For Once In My Life

by Lisa Adams Reed


Choose contentment, joy, fun.

Bless the losses, for they became your greatest teachers. Wallow in them only if you want more of the same.

Continue to swiftly recognize and escort the negative people, situations and memories that don’t serve you out of your life. You cannot afford the sickness and the pain that they bring into your space.

Stop complaining unless you want to have complainers in your life. Don’t you dare inflict your whining on others. It hurts them and magnifies your original woe.

Tune in to those that appear to be one thing and turn out to be something else. They are your mirrors. Bless them and take a closer look at yourself.

Be an alchemist. You have the power to change the ordinary into something wondrous every day. Choose to do that and you will experience boundless synchronicity.

Acknowledge outwardly the serendipitous events whirling around you and abundance will come to you and those you love.

Listen to your heart. It always shines a light on your authenticity.

Create and contribute beautiful things, thoughts and actions, for that IS the path to a beautiful life.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 10