As We Turn Volume 2 :: Issue 10

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With the turn of the seasons, enliven your passions, rekindle your spirit, listen to your heart and find the dream that you hold dear.

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Siren’s Bodice

by Donna Sakamoto Crispin

Plaited and twined to remind ourselves of our connection to the waters of the earth.

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Birthing Mother

by Samantha Fernandez

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Our Mission during this Changing Reality

by Vanessa Codorniu

Many believe this earth as we know it is changing: yes, I know ALL IS CHANGING. I am speaking of an increased transpersonal, spiritual and conscious-expanding SHIFT. If this SHIFT is supposed to be so good…why am I confused, suffering or feel like I’m in limbo at times? The stars are shifting above us and within us. Many spiritual seekers, teachers, shamans and priestesses I know have realized that, “We cannot get away with ignorance anymore. We know better. We must do better.”

Some would argue, did we ever really get away with ignorance or turning the other way?

The point is that the time we have been waiting for and hearing about, the great SHIFT and change is here. NOW. This great opening can send us reeling into unknown spaces. What we were intellectually certain of can become shaky and what we counted on physically, now questionable.

As brilliant, bright, loving and eternal as we are, the earthly component will always creep up as indeed, here we ARE. I want to reach out and say that YOU KNOW SO MUCH.

Trust this.

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For Once In My Life

by Lisa Adams Reed


Choose contentment, joy, fun.

Bless the losses, for they became your greatest teachers. Wallow in them only if you want more of the same.

Continue to swiftly recognize and escort the negative people, situations and memories that don’t serve you out of your life. You cannot afford the sickness and the pain that they bring into your space.

Stop complaining unless you want to have complainers in your life. Don’t you dare inflict your whining on others. It hurts them and magnifies your original woe.

Tune in to those that appear to be one thing and turn out to be something else. They are your mirrors. Bless them and take a closer look at yourself.

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UnLeashing Love

by JoAnne Dodgson

It was clear from the start there was a wildness in her that wasn’t to be tamed. Despite what they say in dog-training manuals, Jasmine had no interest in following along at my heels or obeying commands just so I’d call her a ‘good girl.’ She wasn’t here to live by the book. She wasn’t born to be leashed or caged.

She’d come to run wild in the woods on impassioned, instinctual hunts. And reach her face to the sky, catching scents blowing by on the winds. And roll around with joyful abandon on the earth, adorning her body with rich pungent smells. And teach me about opening up my senses — listening, feeling, communicating without words as we walk among the trees intrinsically connected as a pack.

She wasn’t
here to live by the book. She wasn’t born to be leashed or caged.

We first met at the animal shelter, Jasmine and me. There were many quirky circumstances that easily could have kept us from crossing paths. And I’m not quite sure who chose who or exactly all the reasons why. Apparently Jasmine wasn’t deterred by my doubts about being a dog mama.

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Citrine Drop Necklace

Luisacchi Jewellry Designs

by Sherry Knight

Amethyst promotes love, spiritual wisdom and intuition. It enhances memory and improves motivation. Amethyst lends courage to the wearer and is a protective charm for travelers.

Citrine encourages happiness and generosity, it imparts joy in love and raises self-esteem and self-belief and is well known for bringing money into your life.

The Cello Player

by Pegi Smith

Entranced in her
own music… she plays the
sound of the earth.

We Are of Both Worlds

by K Lenore Siner

Wax and oil paint on glass . 27″ x 25″ . 2011

The Sky Clan

From the collection
Onion Prairie Woman: The Search

by Nadine Waltman Harmon

Our grandmothers sit in silence
around ghostly campfires
huddled deep, within
blankets of Army blue.

“Child, turn away
from smoke that hovers
over these ghost fires.”

In the grandfathers’ circle
the elders sit unbroken with
backs bent against rains
threatening to smother fire.

“Turn away, child,
look not in our faces it makes
your time come too soon.”

The grandmothers’ eyes reflect
firelight, revealing wisdom
of ancient times, times
too long gone…too soon dust.

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A Mother Is

by Helene Rose

A mother is:
a rock taking in all the sweet whispers of
her child for eternity,
a tree standing tall and with great strength,
grounding her family,
a squirrel busily gathering supplies in
preparation for the day,
a summer’s breeze light and refreshing when
caressing your skin,
a drop of rain bringing renewal and
cleansing when needed,
a field of sunflowers reaching
toward the sun in harmony,
a hummingbird full of sweet nectar,
swift and precise,
a pond, full of life and sparkle,
feeding all those who enter,
a morning dew, awakening with
calm and clear presence,
a vegetable garden, needing care and tending to
in order to give of herself, and
a robin, whose song radiates sweet joy.
A mother is everything.
A mother is everywhere.
A mother’s love is unconditional.
A mother takes into her womb and into her hands
the future, a child.
Through her, the earth is blessed
and the earth blesses her
with life.
For mother is the earth and earth is the mother.
Together as one, they bless each day.
Thank you dear mother. Thank you dear earth.
For giving us a beautiful today and tomorrow.


by Alisa Muñiz Blanchard

I see her stand on top of a mountain, the wind blows her hair out, reaching for the sky, almost touching the clouds. I see her looking through her eyes which squint gently to filter the sun.

At her feet sits a porcupine. They are still looking at one another; she swears that she sees it breathing, but no other movement. They are at an impasse. She fears if she goes any closer she will be stung by the quills. As she looks, she notices that it appears soft. She wants to touch it, but is afraid it will hurt.

I see her squatting down on the mountain now, realizing that this creature is not moving, is not going anywhere, that it is staying at her feet.

She wants to let it know what it feels like to be touched, she reaches out with a stick to gently poke the porcupine

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Why Do You Love?

by Trishuwa

“Why do you love?” she asked.

The invisible presence.
The divine ingredient.

Can this be named?

I try, we try.

My voice, my tears, my yearnings
create words of love for the divine presence.

In the silence between the words
my heart fills with devotion.
I am ensouled with love.

I see the divine in your eyes,
feel it in your touch,
the breathing in and out of you.

I surrender my heart to
that which cannot be named.

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Priestess of Eleusis

by Katlyn Breene

My vision of a priestess of the Great Mother and the ancient mysteries of Greece and Crete.

Cosmic Star Goddess

by Shawna Stewart

Not only are we in the Universe, the Universe is in us. I don’t know of any deeper spiritual feeling than what that brings upon me. — Neil deGrasse Tyson

This powerful energy painting was created with the intent of remembering our divine connection to that which is so much greater than we have been acting. Be the star goddess you were meant to be, in each loving, kindness inspired act that you do, each day, each now. Be DIVINE!


by Douglas Walker

I kept having the impulse that I should do a painting of Flordemayo. I called her and told her what I was thinking. Her response was, “Oh, Douglas. I’ve been dreaming that you were going to paint me.” So I knew I was plugged into something special.

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Dance by the Light of the Moon

by Karen Noel

Embrace the gifts
of the universe.
Feel the light within.

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