Hold the Dream Volume 2 :: Issue 4

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Claiming our power and giving life to our dreams, we act on our intuition and sing out with deep gratitude for all that is alive.

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Women’s Power
Is in Our Bone Stories

by ALisa Starkweather


I want to write something about power,

women’s power,

innate power,

power that is not power over

or belly up under

but a sacred medicine

a fiercesome rite of passage

a collaborative phenomena

the birthing grounds to our true yes and no.



Power that when used rightly

has the ability to restore us

and rebirth humanity itself to a new dream

a new world

She is perceived dangerous

The dragon woman’s transformative fire

Throwing flames at outworn old assumptions

She is the freedom that moves effortlessly in her body

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by Jiling Lin

Questions, Interpretations & Practices

What does it mean to be VITAL? What does perfect HEALTH mean to you? What does it mean to LIVE fully?

“VITALITY” means to experience vibrant ALIVENESS in body, mind, heart, and spirit, a feeling of deep internal and external connection and interconnection.

Vitalism focuses on a balanced lifestyle for optimum health and life enjoyment. “Health” includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Changing Woman

by Tracey A. Leigh

I stand upon the brink
Terrified and inert
Change is afoot
And I deny and delay
Through Fear.

I am Fear’s captive
His willing victim
Every time
Sabotaging myself at will.
Submissive to his masterful hand.

Come to me now my warrior soul
The inner me that fights
The Kali within that
Decapitates Fear
And bears his head
In victory.

Death to my tyrants
My inner demons
Death to the saboteur.

Life, love and change for the better
To me the victor.


by Wendy Fairie Robinson

Mixed media painting on paper . 9″ x 12″

Ancient Goddess in Blue

by Aradia Lunabella

Mixed media collage . 2014

Awakening a process of remembering who
I truly am and rediscovering my own divinity.

So I go down, down, deep into the blue
that is my own true source,
deeper and deeper, emerging on the other side —
a woman, alive
with her hands full of silver.
As I honor my sacred femininity
I remember the lost, forgotten and banished
rituals and cycles of my ancient foremothers.
I am reclaiming my whole self
as a daughter of the Goddess.


by Mel Shapcott

Watercolor, ink and oil pastel . 12″ x 16″ . 2014

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by em jollie

Something rustles outside
and the dream becomes a buffalo
bearing gifts of food, water, warmth.

You are telling me how
you’ve been unable to sleep and I only think
later, in the midst of my morning: it is odd

to hear you say so in the moment before
waking. Then we are in that field of corn
in Southern Illinois, laughing

at how helicopters are spent looking
for little green plants like the troopers
who soar over Wendell, though we both know

men in fatigues with rifles
are no joke.
There are plenty of things to keep us awake nights

but we have to seek what keeps us alive
during the days —
we have to strum our vision

until the chords come true,
until the rustling outside harmonizes
with our heart beats

and we are welcomed back
into the world that has been waiting
to dream this beauty

with us.

Red Owl Woman

by Raven Redfox

Acrylic on hardboard . 3′ x 2′

Morning Ceremony

by Autumn Sun Durgavan

I send love in all directions
To the East I send love

And receive a fresh and sacred breath
Of the recycled air from our ancestors
That carries on to the next seven generations
And I infuse all air molecules
With the greatest love of my heart
That may be received again and again
A cycle of love spinning
Like the cosmic dance
Of the earth around the sun
Eastern morning sun
Thank you for awakening me
To this lucid dream of life
I am dreaming
I allow the light to displace
Negative, tired and sick energy within me
So I may glow effortlessly
Thank you for rising positive sun
Hail and Welcome East, Element of Air!
Blessed be.

I send love in all directions
To the South I send love

And receive an eternal candle
Flickering flame honoring
The Spirit in my heart
May this candle light my way to joy
As I arise and meet the day
Weaving my passions
Under a full and forgiving sun
May my heart shine

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Arms Wide Open

by Simran Singh

Living Full Out… Free… Trusting the Unknown…

We want to wash our hands of the darkness we carry but we cannot. The farther we run from it, the closer it appears. We cannot scrub it, wish it, will it or cut it away. It is a part of us, as close as the skin…in most cases completely to the core. But look at it…see it here now…is it not as beautiful? Could it be that the dark is the most necessary complement and contrast to the Light? Is it the birth place of the Light? Perhaps just as a plant begins as a seed…the Light begins as the dark. The seed does not realize it is a plant until it begins to grow. The darkness cannot reveal light, until it begins to grow. The stalk of the plant does not know it can flower until a flower appears. The darkness has no way to know the Light is rising within it, to finally shine. Can we allow both, embrace both…cherish both; and give them equal presence in our lives?

As I moved through my experience moment to moment, truly committed to the organic unknowing and unknown, an awareness began deeply within my being. It began as an audible beating heart. My body knew something that my mind had been hiding from me for a long time. I could feel it. As the day progressed, the heart thumping became accompanied by a series of knots in my stomach. And then a frenzied energy took over my skin. I kept watching myself, as if from across the room.

‘Who is that person? Do I know?’

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by Haley Hoover

Chalkboard paint, oil pastel on canvas . 18″ x 24″

Meet Kierstyn, or “Keke.” Keke is a symbol of freedom and beauty.

Her carefree nature reminds us to live and love, openly and freely.

