I Hear Her Calling

by Sha Shama

I hear her calling, her voice like a siren’s song. I know I am not the only one, a lot of women hear her… some men do too! She’s calling us back to her, asking us to remember.

Remember what it feels like to dance with the wind, sleep under the stars, be kissed by the sun. She’s asking us to connect back with the spirits of trees and the streams. to dangle our bare feet into the lakes, letting the minnows nibble our toes until we dive into the deep. She’s calling for us to leave this sterile cold society we have created, this safe and orderly existence that knows not the pleasure of plucking a warm, ripe plum from the tree and immediately biting into its richness letting its flavor consume you even as you consume it. This sad place in which we have become so worried about having great sex that we have forgotten how to make great love. Yes, she is calling us to lay our lovers down upon the warm, soft moss until we are so lost in each others embrace that we have nothing left to lose. She is calling us to bare our souls and open our hearts to her passions. But that kind of fearlessness terrifies us and so we pretend we don’t hear her, but she calls. She will continue to call until one, some, all of us answer and run headlong into arms forever changed.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 6