I Am Enough

by Samantha Fernandez


I am enough baby
I’m made of love like the moon and the stars
I wear my scars like proud tattoos on warriors
I see my pain waking me up like a flame of truth
so my life can be living proof of the beauty that I hold inside
people I am alive and I will thrive
Oh yeh I am enough — I’m made of star stuff
I am here to create beauty
The Universe has given me a duty
To live and learn share and shine
This is my time
Oh yeh baby I am enough
I’m soul tough
and here I am yes I can I am enough

If I’m too little or too big, ha I’m here to live

I’ve made peace with my shadow and know how to say no
So love or hate me I am free coz I am me
In sweet simplicity I decided to be happy coz I am enough
If the sea is calm or rough
I dive into the experience of living
and all that this lush life is giving
In gratitude and grace I stand up and show my face
Coz I am enough baby
I’m made of star stuff
I’m made of love baby
and I’m enough…

I am enough…ohhh…I am enough…yeah I am enough…
Too much, too big honey I’m here too live yeah…

I am enough…

I won’t let my soul starve
I will carve my dreams with a knife
This is my life.

Sound & Motion, Volume 2 Issue 6