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Of Goddesses and Fools

by Betz King

The time has come, the walrus said,
To talk of many things.
Of shoes, of ships, of sealing wax,
Of cabbages and kings.
And – why the sea is boiling hot,
And whether pigs have wings.
— Lewis Carroll

The time has come, the priestess said
To write, like back in school…
Of research, rivers, cougar snacks,
Of goddesses and fools.
And – why the land is always right,
And whether hearts have rules.
— Betz King

The places of earth, spirit and society first overlapped during my doctoral interview at the Center for Humanistic Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Born in the zeitgeist of late 50’s and early 60’s social justice movements, CHS was a critical midwife in the birth of humanistic psychology. Defecting from previous camps that viewed humans as a collection of unconscious impulses or learned behaviors, humanistic psychology posited that humans possessed an inherent desire to make meaning and to grow, and if treated with unconditional positive regard, would do just that. Rooted in existential

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Northern Bald Ibis

by Lydia Hesse

Acrylic on canvas . 60″ x 48″

Making Flower Essences

by Jiling Lin

It’s summer. Flowers are blossoming everywhere. Pollinators buzz around, intoxicated in their fragrance. What to do, with all these lovely flowers?

Time to Make Flower Essences!

It’s best to make flower essences when the flower is at the peak of its blossoming, or right before the peak. Go out in the morning with clippers, undistilled spring water and a glass bowl or jar. Approach the flower or plant that you wish to make an essence of. Ask for permission to extract its essence, in whatever way feels the best to you. I like to make a prayer of gratitude, and sit with the plant for a while, before doing anything. Maybe I’ll observe the plant, draw it, photograph it, or just meditate with it. Do whatever feels the best for you, but it’s integral to establish a healthy relationship with the plant, before you try and make medicine with it.

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Ocean Grandmother’s Red Cedar Bark and Bear Grass Basket

by Mary Snowden

Inspiration for my weaving is rooted in nature and the land of the Northwest Coast. My main medium is red cedar bark and indigenous grasses. Barks and grasses are gathered and prepared using ancient techniques taught to me.

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Watering the Soul

by Kathy Crabbe

Acrylic and pastel on masonite . 48″ x 48″ . 2011

Face to Face

by Raven Hawk

Digital art . 2100px x 1500px

The Edge

by Rand Hall

when life has thrown me a curve
  that I am finding hard to follow

  I go to the edge
  where sea meets shore
  and walk a line I understand

  and remember again I am
  but the grain of sand
  tumbled by the tide

I set my eyes
on the far horizon
and reach for a broader perspective

  and if I cannot get to the sea
  I find me a tree
  climb it’s high branches
  off to the sky

  I go to the edge
  where there is no I

A World Tearing Itself Apart

by Nathalie Jackson

This may seem like a loaded, never-ending topic. Yes I agree. I’m engaging in an inner dialogue today on this very subject, as I reflect on recent conversations I’ve had and how easily we can hurt one another with our words. I have the privilege of living in an intentional community and of leading women through empowerment programs, all of which put me in situations of intense vulnerability and honesty. I know first-hand of the power of words. And I see over and over again how we can destroy one another and tear the very fabric that unites us with the way in which we choose to communicate.

Women in general are especially skilled at both building and tearing apart the fragile field that weaves a delicate tapestry between us. The divine feminine, in its purest form, is the energy of fluid motion and interconnectivity.  It binds and unites and moves through the changing tides. Because of its dynamic nature it has the ability to handle the inner storms of emotions and when embraced fully, it gives us, as women, permission to feel and to express all, in the name of interconnection and union.

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by Savannah Schroll Guz

The Weimar period in Germany, although politically and economically tumultuous, had a liberating impact on German women, who enjoyed the vote during this period and were freed from the restrictive corset by “Reformkleidung.” At the time, Marlene Dietrich and her androgynous wardrobe and persona became the symbol of the changing role and appearance of women in German society.

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by em jollie

“If you meet a woman…who sails her life with strength and grace and assurance, talk to her! And what you will find is that there has been a suffering, that at some time she has left herself for hanging dead.” — Sena Jeter Naslund, Ahab’s Wife

The landscape of Western Mass sprawls, mute
as a Rand McNally and as full of invisible
From the top of Mount Sugarloaf I see scrawled topographies
of rape, brutality, magic: bruised ingredients.
Untidy childhood. Long ago I climbed these mountains
and came down the other side. Mostly

unscarred, I have returned to New England
for this: the way fire brushes brilliant hues
across a canvas of foliage. For this: the way
wind lends wings to the leaves
in their terrific tumbling.
And for this: the hovering of bumblebees,
busy with the instinct to savor
their last days (sweet like honey
and difficult to swallow).
I have come back to this campus, too, to my
books — pages bound
to radiate reason, meaning,
a certain steadiness. I meet
a man named Marcus Aurelius
who, through a fissure in time, whispers
there is only the present. I know he is not
lying — I have never been that shattered little girl.
I have always been this strong
young woman
who refuses the choreography composed
by her memories and chooses, instead
the song of each new Autumn

there is only this day
there is only this dance
& all I need is the melody
of my one self, infinitely


I Believe

by Samantha Moore

It is my time,
they keep telling me.
For too long, have I kept myself small,
asked for too little,
expected no greatness.

I need only grasp it,
they say.
I am primed and prepped,
washed clean by tears of suffering and joy,
ready to receive.

What hesitation is this,
what fear that holds me back,
one foot mired in muck,
the other swimming freely in the clean, clean
flowing river?

Feet be where they may,
The wind, She whispers to me always,
if I listen,
that I am the goddess, the temple priestess, the healer, the sage,

Receive to give, they say
(I thought it went the other way!).
I am the earth beneath me, the sky above.
All love and healing flows through me
and this is my divine right

So I am told.

What Is Beauty Good For?

by DeAnna L’am

Indigenous cultures around the world are renowned for their beautiful artifacts and ornaments. While both women and men in ancient cultures created functional vessels and tools, such as baskets, ropes, pots, bows and arrows, storage containers or hunting aids, it is women who created objects for beauty alone.

What is beauty good for?

You can’t eat it, you can’t use it for any serviceable purpose, it doesn’t help in achieving anything. It exists for one purpose alone: itself. And women are the ones responsible, historically, for bringing it forth.

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10 Women Strip Down & Share Their Thoughts On Beauty & Body Image

by The Goddess Project

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