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Warming up the Cold Season

by Jiling Lin

Here’s two of my favorite cold season drinks to help warm you up from the inside out: fire cider from the Northeastern Appalachians and Chai tea from India. Both of these drinks have their basic set of ingredients. But, like any good recipe, they gain character as you experiment with and personalize them. Enjoy!

Fire Cider

Fire cider was given its name due to its fiery spicy contents, usually infused in apple cider vinegar. Simply fill a glass jar with equal parts of chopped up garlic, ginger, onions, horseradish and cayenne or hot peppers. You can then add whatever herbs you may wish to infuse, such as bitters (ie. burdock or dandelion root) or berries (ie. jujube dates or manzanita berries).

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Only an Initial Spark

An Interview with Dime Novelist Kathleen Glassburn on Inspiration, Writing and Horses

by Laura Madeline Wiseman

Laura Madeline Wiseman: I just finished reading your flash novel A New Plateau from Red Dashboard’s dime novel series. This is part one of the trilogy, with the next two in the series forthcoming in 2015. Talk about the inspiration to write a trilogy and the art of publishing sequentially.

Kathleen Glassburn: I didn’t plan to have this story be part of the dime novel series, but rather submitted the stand-alone story for publication in a literary journal. Red Dashboard offered me this opportunity, and it sounded like a fun experiment. I’ve never written a trilogy, so one of my questions was: How much information from the previous story do I need to insert in order to place the reader? Eventually, I figured out what felt right, assuming that anyone reading the second story would have read the first one. Many of my stories end in such a way that there is room for continuation. I’ve finished the second story except for a bit of polishing, so I knew where it is going. In “A New Plateau,” the first story, Janice is excited about resuming an old passion for horses, as well as making a change of scenery to Santa Fe. Since the death of her husband, the life she loved has altered significantly. The second story, as yet untitled, opens several months later, with her missing the comforts and luxuries of life in Seattle. For her, bunkhouse living has proven to be pretty miserable at times, especially during the icy, winter days and nights. But home, which she returns to during the holidays, continues to evoke grief and sad memories. How this conflict — Seattle or Santa Fe? — is resolved makes up the story. Since the series is called The Santa Fe Trilogy, a reader knows that Janice stays. But, how and why does she stay?

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Invisible No More

by Feather Redfox

Dreamer Memories of the Time of Dann

Scented knowings of past realities smoked thru dreams
Incense smoldered,
losing past ash on
Brass moon and stars near
Milky iridescent

She sat…heart reaching for the
the devastation that dissipates all
Life goes thru new doorways on other paths between
Green-rowed trees both
Dark and light to
dappled path
and she of flowing skirts and copper hair
is walking,
to a joyous Connection with her
uplifted knowing of Home,
place of exchange, growth, teaching, empowerment

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Turning of the Times

by JoAnne Dodgson

How can we create a world of harmony, happiness, and well-being for humans and all life on earth as we move into the new year?

This question was asked in a Throwing of the Bones Ceremony, a Peruvian healing art and divination ceremony in the ways of Ka Ta See. Here is the Spirits’ response:

Building from the Inside Out

The Bone Spirits show that creating a world of harmony, happiness, and well-being begins by having these energies felt, known, and actively alive on the inside, in our inner worlds. We build a harmonious world from the inside out.

The key is our personal and collective awakening as humans. Remembering who and what we really are. Living life as a genuine expression of our true selves. Not somebody else’s expectations. Not society’s map for our lives. No judgments, assumptions, or fears.

In the Peruvian ways of Ka Ta See, your self, the totality of your being, is poetically described as your ‘Song.’ To wake up means to remember your Song. To feel, know, experience, and openly share who and what you really are. You being you, for real.

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Eagle’s Vision

by Prem Danielle Tonossi

Acrylic . 30″ x 36″

Discovering Original Face*

For Reinier Jesserum and My National Chinese Students

by Melissa (Mei An) Reed

Waterfall and hidden birds beckon — initiate
an extraordinary human

Supine on Classical Chinese Garden ground, we give
ourselves to gravity, slowly, deeply, evenly breathing
into pulsing star shapes.

Supple in the Green World’s hand, we surrender
vital radiance, receive all needed frequencies of light, relax
deeply into the Book of Earth, the Teacher who cradles us.

Transparent to all Gaia has to give us, we forget
ourselves — discover,
We are rich!

Is this the face we have lost?

We notice how more light radiates
outward through our upturned palms where sunlight meets
and radiates in return.

Levity pulls equally, oppositely from gravity to exact
new vertical balance. Floating
effortlessly between sky and earth we rejoice,

We are free! —
free artists
of our characters.

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A Loss

by Nathalie Jackson

I walk with death today
I feel its power
Know its fierceness
Feel its gentleness
My heart at once
breaks with the finality
of the moment
And bursts wide open
With the beauty
Of knowing you are with the ancestors
How can one heart
feel so much
in One Precious Instance?
I feel your presence
Hear your laughter
Feel the gentle way
you poked and teased
and shared your joy
I miss who I remember you to be
I miss the sweet memories of my youth
And how you were a part of healing
and laughter in my life
I will remember
your smiles and sense of humour
How you fed us to show you cared
And sat watching us children play
My love of the garden comes from you
I blissfully remember the sea of geraniums
on your dining room table
And how you taught me to graze in the garden
Your hands will forever remain strong in my memory
Hands that massaged, planted, fed, created
You can relax now
You will be missed

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Priestess in a Material World

by Sage Woman

In 2010, I went through the Shamanic Priestess Process facilitated by Anyaa McAndrew and followed with the Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries Circle. I received my calling from Spirit to carry on the lineage and am beginning my apprenticeship with Anyaa in a few weeks. As a facilitator of the Shamanic Priestess Process, I will be bringing my own Medicine Woman Mystery School to the Process in 2015.

Many times I have been asked: what is a Priestess? Often, I have not been able to really articulate an answer. For that reason, among others, I have decided to make this article about what I believe it means to be a Priestess in 2015.

Every woman carries the lineage of the Priestess. Somewhere deep down inside each of us is a memory of our Divinity. We are healers, caretakers, nurturers and peacemakers. We show up in the world through every profession. The Priestess chooses to live her life from a place of spiritual intelligence and maturity. She embraces her shadow-self and does the work. The work consists of interior cultivation, facing demons of the past, choosing love over fear and knowing how to live with passionate detachment.

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Shakti Rising — Women Rising

by Lakshmi Raman

The Dalai Lama once said, “The world will be saved
by the western women.”

I say, “The world will be saved by Women.”

As women, we are bestowed with the power to create, the power to restore and destroy. Shakti lives in us. Through the ages, women have been taught to silence Shakti. They are taught to dim down their light.

I call bullshit on this. Stop dimming your inner light. The world needs you to shine bright.

Now you may ask, “Lakshmi how do I harness the power and light of Shakti?”

First, YOU are Shakti. She lives within you. Her form maybe different, but her message remains the same; heal the World.

Second, her power is harnessed through your everyday act.

Healing the world does not require you to touch the lives of the masses. Healing begins at home. As a mother, you touch the lives of your children everyday. Our children go on to building the future.

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The Aztec Goddess of Flowers, Erotic Love and The Underworld

by Katlyn Breene

Commonly depicted as wearing a blue tunic woven with flowers, a garland of green feathers, as well as red and yellow flowers, golden earplugs and pendants. Flowers emerge from her mouth symbolizing eloquence. A red serpent signifying unbridled passion emerges from her vagina. Beneath her ocelot throne are marigolds and a skull symbolic of the underworld. Marigolds are still offered to her today and to the dead whom she protects on Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.

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