The Birth of Wild Woman Rising Volume 1 :: Issue 1

Welcome to Wild Woman Rising

We are gathering our voices to sing a collective song. Expressing from our hearts and sharing in each others’ wisdom. Thank you for participating, witnessing and celebrating the birth of Wild Woman Rising! Welcome to Volume One Issue One.

Untitled :: Isabel Bryna :: Wild Woman Rising


by Isabel Bryna

Acrylic on canvas . 24″ x 30″

Awaken from slumber
daughters of the earth!

by Hazel Loveridge

Awaken from slumber
Daughters of the earth!
Total consciousness overhaul,
New reality create,
New language speak,
Into full potential explode,
Hugeness conceive,
Illuminated be,
And Goddess self inhabit.
Believe this, feel, breathe, know and be this!

Making Herbal Medicine
From Your Own Back Yard

by Lulu Sliker

I am amazed at the abundance of good medicinal plants that grow everywhere I travel. Your back yard probably has a few. I find them growing through cracks in city sidewalks. Along road ways. In my friends yards and of course here on this beautiful piece of land where I live in the Northeast corner of Alabama just on the tail end of the Appalachian Mountain range. I find that through the years my love, appreciation and relationship with each herbal family grows. Once you get to know one or two that are common to your home you might find yourself doing a little dance of joy when you see them showing themselves in the early Spring. I do. I hope you will too.

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Awakening the
Priestess Archetype

by Vanessa Codorniu

Women are collectively, individually and across the world waking up to their own spiritual power. They may come from all walks of life, from many spiritual and professional paths but they share the common desire to express their inner world, their soul’s purpose and most of all, to serve their communities.

Many modern women, if not all women called to be guides for healing, empowerment, leadership and personal development have a strong PRIESTESS archetype.

They are connecting to a force and power within and not to a power vested only through marriage, by culture, academia or traditional institutions.

Women are listening to their inner voice, to their inner desire more than ever before. Women today are courageously taking what has often been: the road less traveled. They are seeking answers within and with supportive sisterhoods.

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Song of the Heart

by JoAnne Dodgson

In the deep dark night in the rainforest, tiny rainbow-colored frogs climb up into the branches of the trees. Waves of intricate rhythms and sounds come alive as the Tree Frogs begin to sing. Peeps and creeks and melodies dance on the air, wafting through the trees, lighting up the night. With playful aliveness. Connection. Creativity. Joy.

Pure Joy.

Tree Frogs sing from their hearts naturally. It’s who they are. It’s essential. It’s what they’ve come here to do.

When Tree Frogs sing, they fill the rainforest with their colorful voices. With the very breath of life.

And the Trees breath this in. Receiving. Soaking up the sharing.

And the Trees breath out. Sending oceanic waves rippling beyond the rainforest. A joy-filled ever-flowing Giving. Of the very breath of life. Which nourishes countless beings, so incredibly diverse, all around our planet.

So when Tree Frogs sing, they feed the rainforest. And the breath of the rainforest feeds the mother earth. And when the earth and her beings are abundantly nourished, there is harmony and happiness. Boundless giving and receiving. The birthing of balance. Exuberant, radiant, interwoven Balance. This is the dance of Creation. The Love of Life.

All set into motion by little rainbow-colored frogs.

But that’s not why Tree Frogs climb up into the branches and fill the rainforest nights with song

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by Raven Redfox

Painting . 3′ x 4′ . 2013

Date Balls of Goodness

by Rachel Shapiro


For the chocolate:
1/2 cup agave nectar/maple syrup/date paste/raw honey or whatever sweetener you like
3/4 cup cacao powder (I use slightly more than this to make the chocolate stiffer)
1/3 cup coconut oil or cacao butter, melted
1 tsp vanilla extract

For the date balls:
1 cup dates
1/2 cup hemp seeds
1/3 cup whole flax seeds
3 TBSP cacao powder
1 cup shredded coconut (optional)

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Rising Beyond Martyrdom’s Fire

by Rivera Sun

In my dream, Joan of Arc’s fire burns in my eyes – both her pyre and her impassioned life flame. As a young twenty-first century woman, I romanticized the martyr and emulated her, pitching the un-tempered strength of my youth into battle with the corporate-political rulers of my time. Joan had her sword; I had my pen. Joan had her court; I had the stage. Joan put armor on her limbs. I put theatrical costumes on as I rode into battle.

