I Praise the Blood that Flows from Women’s Wombs!

by Terra Rafael

I Praise the Blood that flows from Women’s Wombs!
The Blood of the Mother, shed for you.
Moonly rivulets in every country, tribe and village —
Food of creativity, fertilizing Mother Earth.
The first bed & breakfast of each human soul.
Yes — You Too, when allowed entrance there,
ate your way into the soft landing of Incarnation.
Here, secreted away,
the magic of cells multiplied and differentiated,
safely humming the notes of your DNA in the key of your karma.
From Her Blood you created your own private ocean,
tethered to Her life support, corded from your guts.
Moons and dreams later
came the high tide of labor,
when you surfed the powerful waves of Mother Muscles
and finally touched down on Earth’s shore,
dragging your placenta behind.
But here you could breathe and your underwater life support, abandoned,
let loose with Birth Blood
stored up for you, these many months,
until womb wisdom hugged still needed Life inside your Mother
so she could make milk to feed your eager suck,
with Blood made white by the glow of Her Cell Deep Love.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 8