Dare to Remember Volume 2 :: Issue 12

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One door closes and another one opens. Conscious of letting go, move boldly
into the new.

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by Wendy Mitchell, Judy Zehr & Scott Lockhart

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
— Hans Hofmann

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I Remember

by Nathalie Jackson

I remember Who I Am
How many times have I heard these very words
Come from my very lips?
Here I am, once again…
Having forgotten
To remember.

Is this how the story is meant to unfold?
Is this the destiny of humanity?
How far will I fall
When next my memory fails?

It remains unknown
Forever in the mystery
Here for my discovery

Until then, I smile.
For right now I’m alive,
I’m awake; I see.
I’ll stay here
Content and at peace
Fire burning in my belly
Giving love, taking love in
Living to be alive
Not forsaking any part of me
Loving every crease, every wrinkle
Every eyelash, every grey hair

Every part counts
All of me matters.

I remember…

Five Tips for Juicy Aging

by Mariana Trapera

Feeling JOY, experiencing WELLNESS, and finding MEANING in your third chapter is essential if you want to live through these years with a sense of peace and purpose, and into your 80’s and beyond.

Although research has found that older people do tend to feel happier and less stressed in their retirement years than younger folk, it appears that this changes in their geriatric years when they can become very miserable. I propose that we can greatly improve our chances of feeling HAPPIER in our later years by taking care of the transition ones in our 50’s to 70’s. As one who knows, I offer the following tips.

I Believe There Are Five Key Areas to Focus On

And if you feel STUCK in any area, don’t know the HOW to, or need SUPPORT to resolve the past, then please ask for help. You’re never too old to hire a coach to get some tips, or talk with an empathic therapist if there are things from your past to let go of, like healing family wounds or unresolved grief.

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Hello Beautiful Debbie

by Kytha Gernatt

Hello Beautiful Debbie
Let me tell you something, Dear
I may be right and I may be wrong
but nothing is easy and the road is long.

Take your own sweet time, Debbie
and relax your mind, Debbie
everything is perfectly broken
that’s why we spend our time mending
our hearts, our souls, our bodies, Debbie
if that is your real name.

Love. Debbie.
There is only One.
we gotta share it.
Like Our Mamas always told us
this world was made for us

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The Call

by Kaylia Dunstan

Woman where are you?
Where are you woman?
You have wrapped yourself in silence
Cast your eyes
From the terror of sadness
Forgotten your belly
It’s now fat with water
That dripped from your lids
Dropped rivers down your neck
Too long ago to mention

This is a story of a woman
who dared herself
to dream
she belonged to the sea

Woman where are you?
Where are you woman?
Persephone’s pilgrimage
Is not your own

Where is your dance of celebration
Your velvet parade through the streets
Your folded skin
Shaking like bells
Where is the fine spin
Of the moment when
The sunlight mellows the face
And the breasts are deep and round

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by Douglas Walker

When I expressed some doubts about painting Kali, Divine Mother said, “You need to know ALL of me!”

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The Blood Mysteries

by Samantha Fernandez

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Finding My Heartsong in the Southern Highlands

by Tudzeline1 (Nadine Waltman Harmon)

Sometimes we find love in the strangest of places and in the most unusual circumstances. It all began for me one late June night, a winter’s night in the southern hemisphere when I felt surrounded by a seemingly cold, harsh and uninviting environment. After traveling all night over a bumpy road from Dar es Salaam, Rukia Masasi and I reached her parents’ home in Iringa, Tanzania. Rukia, who had lived with my family and attended the local community college, would be my interpreter while I researched folk tales of the Wahehe, the indigenous people of Iringa Region. My research was partly financed by a grant from The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, an honorary for women educators. I would live in the small guesthouse in the Masasi’s compound while I learned about Wahehe folk tales.

As I looked at
the typewriter I wondered if I could find the right words to retell the Wahehe folk tales.

The Southern Highlands, Iringa Region in Tanzania, East Africa is a land of surprises. Surrounded by high stone mountains, its many red mud-brick houses

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Symbols of Our Ancient Past

by Aradia Lunabella

In memory of the great scholar, Marija Gimbutas, whose work has allowed us to envision the symbols and reality at the core of prehistoric religion that honor birth, death, regeneration and the eminent role of the Mother-Goddess.

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Tumbleweeds Who Forgot to Tumble

by JoAnne Dodgson

I’ve been clearing a patch of land near my house where there’s a burly overgrowth of brown tumbleweeds. My harvesting wardrobe includes thick leather gloves and toeless socks pulled over my forearms to prevent painful encounters with the sharp prickly spines. I’ve gotten to wondering about this unlikely gathering of still-rooted tumbleweeds. Why haven’t they tumbled the way tumbleweeds do? What’s held them in place despite their natural inclination to uproot and blow in the winds and dance across the land?

Do they really like it here or have they just gotten stuck?

My clearing-away of the aged tumbleweeds has revealed unexpected treasures. Hidden beneath the crunchy brown tangle I’ve discovered a lush growing world of green. A vibrant Yucca once buried beneath the overgrowth now stands visible and undisguised. White blossoms on a delicate curvy vine now reach joyfully toward the sky. Purple wildflowers are flourishing. The soil is sunning herself, nourishing the renewal of her patch of land.

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Poem for Dancers

Moving Prayers

by Katlyn Breene

Carry your prayers
Like jewels upon your breast
Like honey upon your lips

Hold your prayers
Like the egg of a wild bird
Like a sleeping child,
Ever so lightly, yet so strong

Embrace your prayers
Like a lover who is leaving on a journey
Then let them go with a smile

Dance your prayers
Into the present
Every step a heart beat
Into the earth

Find your prayers
Inside every breath,
Let them open you
Until you are filled with tears
Of phenomenal blessedness

Release your prayers
Like sweet smoke
Spiraling between earth and heaven —
By forgetting the words…

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