Full Moon Says

by Katlyn Breene

“I am the Moon
the shadow fader,
stumble in the dark
and find a mystery Moon.

The Eternal lover’s Moon.
the gaze up,
and sigh and cry, and kiss Moon.

Whom men, gods and beasts alike
reach up and long to touch.

A mirror of mothers and maidens,
with cracks and craters
as my beauty marks.
The ‘women see yourselves’ Moon,
radiant and perfectly imperfect
constantly changing shape.

Moon that lets you stare up
and bathe in the reflection
of something too hot to touch.
I will make you sweat with passion
and hot-flashes.

I am always,
everywhere, every night,
but one…
when I hide to think about all the secrets I have seen.

Cold and barren, yet I am light
and so alive with stories and mysteries.

‘Queen of Heaven!’

I giggle at that…

You let me cast my spell on you.
13 times my incantation moves you to wonder,
to sorcery
to faeries
to fucking —

And the whole white amazing beyondness of it all.

Just far enough away
to keep you mesmerized and wooed,
star-crossed and searching
for ghosts at the crossroads.

The full Moon milky breast of spiritual wet dreams,
allowing you to believe
in feeling more,
In blood tides and divine lunacy.

You know the whitest most narcotically sweet blooms
look up to me
and open,
as if to say,
‘I am strange and lovely like you!’

Catch me in a cup of wine
and drink to me,
wish on me,
for tonight I am there just for you.
(and a little boy in china, too.)

I am a full heart in the dark
open to your imagining,
your myth,
your mystic dreaming.

Even though your feet have stepped upon my face
and my wealth of earthy treasure will be stolen.
makes no difference…

look into my eyes…
you cannot cease your worship,
your constant re-kindling of youthful longing
for the magic of it all.”

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 8