at Washington University when her fabric art, a medium embraced by many feminist artists, began to receive recognition. Winter had a long career as a graphic designer which included Rocky Mountain PBS. She has also held artist-in-residence positions in Oregon, Nebraska and West Virginia. A student of Jungian psychology and mythology, her illustrative style is reminiscent of her grandmother’s turn of the century fairy tale books with which she grew up.