Havi Mandell

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We paint our lives with each breath, each thought, each flow of feeling and each sensation. We can recognize that we are master weavers of stories in each moment of our lives and, with that knowledge, we create the most beautiful tapestries of being. We can choose to which story we will give energy and which we will release. Regardless of the choices we consciously make, we are the storytellers, the magicians and the artists of our lives. Why not, then, create the greatest magic possible? Why not create our lives as masterpieces of joy, beauty and love?

I am an artist of images, of words and of life. I create because I can’t imagine not doing so; it is as essential as breathing and drumming my heart’s song. My art moves me into a place of spiritual connection and receptivity, opening to the deep inner wisdom and symbolic worlds that source all-healing, all transformation, all full-hearted gratitude and the beauty of Spirit’s artistry. I never cease to be amazed at what emerges magically and with such truth from my paintings and writings. A new life comes into form that speaks with a mythic wisdom and passion that feels so much greater than what I could have consciously chosen to express. The chasm between possibility and reality fades away as something essential is made real and tangible. The process of creating is as magical as what is birthed in the process. I love to paint and write because I feel such joy and oneness when swimming in the creative flow, feeling that sense of infinite possibility and embracing the mystery of what will be created. I am transformed with each piece that I create by the being and the story created. This is the process of intentional creativity: reaching intuitively deep within to invite images, healing wisdom and transformation to emerge.

My primary art training has been with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and now I am a certified Color of Woman through her program. I paint in the Contemporary Symbolism style. I grew up admiring Chagall, Kandinsky and Picasso. In my adult years, the works of Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Susan Seddon-Boulet and Shiloh Sophia McCloud have influenced me. My work was part of a slide show for the United Nations and I was just a featured artist in the Art of Women Exhibit in Las Vegas. My other influences are my years of studying Kabbalah and shamanism and bringing these teachings into my healing work and my artwork.

I seek to be an instrument to awaken people to look for Beauty within and around them. Art is that transformational vehicle that brings Beauty into being and allows us to see Beauty where we once saw only the mundane. If I can spark that shift in seeing, where one can see with the heart the heart of Beauty in all things, I feel full and grateful. My work is offered as a gateway, a mirror, to take people to the healing, the transformation and the beauty within.

I also believe strongly that we are all artists and my larger vision is to nurture and inspire others to embrace their creativity and beauty in all aspects, claim it, and bring it to life and to love.


All Contributors, Volume 2 Issue 10