Self Portrait: Monologue

by K Lenore Siner

Wax and oil paint on glass . 30″ x 30″ . 2012

Live in Austin

by Polyphony Marimba

Terra Rafael

Lafayette, Colorado, USA

Terra Rafael, retired midwife, is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner since 2001 and Certified Maya Abdominal Therapist. Terra continues her WiseWomanhood practice, focusing on health for women in all phases of their lives.

Writing is both a work and a love. She’s written and published books and be featured in several magazines; her latest book is Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years. She worked on Big Mama Rag feminist news journal in the 70’s and created Natural Transitions Magazine, on holistic approaches to end of life in the 10’s.

Photography helps focus on the beauty of this world. She uses her photos in teaching and for pleasure.


by Isabel Bryna


by Trishuwa

Feral, wounded,
hiding in the shadows.
Eyes narrowed
looking from their edges.
She watches us watching her.
We do not speak
of the longing
she has
to be free.

She does not know,
freedom is not chosen
by the untamed.
Sooner or later surrender
or death will come.

She bargains for freedom
on the other side.

Taste the $ource (while supplies last)

by Emily Rose Michaud

Performance and installation (hand-silkscreened fish scales and fins, mermaid costume, empty water bottle) . A street in Wakefield, QC (next to the Gatineau River) . 2012

This newer, more sombre incarnation of “Taste the Source” was performed throughout the evening for Wakefest, as a spontaneous, anonymous street action, in the form of a rally-cry to preserve the quality of the water we currently have access to. I inhabited the role of mermaid for the better part of an evening, in order to inhabit the vulnerability only the smallest of our river’s creatures are faced with, the creatures who make up the eco-system. They are hostage to the poor decisions governed by greed and mis-managed power. It is my hope that the more we allow ourselves to feel the impact of poor decisions being waged upon our environments daily, the more we may act with conviction to protect them, and their most defenseless inhabitants

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