Genevieve Esson

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

My artwork is an extension of my inner thought processes and how I perceive the world around me. I have a very strong desire to convey the beauty and spirituality of the natural world. I paint mainly in acrylics but also do some mixed media work. Using bright colors and energetic line movement I paint with passion and precision. Each piece is unique and speaks for itself. I am developing at least three styles of painting, they are: Gargoyle, Metaphysical and Medieval. Hybrids of these three flourish, producing at times an affect that is surreal and somewhat abstract. The subject matter varies, but it always tells a story. I want to keep exploring and growing with my art. I am a profound believer in making the world a better place with my paintings. Having an environmental conscience when I create, it is motivating, not preachy. My art is inspired by nature, animals, music, illuminated manuscripts, beauty, color, trees, spirituality and art history. Having to feel connected and passionate when creating, I gather ideas for new artworks as I go about my daily life. Sketching it out, recycling ideas from past artworks, it becomes another project, opening the door for new creativity.

All Contributors, Volume 3 Issue 1