Even Comets Sing

by JoAnne Dodgson

Comets sing! The audio recording made when a space probe landed on a comet has gone viral. While the world seems to be falling apart, with ceaseless news reports of wars, heartache and destruction, something else is capturing our attention.

The very songs of life.

And the beautiful thing is — we’re listening.

We all have a Song, a unique vibration, a dynamic energy field existing within our physical bodies and rippling out beyond. Though audible sounds may not be detectable by our human ears, there are countless ways we can feel, sense and experience our own and others’ Songs — whether we’re connecting with another human, with the trees or a mountain, with a river, coyote, comet or star.

Each and every one’s Song is unique. Full of aliveness and knowing. Ancient and vast. With particular purposes for existence. Beautiful and loving. Curious and aware.

Remarkable scientific genius was poured into hours and hours of innovative construction of the spacecraft that landed on the comet. Interestingly, the mission was not about finding the song. The song of the comet was an entirely unexpected discovery which has opened doorways into new territory, stretching the mind, awakening the heart about what is and can

This has gotten me to wondering: What would happen if we did make it our mission to find the Song?

To find, remember and experience the Song of our very own selves. To sense the genuine essence and unique vibration of everyone and everything close by in our personal worlds and far, far beyond.

What if we stretched our minds and opened our hearts to explore and cultivate Song-to-Song relationships?

What if we poured our immense creativity and innovative genius into building a Song-filled world?

Imagine…just imagine…the magical discoveries that are right here, in this moment, ready and waiting to be found.

Photo courtesy Stephen Eastop.

Journal, Volume 3 Issue 2