Into the FIRE

by Tanya Sheikh

My love affair with fire was born one day to the next, or so it seems.

In a magical woods, just beyond our doorstep we created a place of fire, intending a sacred space that would allow us to transform, be, become and journey into the unknown to be unleashed.

With the trees as silent sentinels, we lit the flame and sent out our prayers. We gifted ourselves to the elements, sitting in silence with that blazing light for hours, what seemed like eternity.

After the last spark extinguished, we left with prayers of gratitude and open-eyed wonder. Back inside our home, I cocooned on the sofa, allowing the experience to find its place. My body started to violently tremble. So much had been gifted and so much received that I knew not who I was — resting in liminal space with the new as yet unborn.

Breathing. Gently.

A few days later we went to Incendia, a celebration of fire. As I gazed at the flame-covered domes above our heads, I felt engulfed, embraced, fiercely, passionately loved.

We danced as the fire held us within herself, moving our bodies in prayer and ritual, asking for 2014 to be burnt in flame as we entered into the newness of the year. We spent a night in supplication, invitation and celebration.

The beauty and mystery of that experience is still weaving its magic through my cellular memory, unfolding as it will, breath by breath. As 2015 reaches out gently to touch and tease me with its delights, I start to come into a knowing of the fire’s gift: an illumination of the essence of who I am, reflecting in the flame the brilliance of that which is eternal.

In gratitude to that blazing light with which we have danced so exquisitely, giving to it as it gave to us.

If you wish to receive the energy of the experience that I shared with you in the words above, I gift you a 9-minute audio. Sit back, relax, press play and receive. Enjoy.

Energy transmission: Tanya Sheikh
Music Composition: Travis Murphy

Sound & Motion, Volume 3 Issue 2