Awakening You Volume 2 :: Issue 2

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by Vanessa Codorniu

Pulling on the clothes of mourning. I knew this moment would arrive. Without a carriage or fanfare but indeed, arrive it would.

Unannounced yet prepared I seem. My dress has waited for this day silently. Not wanting to warn me, yet much aware.

I am mourning the sweet promise of your blossoming and the generosity of your veiled friendship. A veil even you yourself do not see or recognize.

Today I mourn that there is something that stands between us. Impenetrable and non-moving even with the gentlest of love offerings.

Mourning, awakened by your ego, unable to see its way out of its “rightness”, unable to truly apologize from the heart…this leaves us at an impasse.

A half made bed, for half-made sleep. A half-made journey.

What is it within you that must always be right?

What pains you so greatly that you must, at all costs super-impose your reality on every frame? Every picture?

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Nude Self Portrait in Warm Colors

by Sara Gately

Paint and permanent marker on paper . 12″ x 18″ . 2011

Mother Medicine

by Psalm Isadora

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Winter Retreat for the Uncommon Common (Wo)Man

by Samantha Bryan

Ah, winter in New England. The wheel has turned and apropos to the ruling sign of Capricorn we are becoming fully initiated into old man winter. Personally, I grew tired of this annual hazing years ago as a wee one growing up in rural Maine. When I was finally welcomed into the relative freedom of adulthood, I decided that January would no longer have such luck as to lock me in its frozen prison of seasonal depression and dreaded morning commutes ever again. Beginning in my early 20s, every January I would leave wherever I was living and head south for a month. The past two years I was fortunate enough to travel to Central America, where I split my time between spiritual pursuits and volunteering in community aid programs.

These adventures have opened my heart and mind, and pushed me further on my path than I ever could have imagined otherwise.

There is a theory held by some that we all ultimately get where we are supposed to go anyway, despite which route we take first. But I am still endlessly grateful for the catalyst effects of these travel experiences. The downside of these experiences, however, was that I maintained the idea that in order to achieve healing and some form of spiritual growth and enlightenment, I needed to put myself in a little bubble and cast away my primarily lived world.

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Carry the Banner of Truth

in support of Tangerine Bolen

We are here in support of each other. Reaching beyond the borders of a system that fails us. Calling each other to our strength, to our faith. Finding ways to show each other that it is possible to find hope when it seems as if there is none.

Love prevails and it is within our power to live that as truth.

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Imagine Your Dreams

by Paula Jones

Mixed media . 60″ x 60″

Anaïs Nin

by Bonnie Gloris

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anaïs Nin

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Magpie Totem

by Winter Ross

Fabric collage


by Alisa Muñiz Blanchard

Who is she,
 That bangs on your door
 Insistence of rapping
 The call echoing in the rafters
 You know
 And the running away from her
 Only brings you closer
 To the deafening cackle
 Of her raging heart
 Eye to eye one must surrender
 Amidst the mystery to the
 Hazy mystery of where she leads you
 Her stare is cold like spring rivers
 Her breath foggy like summer nights
 Her voice decays like autumn leaves
 Her skin is rough like the winter snow
 And still you must follow her
 Deep into the borrows
 Beyond the crust of the earth
 To the quickening of life
 In the molten core
 For there is no denying the call

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In Search of Brahman

by Laurie Gardner

What is
What is not
Complete, whole
Nothing, Everything
Unchanging, Ever Unfolding.

Often unknown
Yet completely knowable
All yet Not A Thing
Manifested, Yet Unmanifested.

Mind, Matter, Spirit, Me
You, Him, Her, the tree or bee
Or not
Form, thought, spirit
All-pervasive, Non-invasive.

All is you
You are all

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Blue Star Woman’s Canoe Hat

by Mary Snowden

2004 . Fidalgo Island, USA

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Please Come In

by Megan Hollingsworth

you are welcome here
as you are
it is hard to gaze softly
enough to see oneself
clearly, allow me to see you
so you can see me
then together we shall see
we are welcome here
as we are beautiful

Path of the Wild Heart

by Kristin Bareheart Brockett

This is a call to your heart and your deep primal wild self who knows that you have waited too long to feel fully Alive, to express who you really are, to love yourself fully, to allow your hearts wild passion to liberate you, to be free. This is a call to remember your depth, your wisdom, your power and live your hearts wide open truth.

We are living in a world that needs you NOW to honor and love yourself, to not hold back the gifts and passion of your heart and soul. You are a leader, a healer, a truth teller, a trailblazer, a record keeper, a guardian of the seed, a protector, a co-creator of planetary harmony and much more not yet dreamed into being.

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Form Births Form

by K Lenore Siner

Oil paint, silver and resin on wood panel . 40″ x 30″

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by Samantha Moore

Asleep with garnet in my navel
and rosemary oil on the souls of my feet
I dream safely, if not soundly

Suffering an unslakable thirst
to be washed over
Clear, cold, rushing –
Lungs expressed
Flesh, goosey
and New

Asleep again, with garnet in my navel
I am bathing dreams, From
and Into

Soul Rising

by Nicole Adele

Written by Nicole Manieri out of her own soul’s journey.

Emily’s Rain Dance

by JoAnne Dodgson

Many beautiful gifts come along in such seemingly simple, ordinary moments. And it’s often the youngest among us who have something extraordinary to share. During a holiday gathering with my family, we were gathered outside on the porch one evening when it unexpectedly began to rain. Instantly, all the adults backed up against the walls of the house, seeking shelter beneath the roof.

My four-year-old niece, however, had other ideas. Without a moment’s hesitation, Emily spread her arms wide-open and lifted her face toward the sky. Smiling and laughing, she skipped barefoot around the porch, singing and shouting with glee. “It’s raining! It’s raining! It’s raining!”

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Are You Ready to be Seen?

by Mel Shapcott

For the better part of the last decade I clung to the shadows and operated behind the scenes. After graduating from college I fled the city and moved away, far out into one of the most remote regions of the US. This made it easy to hide.

Of course I didn’t notice I was hiding at first.

I had plenty to keep me busy: lengthy conversations with plants, spirited dialogue with the stones and duets with the wind.

Because I had no other place to store it, I put my artwork under the bed. Years went by. I sunk deeper and deeper into myself, entrained in an internal discourse.

Finally, I realized by not being seen I was beginning to lose track of who I was. You may be familiar with the concept that the people in your life are your mirror. What I discovered is that if you are not showing up to look in that mirror — then you can’t see yourself. I gained the profound perspective that I could not be myself in a vacuum.

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