Hello Beautiful Debbie

by Kytha Gernatt

Hello Beautiful Debbie
Let me tell you something, Dear
I may be right and I may be wrong
but nothing is easy and the road is long.

Take your own sweet time, Debbie
and relax your mind, Debbie
everything is perfectly broken
that’s why we spend our time mending
our hearts, our souls, our bodies, Debbie
if that is your real name.

Love. Debbie.
There is only One.
we gotta share it.
Like Our Mamas always told us
this world was made for us

by our own hands
be grateful, Debbie, you got hands
to push that cart, to pull up your (filthy) pants.

Haven’t we all had enough of believing
Birth’s Gotta Hurt.
Change Never Comes.
I Don’t Deserve It.
Who Are You Anyway?

Hello, Beautiful, Debbie
if that is your real name
here’s my spare change.
Go buy yourself something cozy
or get high as the fog in the city
above it all as you sleep on the sidewalk.

Let me tell you something, Debbie
or maybe I should let you talk.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 12