by Nathalie Jackson

I sit here this day
Full of wonder, awake, amazed
Miracles are finding me
Seeking me out
Looking for me in the cold, dark moments.
Knowing I am in there somewhere.
Not willing to settle for anything less
Than All of Me…

Filled with gratitude
For all those who never give up on me
Small reminders of the latent beauty
Of a diamond hiding deep in stone.
Diamond, stone, sculptor — I Am All of it.

All of nature pauses before
The breaking dawn,
The breath before the diamond emerges
In anticipation
Whispering, “Yes, You CAN and you WILL rise.”
Never a doubt
That new birth will take place
Enough trust
To change the tides
To quench the raging fires
And calm the endless storm

This same trust, I find
Somehow, Somewhere, Within my Heart

The Dawn beckons me back home

Journal, Volume 3 Issue 3