Through the Fire Volume 2 :: Issue 11

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When Passion is the Guide

by JoAnne Dodgson

There are always changes going on — in the shifting seasons of the earth, in our personal and collective lives. Whether planned or unexpected, change involves endings and beginnings, the dismantling and rebuilding, the death of what has been and the birthing of the new.

Though change is ever present in the natural flow of life, we tend to fear and fight against it. We struggle to hold onto what’s known and familiar while longing for something fresh, dynamic and new. Endings tend to get fueled by anger, disconnection, and disappointment. Beginnings often evoke fears of unknowns, doubts about survival, questions about which direction to go.

So how do we find our way?

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I Put You In This Box

by Arianna Giorgio

The first thing to occur was the second longest silence ever recorded in human history.
What could I say to something like that?
What could I say to someone telling me that God had decided I wasn’t worth it anymore?
I put you in this box.
I put you in this box so you can’t hurt me.
You are contained and therefore are no longer a contaminate to my soul.
This box makes you nameless, strips you of all recognition.
Finally, people won’t stare at me because of the physical scars you’ve left.
The scars carved into my back with a blade so hateful my heart attacked itself.
The scars on my face from the tears you ate on your way up to devouring my brain.

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On Madness and Wild Women

by Vanessa Codorniu

Someone asked what madness means to me. Some people think women dancing ecstatically under a starry sky is madness or that men and women listening to their Souls and being guided by their hearts is madness.

Some see it as madness when you choose the road less traveled, for your Soul is the pathfinder of its own destiny.

Wild women and men with wild souls, it is not madness for me because that’s how I’ve lived now for a long time.

It’s like when people say ” OMG! OMG! I think I’m psychic!!! OMG IT’S SO CRAZY!!!” It’s not crazy at all. It’s our birthright. Part of my mission is to share that we all have these abilities and how to hone them so they can serve us and allow us to step into our greatest calling!

I live between the worlds and succeed in both daily, I help others do the same. Its normal for me and a way of life. I started going to spirituality festivals and dancing under the moon around bonfires 20 years ago, sweat lodges, journeying, healing with sisters, ritual and ceremony. I started holding women’s circles in 1999. It’s my normal place of existence and most if not all of the women in my life are like that too!

So madness to me is when you DON’T listen to your SOUL.

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To Be Enjoyed

by K. Chavez

He struggled to scale her walls
And she shoved him off.
Dug deep through her trenches,
But the ground caved in.
Followed her across oceans,
Only to have the wind change direction of his sails.
He had her only once before,
Yet remained relentless.
For he knew she was to be enjoyed,
And in copious amounts.

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Fill The Gap

by DeAnna L’am

My Great-Great-Great-Grandmother sat in a Red Tent. My Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter, yet to be born in a distant future, will be sitting in a Red Tent, as natural to her as her own home. She will know that her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother, who is currently my teen-aged daughter — all sat in Red Tents before her…

Our current generations live in a gap: the gap between our Ancestors, and our Offspring. Our mothers and grandmothers lived without a memory of places where women could go to, monthly, for renewal, regeneration, and support. The generations of women living on Earth today are rapidly remembering! We have a sense of what it would feel like to sit in a Red Tent monthly. More and more of us have an actual experience of it.

The gap closes by Activating Memories! We can’t reclaim, renew or regenerate a tradition we never heard of. If there was once a tradition in which women planted forests together — we have no memory of it. But we do remember sitting in Red Tents. And when we remember — our longing awakens… When we remember — we can create anew.

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A Passion for the Deep

by Barbara Heile

newspapers bleaching on the doorstep,
the women retreat so deep within themselves
that their gaze itself becomes the path you wish to follow,
back to your true self as man.

through woman,
you’ll arrive again in the world, anew.

a woman’s gaze from within her center
is a golden pathway
to what is real and true
beyond the news of the world’s play and warfare and latest sale.

take this path, woman,
let the papers bleach on the doorstep,
find your way home so they can find theirs.

oh, who could have guessed what your gaze promised?
who could have guessed?

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by Nadine Waltman Harmon

Clay Lady…Earth Mother
somewhere, between mesas of New Mexico
and tallgrass prairies of Oklahoma
you carried the plan for me,
but I got lost on the edge of the reservation.
Dog was my playmate and
Horse my watchman.
Blackjack oaks shaded me,
Coyote and Wolf entertained me with their
melodious nightly lullabies.
Always Clay Lady…Earth Mother watched
over me as I became a proud Osage woman.

There is a Dawn

Artwork by Lisa Adams Reed
Poem by Scott Lockhart

“There is a Dawning in My Soul”

there is
a dawning
in my
me from

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Zen Necklace

Luisacchi Jewellry Designs

by Sherry Knight

Labradorite is know for uniting the personal self with the understanding required to realize and achieve the destiny of this life.

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Love Is Eternal/Paradise Lost

by K Lenore Siner

Wax, oil paint and gold on wood panel . 30″ x 30″ . 2014


Artwork by Katlyn Breene
Poem by Bhen Rudha

Be still in the dark and listen.
For in the night you’ll find mystery and secrets and breath that barely leaves the lips.
There is wisdom there.

So sing gently into the silent night, Lion Mother,
And drip honeyed dreams into the hearts of Your children.

Be still in the dark and see.
For the shadows have mingled into pools of bitter memory and the sweet slide of skin against skin.
There is healing there.

So walk softly through the silvered night, Lion Daughter,
And let Your steps become the heartbeat of the earth.

Be still in the dark and touch.
For the dark can guide, as surely as the day, with a gentler hand, a lighter touch, a softer lesson.
There is peace there.

So journey through the tides of darkest night, Lion Teacher,

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The Paradox

by Nathalie Jackson

Life is a paradox
A living dichotomy
The Knight, the Queen
The Black, the White
At once full of hope
Tears brimming with joy
Feeling the beauty that is life
Coursing through my veins.
Such Goodness, such Courage.

And in an instant feeling the gravity
The weight and burdens Mother Earth bares
The wars over resources
The perpetuity of generations of hatred
The needless taking of human life
For profit — for power
Followers following
In blind obedience
When will we stand for Acceptance,
Respect & Appreciation of one another?

My heart is full of ALL
The Knight, the Queen
The Black, the White
Can we have one without the other?
Can we live in the paradox
without the paradox?
Yes and No
All is in me
I am all of it
I am.

Still Life

With Clementines, Robin, Gold Fish and Banana

by Kytha Gernatt

Acrylic on canvas . 24″ x 24″ . 2014

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