Such folly! Such hot-tempered arrogance of my youth. I was tilting at windmills and bragging about it afterwards. Bravado and self-sabotage rode upon my shoulders. I set my sights on going down in history as a bright burst of martyred flame. Time and circumstance saved me. I survived my twenties without fame or early death – though the latter brushed closely enough to rattle my romanticized

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We Opened Our Hearts

by Trishuwa

I opened my heart wide.
It was an experiment.
After all I would be leaving soon.
What could two or three days hurt.

I liked it.
It was new and as ancient
as all the ancestors
that live inside me,
inside all of us.

I’m talking to them, the old ones.
I couldn’t stay this
heart wide open
without them.

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Earth Communion

by Sarah Morgan Haydock

Interconnection, relationship, sacred sharing.

Communion is the essence of being. Each breath we take, each movement we make, each sensation we experience – it is all communion. There is a vast and intricate web of interconnection – this we call life. To gaze at the stars – this is communion. To lay with a lover – this is communion. To speak, to cry, to dance, to shout, it is all communion. When life touches life – this is communion.

Awareness of communion with the earth, for me, is bliss. Pure life, a flowing, rushing power, like a waterfall, cascading through me, energizing the web of my being.

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by Sara Basmajian

Watercolor . 2013


by Megan Hollingsworth

death some fret you are near
though you are here come and gone
leaving remnants of a soul wanting

the hollow one dares not rise in your shadow
so sick is grief
of a thousand lives lived dying
with nothing but disease to unfurl

death you are there
always at the gate of birth

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Mozzerella Sun

by Debbie Weber

Homemade goatsmilk mozzerella cheese with Italian seasonings and fresh garden tomatoes.


by Alisa Blanchard

I swear I know her
  That wild ravenous woman
  Who creeps in the shadows of the woods
  And dances to the beat of the moon
  Like mud on my toes or stars in my eyes
  She speaks in a feral language
  Beyond our history
  Yet recollected as though
  Spoken fluently since birth
  Blood paints her thighs
  Belly, hair and hands

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by Sally Deskins

From my series exploring womanhood and the body utilizing interview excerpts from women on the topic. Using my own body, I try to abstract the view of the female figure from decried to acceptance in this world full of objectification and violence.

Tempera and ink on canvas . 18″ x 24″ . 2012

Dance Therapy:
Rated M for Mature

by Samantha Bryan

Whenever I have to check off my native language on a form, I always shrug my shoulders and say “English”. I always wish there was another option though, because honestly, it’s not my strongest method of communication. I believe I speak most fluently in dance. It is far more than just an aerobic activity; it tells stories, portrays emotion and serves as prayer. It inspires and cleanses, and comes in so many sizes, styles and accents. It is wanting and connection; an outward expression of desires and the inner divine.

When asked to contribute a piece to Wild Woman Rising, I had the option of submitting either a dance or written piece. I chose written, but wanted to find some way to merge the two. While rehearsing for an upcoming show called “The Slutcracker”, I whined and moaned to my friend that I just couldn’t decide where to even begin. She looked around and simply said…

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Three Places at Once

by K Lenore Siner

Wax, oil paint, found object on glass . 33″ x 30″ . 2012


Written by Kim Zunner
Performed by steveNkim
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Steven Hopkins

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Ancient Inhalation Invocation

by Christy Evers

Thrive ancient DNA,
Depths of consciousness
Signal an uncovering of truth.
Rhythm of humanity at the whole,
Rhythms internal echo rhythms external.
Cells signal a beat:
Electric intrinsic
In the womb lay the mystical,
Replicating possibilities,
Best of our ancestry,
Honor it sacredly.

With all our breaths send a blessing of unity.
Inhale air inhaled by honored women of past, present, and those yet to come.
Inhale the air of dear brothers, lovers, and fathers.
Inhale air of the wounded.
Inhale breath of the healed.
Inhale for your heartbeat and the ones yet to be.
Inhale the cycle.
Inhale recognized truth.

Signal new rhythms,
Inhale the shed of steel modernity.
Inhale unity with ancient truths.
Inhale deep cross-cultural wealth.

Inhale your self,
Mirrored in billions of others,
Rhythms reflected in deep oxygenated waves of memory,
Cells in harmony,
Order restored to thrive.



by Mel Shapcott

Watercolor . 18″ x 24″ . 2013