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She Lies on the Earth

by Barbara Heile

she lies on the earth
with her ear to the ground

the sun is on her back
the moon in its fullness
lies below the surface

if you will,
a seed growing fine white roots,
and a sprout begins to grow
up into her ear.

the new enters her body
from below.

she will be woven and dressed
by a filigree of white roots,
winding stems,
blossoms and fruits.
her body will be used to nourish what she came to be.

Leonora Carrington

by Bonnie Gloris

Mixed media on masonite . 18″ x 14″ . 2012

“You don’t decide to paint. It’s like getting hungry and going to the kitchen to eat. It’s a need, not a choice.” — Leonora Carrington

Depending on Nothing

by Emily Rose Michaud

Watercolor . 8.5″ x 11″

Wild Woman Rising is a collaborative project that strives to encourage the heartfelt
sharing of our most sacred expressions.
We are gathering our spirit and our strength in this creative outpouring and we invite you
to take your time and enjoy.

Prayer to the Golden Goddesses

by Jenn Allen

The hive is often likened to the womb of the Mother Goddess, a place of rebirth and revisioning.

Offer this prayer before eating to pay homage to the work of the honeybees who pollinate our plants and who, from their plant alchemy, create healing elixirs like honey, pollen and propolis.

Dear Golden Ones

I offer thanks to you for this meal as

You, are the flying herbalists who bring flower to fruit

And the alchemists who transform plant nectar into sun kissed elixir

Your hive is a botanical apothecary that heals and nourishes with sweet medicine

As you feed my belly,

My heart too is filled with the buzzing vibration of your sweet song

I am humbled by this sacred path,

As I walk in selfless service to the Golden Goddesses of rebirth


Soul Vision

by Jennifer R. Miller

You can’t go back to sleep —
not when your third eye
has been forced wide open
from the light of all your searching
and praying and wailing and healing —
not when the path before you
shines clear and radiant
as the first star on the horizon,
and your divine purpose
pulses inside of you
even louder than the sacred blood in your veins.
Deny this creative fire,
and it will burn you alive,
take you down to cinders,
and set you on the journey
of the phoenix once again.
No choice but to rise —
no choice but to erupt from the flames,
stronger and faster,
as you remember
how the breath of life tastes,
how the currents lift you up,
how your newly awakened eye
stares boldly at the sun
without tears,
without shame,
without anything
but the vision of your soul.

Illumination and Forgetfulness

by K Lenore Siner

Oil paint and resin on wood panel . 30″ x 30″

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Reaching Out to Meet Up

by JoAnne Dodgson

My bundle of sage was dwindling. This particular sage plant offers beautiful medicines for smudging ceremonies. What I love about the smudging sage is the way the dried silvery green leaves can be crumpled into a ball. Once lit, they gently burn like an ember. On this burning ember, other plant medicines can be added — cedar, sweetgrass, osha, juniper, oak. This allows for a natural smudging ceremony, similar to the old ways.

To wild-harvest the sage and replenish my herb bundle — this became a passionate quest. My search ended up taking me across state lines into the mountains of southern Colorado. Intuitively I headed toward an ancient rock formation which holds stories of indigenous peoples who lived there in centuries past. I sensed I’d find sage in the wilderness lands surrounding the sacred site.

Walking among the towering pines, I shared a gift offering with the land, plant nations and spirits to request their help in finding the smudging herb. I’m-looking-for-Sage became a silent chant, a drumbeat setting the rhythm for my explorations around the land.

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Wild Woman, Me

by Helene Rose

wild woman, me.
she grumbles
she rumbles
she wants more.
she wants more Life, more Love.

wild woman, me
she breathes
she grieves
she feels more
she feels more Life, more Love.

wild woman, me
she claims her spot here on earth.
she frames her life in her way.
she lets go.
she lets go of your hold on her.

wild woman, me
she lives
she gives
she lights the way.
she lights the way for you, for me, for many

to be
right here
right now
in this moment
and remember the gift of this Life.

Intuition: What’s Power Got to Do With It?

by Vanessa Codorniu

For many spiritual seekers the subject of power has usually been a subject that is tread upon lightly, if at all. We may approve of our inner power but we are often afraid of what power might mean in the everyday world. This approach invites a split off approach instead of a holistic flow between mind, body and spirit.

When it comes to trusting our inner compass, power is actually at the heart of being able to access our intuitive abilities.

What is it? How do we get it? What does it even mean?

Power: a) ability to act or produce an effect b) legal or official authority, capacity or right c) possession of control, authority or influence over others d) one having such power; specifically a sovereign state.

Power means having influence, having authority and the ability to have that authority or the ability to act.

No wonder people sell their Souls for it!

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by Winter Ross

Fabric collage

The Promise

by Nathalie Jackson

The merciless scythe of winter
Has come down hard.
It’s wrapped itself
Like a warmth-less blanket around my heart.
The chill from deep inside of me
Seems to never end.
It calls out to me,
Drawing me deeper and deeper into its jowls.
I’ve dived this time.
I haven’t feared the cold recesses
Of my own dark caves.
I’ve danced the eternal dance of death and rebirth
With my own demons.
And still I breathe.
I’ve plunged deeper and deeper into the abyss
Of my own sorrow.
And still I awaken in the morning.
Something continues to pull me out…
Out of a deep slumber.
Out of the dark night.
With a promise.

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