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Welcome to Volume 1 Issue 2 of Wild Woman Rising. True to ourselves and devoted to our calling, we bring you gifts from the depths of our hearts. We invite you to become who you are.

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Medicine of Osha:
Living Wild and Free

by JoAnne Dodgson

Osha grows high up in the mountains near my home in New Mexico. Osha has long been an herbal remedy for the peoples living here, bringing relief from colds, flus, and infections. Osha is also fondly called Bear Root, so named for the bears’ special affinity for this plant. Bears have been seen eating Osha when coming out of hibernation to cleanse their digestive systems in preparation for springtime feasts. Bears are also known to chew on the root and rub the mashed plant and juices onto their fur. Bears are great teachers for us two-leggeds about the medicinal properties of this mountain plant.

The spirit of Osha has taught me about her wild essence and how she goes about living her life. This plant so beloved by the bears simply does not appreciate being taken from her natural habitat. She isn’t easily domesticated. She doesn’t grow well in farms, gardens, or pots on a shelf.

Osha holds her ground with unwavering commitment to her truths.

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Red Tent Temple

by Mother Turtle

Written for the film “Things We Don’t Talk About” directed by Isadora Liedenfrost which documents the Red Tent Temple Movement founded by ALisa Starkweather.

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by Carolyn Abrams

Sisterhood (n) – A congenial relationship or companionship among women; mutual female esteem, concern, support and encouragement.

Acrylic . 36″ x 60″

Casting Call

by Samantha Bryan

About a year ago, my boyfriend of the time hired me on to do some marketing temp work at a design company he worked for. We’ll call him Boyfriendboss for relative anonymity and story relevance. If it weren’t for the fact that we were fooling around in the back room on my lunch break, or really anytime I decided I had “made a mistake and needed to be disciplined,” — I might have jumped out of the 4th floor window out of desperation to escape the boredom. No computer, no phone, only occasional music, isolation from the rest of the employees, just gluing 1 inch tiles to cardboard folders for 8 hours a day, I turned my inner focus to philosophy. I contemplated various unsolved questions about religion, art, the universe, the meaning of life, etc. Y’know, stuff you do when you turn 21 and know everything, buy a knitted hoodie and jump in a van with your friends to mexico, giving out shitty tarot readings for cigarette money. Only I was 26 and still cocky, marching into Boyfriendboss’s office to inform him about the way things are, only to have him toss another question that would completely derail my sophomoric theory, and send me on my way to start over. This was all fun and games, until one day during a fight when he threw a whammy of a question at me:

Who are you?

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Stone Keepers of Time

by Raven Redfox

Acrylic . 24″ x 30″ . 2011

Dragonfly Guardian

by Debbie Weber

Handcut glass mosaic tile work.

What is an Urban Priestess?

by Vanessa Codorniu

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” ~ Maya Angelou

When I first read Maya Angelou’s quote above, my body and soul let out a deep sigh…

I was in my early twenties and I was seeking to just be my most brilliant self, a spark of the Divine as expressed in my female body. I wanted to use my talents to serve others and was unsure where to begin. This quote didn’t tell me how, but it sure exemplified how it might be to show up and shine…

“… ahhh to be in harmony with my spirit.”

At 19, I wrote a letter to the Universe and asked that I be a channel for inspiration, creativity, love and healing. I soon discovered…

Once you raise your hand in God’s classroom, You’re IN!

Volunteering or rather acknowledging my calling threw me into what I call “the trenches.” Learning about being spiritual by facing fears and growing into adulthood with a purpose I actually had no idea how to attain. My intense training began.

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Skagit Spring: Earth and Sky #2

Water Basket #11

by Mary Snowden

Detail image of a handwoven basket.


by Alisa Blanchard

My voice cannot be held silent

When it flows through my heart

Arriving at the ready

Claiming, naming
For too many years held back,
For too many years shamed
For too many years believing blame
Clear and ready
Slicing through the chains
Of a thousand generations
I meet its destination
Truth is told in my grounded fierceness.

Remembering Myself

by Trishuwa

There is a time when the clock of the universe stands still.

All is moving in a timeless manner, as it always has been.

I walked into that time.

I was four. I didn’t know about risk or caution. I just knew I was more afraid in the night. The unspoken fear, the karmic darkness of my family, swirled in the thick shadows of our house. I knew it was real. I lay awake while the rest of the family slept doing my best to keep the darkness from entering me. With each outward breath I blew into the darkness to keep it at bay. Then without hesitation I moved, climbing onto the windowsill. The window was open. Hiking my night gown up around my waist I twisted my body around. My tummy teetered on the broad adobe windowsill, toes reaching for the ground, finally dropping the last few inches and gently landing on comforting earth.

