Earth Communion

by Sarah Morgan Haydock

Interconnection, relationship, sacred sharing.

Communion is the essence of being. Each breath we take, each movement we make, each sensation we experience – it is all communion. There is a vast and intricate web of interconnection – this we call life. To gaze at the stars – this is communion. To lay with a lover – this is communion. To speak, to cry, to dance, to shout, it is all communion. When life touches life – this is communion.

Awareness of communion with the earth, for me, is bliss. Pure life, a flowing, rushing power, like a waterfall, cascading through me, energizing the web of my being.

My home right now is in the desert. It is not where I grew up. I grew up playing in streams and rivers, canoeing on lakes and swimming in the ocean. Water was abundant. Here in the desert, even the air is thirsty. Here, water is sacred – rain is a life giver, a cause for celebration. Here, the powerful energy of a rainstorm is amplified by the cry of relief heard from the soil and the trees – the parched earth sings in gratitude for the rain, drinking it into her body.

There is a stream bed that runs by our house here. Most of the time it is dry. When it rains, my daughter calls me outside to see if there is water running through it. She loves the rain. We run outside to check the stream bed – “no stream,” she says most of the time. Sometimes there are a few puddles here and there.

Every once in a while, the sound of rushing, bubbling water greets our ears and the life energy inside me seems to amplify! The stream is running! It runs red-brown, like the blood of the earth, picking up the red clay from along the banks. It is so powerful, so ecstatic!! We walk into the red water, so fertile, so full of life. The rush of water-life-energy energizes me even more – We bathe in the clay water, play, laugh. I breathe in the bliss of this moment. I am vibrating with life. This is what my soul craves, like the parched dry earth craves the rain, like the newly unfurled seedling craves sunlight, like the open flower craves the touch of wind, of bees, of ants and birds… this is what I crave! This is communion! – Communion with the water, with the desert, with the earth!

The power of communion is infinite – liberating – energizing – potent.

Earth Communion has incredible teaching power – in that state of open receptivity, so much learning is possible! Communion with plants is how we truly learn about – and from – them. Reading about an herb in a book, or hearing a lecture on herbalism, can only teach you so much. True wisdom comes from your own life-spark touching the life-spark of that which you wish to discover – true learning comes from communion.

Journal, Volume 1 Issue 1