The light of the full moon and star filled sky covered the earth. I ran through the garden, down its middle. My feet knew the soft path. My destination was the south end where the cultivated and wild tangled together untended by human hand. It was my favorite place. I had a spiritual meeting, a rendezvous with a soul memory from many lifetimes

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It Doesn’t Have to Be “Good”

by Mel Shapcott

Watercolor . 18″ x 24″ . 2013

Making Herbal Medicine From Your Own Back Yard

Lesson 2: Healing Salve

by Lulu Sliker

Last publication I wrote of the Magic of making herbal oils and tinctures from your own backyard. Now that those oils have had a bit of time to set up I am ready to give you the run down on how to transform your infused oils into awesome healing salves.

Now that you have lovely jars of herbal infused oils sitting in your cupboard, what are you going to do with them? Many of the oils are wonderful for massage and soaking into dry itchy skin. Did you know that olive oil alone is great for your skin? Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ…not sure if that is the proper word for it…of you body? Did you know that olive oil nourishes you through your skin?

Imagine what chemical based lotions and ointments must do to your body. Your skin absorbs everything you rub into it so why not make your own oils from a nourishing base to feed it.

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Mouse in a Maze

by Sara Gately

Paint and permanent marker on acetate . 17″ x 21″

She Stands

by Joanne Elliott

Streaks of light through cloud
wrap ‘round her curved form
as she stands arms entwined
with others. A living fence of flesh
seems fragile, ready to give
way to force and yet
they still stand.

She stands waiting not willing
any longer to wait for what is hers
for what is theirs.
One half of the race denied.
No more!

She stands so the woman
next to her can have a choice
can have a voice. She stands
so her daughter can scale
the walls, can dissolve
ceilings of glass. She stands
so her granddaughter can demand
what is hers and be heard.

She stands and her feet grow roots
reach through concrete
push down into dark, moist earth.
Her roots deep
now become entwined with others.

Sturdy now, she reaches
out and up towards sky
towards a new day when
light breaks through gray
through barriers
through time and everything
becomes as earth in spring.


by Sarah Morgan Haydock

I let the wind take me.
Falling away, I am carried over fields,
Over roads and rivers.
I sing freedom, dancing without effort on this airstream,
Dancing with the dragonflies and the falling leaves.

Falling gently, I find Earth again,
The leaves cover me, one after another.
The blazing sun becomes mottled… a faint shimmer, and then… no more.

I lay Dormant, as life stirs around me.
I am wrapped, cushioned, sheltered.
The moons wax and wane.
The seasons pass in darkness.

Enveloped, I feel the rhythms of Earth –
the pulse –
the great mother drumbeat of life spreads through me
as I rest, quiescent.

Dormant …

I stir.

Water enters my body,
flooding me with cool sensation.
It is time!

A thread, emerging,
reaching out with Newborn fingers,
Pale as the Moon in this Darkness.

I part from my cocoon

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Inanna in the Dark Sea

by Aradia Lunabella

“Inanna as the moon is the life principle that seeks its own sacrifice and is reborn from its own darkness.”

This collage is symbolic as a part of the creative process, in which I’ve made a descent into my shadow self to access the energy where this piece is inspired from. That deep place feeds my work, and I return with this gift from Inanna. She is immanent and transcendent…

Inanna’s story holds wisdom within it about this process, and why the process of the journey to the deepest part of ourselves is painful, but crucial to creative work. Inanna knew the wisdom of the Underworld as an integral part of her divinity. This piece is about the power of transformation of Inanna into a goddess.

Self Portrait: Underworld

by K Lenore Siner

Wax and oil paint on glass . 23″ x 42″ . 2012


by Paula Jones

Mixed media . 36″ x 36″ . 2013

Rivers as Highways: Beginnings

by Emily Rose Michaud

“I grew up on the shores of the Gatineau river in Western Québec and those waters have shaped me to my core.”

Super 8mm film (black and white)

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In the Womb of Our Mother

by Rand Silverbear Hall

First is the sacred fire. In the cleaned fire pit the Fire-keeper lays a bed of logs. The first layer of logs, about 3 inches apart is laid east to west, the next layer, north to south creating a bed about 8 inches high and 3 feet square. Next the stones or Grandfathers are selected and piled on the bed. Prayers and tobacco are added. Then a teepee of wood is built around the Grandfathers so that none may peek out. Finally newspaper, twigs and tinder are tucked into every nook and cranny. Then Fire-keeper lights the fire on four sides — the four directions.

I had never been to a Sweat Lodge or or any Native American ceremony. But when I met Grandmother June and she invited me “to come to a healing sweat” the next Saturday, I did not hesitate to accept

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